Friday, 1 August 2014

People! Its a new month

Its August!
Its a new Month!
Praise the Lord Somebody.
Seems the year is going by so very very fast.
Wasn't it just yesterday that it was January?

You know what that means right!
Its gonna be Christmas soon.
*counts fingers* August, September,October,November aaaand December.

My prayer for you reading this and for me and for all our loved ones is that God keeps us in good health till then.
By the grace of God we are going to usher in 2015 together.
Yes I am already thinking about
Happy New Month!

Thank God it's Friday. I plan to binge watch as many episodes of Suits Season 5 and Mad men season 6 as I can.
Aaaand before I forget, wish me luck evading one guy like that who is just disturbing me. We went on one date oh and he's refused to let me rest. I was soo bored during the date I lost interest completely.I am not even in d mood to talk to him. Yet he's refused to give up. What am I supposed to tell him now?
You are boring?
I can't spend more than 20 minutes with you?
Hmmmmm! Ideas anyone?

Pls post a comment. Let's hear from you.


  1. Happy New month Funmi...It is my birthday month! wooo hooo. This month is going to be a wonderful and miraculous month for us in Jesus name...Amen. loooooooooool at the guy disturbing you...I bet he is Nigerian right? Just tell him you are not interested or totally ignore him.

    1. You bet right.He is Nigerian. I guess I have to do let him no I am not interested soon,and answer the "why" question that will inevitably follow.
      Ignoring him is kinda not working. I just keep getting msgs like Funmi! why are you not picking my call?
      Fuuuuuuunmi! why are you doing this?
      Funmi!why are you not replying my ping?
      i don

    2. Happy Birthday in advance! I hope there's gonna be a paaaaaaaarty.

  2. Ms. Reese, I have come to conclude that u must be rather hot. Otherwise, these men (irritis and otherwise) would not keep throwing themselves at u. As for this boring one, just tell him u don't think it would work out. We tend to have too much pride to beg (I hope). As long as u didn't make him any efo riro, he should be ok. But if u did..... lol! And Amen to all the prayers! - Harper

  3. Lol @rather hot. Its not that. More of a case of guys I don't like being the ones all over me. I think it's an issue of the more you say no the more their interest is piqued.
    Efo riro! Haaaaaarper!
    I dunno what you mean oh. Me Efo riro is devoid of any "unusual" ingredients. You must be watching too much Yoruba movies.

    1. Looool! U know they say efo riro, when prepared with sufficient love and orisirisi (from lobster to snails etc) can hypnotise a man. No need for any Yoruba home video stuff to be added sef. Lol! - Harper

    2. I don't know oooooo. I don't know anything. Fullstop.