Monday, 25 August 2014

Yay its the Emmys!

Breaking News for all Tv Show addicts. # raises up hands.
The 66th Primetime Emmys are gonna hold today Monday, 25th of August or Tuesday 26th of August depending on what Continent you are in.
Me, I am still contemplating whether to stay up late watching it live cos here in Nigeria its gonna start at about 1am till like 4/5am and  i still have to go to work tomorrow morning, or wait till the repeat shows tomorrow night. I think loyal followers of this blog who know how much i looooooove tv shows, know what i am gonna end up doing.
Yeah! Totally staying up late. Hopefully Nepa doesn't take the light cos my dad is gonna freak if i put on the gen that late.

So what shows are you rooting for?
Harper's (and mine) favorite Blacklist got no nomination, neither did Tibsys Castle.
I think some of mine and Vira"s fav shows got nominations.

I am rooting for Game of thrones. Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey got nominations.

I also hope William H. Macy wins for best Actor in a comedy ( For Shameless) though he's got some stiff competition.

My favorite show Mad Men will soon end oh, i wonder what i am gonna watch when its over. I hope Jon Hamm wins but it seems unlikely. Hes being nominated like ten times and hes never won. Personally i think all those Emmy voters are jealous of his sex appeal, kinda like the Oscar Crew are on a mission never to give Leonardo Di Caprio an Oscar.

Who else, For best actress in a drama, Kerry Washington is up, though i doubt she's gonna win.

 Michelle Dockery is up for Downtown Abbey, Claire Danes for Homeland, The Good wife woman (i have forgotten her name) and Robin Wright for House of Cards.
I kinda love all of them so any of them could win and i would be happy.
Just note that i am rooting majorly for Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. Any win by any of these two, or their cast would make me a very happy blogger.

Although from what i have heard True Detective starring Matthew McConaughey is a real critics favorite.
I hope Modern Family doesn't win best Comedy again. E don do now, they have being winning it year after year.
What else? I hope the Voice wins best reality show.
And i wonder how Seth Meyers is gonna do as a host.

Which of your favorite shows were nominated?
Which of your favorite shows were not nominated. I feel like we ought to protest.
I would love it if Once Upon a time, Suits,The Originals and co were all nominated even if just once.

You can find the complete list of nominations here:

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  1. Castle got no award....BAM!....that's the end of me watching it.....I changing to Simpsons....Oh Scandal and Homeland made I am good...wadddup mamacita!...Hiya Harper...

    1. Don't stop watching castle just yet. Who is going to explain it to me when I finally get around to watching it?
      Yay for Scandal and Homeland.

  2. You doing a great job here...been busy with a lot of things, hardly have time to browse self.have a nice day

    1. Thanks. Its been quite sometime. So nice of you to stop by.

  3. I have often found myself wondering what exactly it is oyinbo people want. They seem to like the weirdest shows while the good ones end up getting canned cos of poor ratings. I don't even like 90% of the shows nominated. Maybe I'm the weird one. Hey Tibsy baby....u good? - Harper

  4. Toh! Maybe I can assist you in googling it.
    What do oyinbo people want sef? Lol.
    What shows do you like then? Apart from Blacklist. But then also you are a guy,most guys I know have weird taste in tv shows or don't even watch at all.

    1. U have a point. If don't have time for a lot of tv. Apart from Blacklist, I like The Following, Tyrant and of course 24. PVR is an ingenious invention. - Harper

    2. U have a point. If don't have time for a lot of tv. Apart from Blacklist, I like The Following, Tyrant and of course 24. PVR is an ingenious invention. - Harper

    3. My sister loves the Following and 24. For some reason, It just doesn't seem like I am gonna like it.
      You did tell me to watch 'Tyrant' long ago. Haven't done so yet, but I did google it and it didn't seem like what I would like. I guess I should take your word for it sha.
      The reason Blacklist works for me is the superb acting skills of whatshisname again,the underlying story line of 'is he her father?Was the husband a fraud? and of course the premise of a Blacklist of ever changing criminals.
      Ordinarily I steer clear from tv shows of that genre. But Blacklist had such rave reviews I had to at least see for myself.

    4. Trust me, u have to see Tyrant. Same guys that produced Homeland. The Following needs u to start from the beginning to appreciate it. Excellent writing and acting. - Harper

    5. I will take your word for it.
      Tyrant I mean. The Following seems unlikely.

  5. Awww.i still watched tyrant yesternight.
    Who knew I would be such a fan.
    I am annoyed they decided to cancel. Sad Emma had to die...maybe it's for the best.....sha. Harper made me start watching Tyrant.