Friday, 8 August 2014

Road trip

So today, some colleagues and i are going to be at a Nysc Orientation Camp to go 'talk' to the Corpers (aka ajuwayas) in camp and recruit the interested ones into my office's Cds group. I volunteered for the trip even though e no concern my department before i remembered how bad the road leading to the camp was but it was too late. Dem no gree release me again. Apparently, nobody wanted to go. Even the ones whose department had the duty.

Unlike most people i know, i love road trips even though the bad roads and the bribe collecting policemen and soldiers in Naija has kind of lessened my ardor, although it hasn't managed to cool it completely sha.

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Those University days, I traveled a lot. I had liver then oh.  These days if its not work related, i don't really have the time or inclination to go anywhere.

This particular trip should be fun. It always is, when you are with people you get along with very well. We talk,gist,eat, have stop overs and just make it fun.
 I just hope I don't have a repeat of what happened the last time I went to camp. I am sure you want to know.  My  boss had the bright idea that we ate at the mammy market before we headed back. Lets just say they had to stop for me like three times. *covers face*.
This time I plan to just respect myself. Even chewing gum,i no go chop for that camp even though it's a different camp from the last one.

My ex and i used to use our road trips as a bonding time anytime we needed to travel. We would load the car with food and drinks, put on the AC, and we would spend hours on the road just gisting, gossiping, analysing and evaluating. It helped that he was a very careful driver sha.
 My colleague driving us there likes to feel like James Bond. lol. If you don't scream, he will not reduce speed.

I have a training next week at my office headquarters. That's gonna be a longer trip and much less fun. But i have met a lot of interesting people on such trips. Some of them have become close friends and acquaintances. In fact the man who helped me with my Nysc posting to where i wanted was a total stranger who i just got talking to on a bus.  He gave me a note to take to someone who gave me another note (naija people and notes)  to take to one of the ogas at Nysc headquarters and that was it. I had to be in Abuja for my call to bar ceremony so it was easy for me to locate the man at the Nysc headquarters in Abuja.

So whats your plan for the weekend? i am likely to spend mine mostly packing and getting ready for the trip.
I plan to have enjoy myself abeg. At least i will be out of town for a few days.

Share your road trip stories. Post a comment below! Let me know what YOU think.


  1. Love road trips. Love driving even more. Took a couple of rather dangerous trips back in Unilag. Let's just say that the God who looks over University students is exceptionally gracious. Safe trip. - Harper

    1. Your expertise is needed oh. lol. I hope you are ok sha. Its unlike you to disappear.

  2. Most men I know love driving. Must be something about power and being in control.
    Exceptionally gracious indeed. When I remember the risks I took then,am like what was I thinking?
    Thanks.Am back.

  3. yes girl..My boyfriend and I took a road trip from Maryland to New took us over 6hrs to go and come. we did not pack any food but we stopped at ihop to eat in New jersey. It was pretty memorable.

    1. P.S thank you for removing the "to confirm you are not robot thing" it was getting on my

    2. You sound like you had fun. When you are with the right person road trips can be awesome.
      Lol about the robot thingy. Its so annoying when I have to do it on other blogs. I was like abeg robot sef should comment if it likes.

    3. lmaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooo at "I was like abeg robot sef should comment if it likes."

  4. I love road trips but they aren't fun anymore especially in the North with all the road blocks and stern looking soldiers on the way. it takes a longer time to get to one's destination. Not much fun anymore.

    1. I feel you Vira. They take up a lot of time checking your boot trying to catch Boko Haram. I then wonder if it's not the same road Boko Haram pass through and use to transport their weapons.