Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Lol! This spelling of "committed" get as e be
This na serious matter oh! Does looking and wanting someone else when you are in a relationship mean that you aren't committed?
Some women gaze at Idris Elba and appreciate God's work and fantasize. Yeah! I am calling my padi out and she knows who she is. I am not calling anybody's name oh.lol
 Does that mean they don't love their guys?

How about all those Beyonce Bootilicious admiring guys?
Or is that ok just because they are celebrities and unattainable?
What if it's someone who passes by and your partner turns to look. Is that enough to flip out.
What do you guys think?
 Me! i appreciate a good looking guy anytime anyday oh. And they appreciate me. lol
However i wont turn my head in an obvious manner to stare at a guy if i am out with another guy.
That's just disrespectful. If i have to look,i do so codedly.lol.
Once you are committed, Do you chewing gum your eyes?
Does desire automatically stop or it comes and it's something you can force away?

Shouldn't acting on such desire be the reason to flip out rather than the desire itself? hehehe.

Can desire be likened to coveting?
Lets talk.

So tomorrow is our Nigerian Independence day!
And a public holiday.
Isn't that just great. No work tomorrow.

Yesterday was rather quiet. Lol. I wanted it quiet abeg. I was too busy.

Merlot!  Last week would have been a good time to talk to you but I couldn't get your email.

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Monday, 29 September 2014

Pressure to "born pikin"

Today, we are talking about our society and the pressure it heaps on couples who don't have kids yet for one reason or the other.

Now,in Africa it's rare not to want kids but in Obodo Oyinbo it happens quite often. I have yet to meet any  person in Nigeria though who doesn't want children. Yet i am sure they exist but are very coded about it.
Nigerians love kids.I don't know whether it's as a result of love for kids or societal conditioning to have children.
In Nigeria, God help any newly wedded couple especially the woman who doesn't have a protruding tummy six months from her marriage date cos people will not allow her to rest.
 She may have a few moments of panic if little time has passed but if it's gets to a year, then she gets worried oh.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Love,Tribe and Nationality

So we have HARPER to thank for this topic.
Does anyone know his real name? Does anyone else want to know or is it just me? hehe.

Basically he asked me if tribe was a Criterion for friendship or love.
 Of course for me it isn't. And i am sure he knew that but just wanted to wahala me.
Unfortunately people sometimes have reservations and misconceptions about some tribes or nationalities that might colour our perceptions.

I remember my reaction when my brother pinged me two days ago and mentioned that he was considering bringing his oyinbo girlfriend home for a visit when he visited Naija next.

Friday, 26 September 2014

My Mother!

Who sat and watched my infant head,
When sleeping on my cradle bed,
And tears of sweet affection shed?
My mother!

Yay! My mum is a year older today.
My amazing mum who has always been there for me.
Always warm. Always loving. Never judging, Never Criticizing.
Till date she will always empty her purse and give out whatever is inside if you ask her for anything. Theres nothing she can't do for her kids.
When I was in boarding school she would make sure she traveled down with me and when I couldn't carry my box cos of my tiny size she would carry my big box on her head and I would squirm in embarrassment.
Which kain disgrace be that?lol.
She would ignore me,hiss and say "who is looking at me"?

She's put up with a lot of the stuff I do.
My craze and my drama.
Lots of mood swings and irritability.
Some things I do and say and can't really explain why.

I hurt her sometimes but she always forgives me.
Sometimes before I even apologized.
Even when I still repeat  it over and over.
She always forgives me
And tries to understand me.
Cos I can be  difficult.

She knows when to leave me alone!
When to interfere.
When to pray.
When to motivate me.
When to encourage me.

I love you a lot mum.
And I am happy that God has deemed it fit to add a year to your age today.
I thank God you are alive.
And I pray that you live to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

From your Troublesome but ehm Dear Daughter.

P.S. Today is also one of my colleague's birthday. Aaaaaand I love her a lot. (Are you happy now) lol

One of those days.

You know some days when everything just goes awry?
Yesterday was one of those days.
First of all I slept late cos I have  insomnia and usually I can't get to sleep until late.
Then robbers came to my street and basically I woke up suddenly.
The dogs were going crazy barking and those my crazy dogs, when they start barking frenzily like that,no one can sleep.
First of all no one knew which house exactly the robbers were,how many they were or if they were armed.
Someone sent a text with an unknown number that they just left his house  so we were all basically on tenterhooks.
Eventually I slept,but I had court to go to so I was up again.

Thank God Court was uneventful. No cough cough. Or to quote Zoe, no abosi cough.lol
Then someone bought 2k worth etisalat cards instead of glo and scratched it,which meant having to buy the glo cards all over  again.

Then there was an issue between someone I love a lot and i.
And yesterday, I knew I couldn't leave it any longer. I already left it too late.
I decided to plunge headlong and dig it all out.
Turns out I was right. Everything was not ok.
I wasn't surprised sha cos I know all my friends like the back of my hand.
And if there's the tiniest friction,i always know.
I am happy that there wasn't any denial.
I remember how my crush was all "nothing" "nothing".
That was  even worse. Cos in his case I didn't even do anything wrong but it still bothered me.
I tried and tried till he eventually relented and we are cool again.

I have tried to apologize sha as much as I can cos in this case I actually care.
Sometimes consciously or unconsciously I push the people that care about me  away.
I acted out cos I cared a little too much and it's people you love that can hurt you.
Anyway Pray with me that it all gets sorted out.

My sister is all "serves you right! I have told you to stop talking, writing,texting,emailing, phoning,when you are in one of your moods cos u do crazy stuff then."
That one! She is of no help whatsoever. lol.

Now it's midnight and I just remembered I didn't have  lunch or dinner.
Imagine! Make I just go sleep abeg.
This dogs are barking again. They should let somebody sleep jare.

So yep I had a shitty day. I hope I don't sound too morose. I had some gists but I have forgotten what I wanted to say sef.
The only good thing about the day was that despite the circumstances  I spoke to some  amazing people.
And guess who I just added on my bbm? You will never guess. Cold and hot at the same time. Lol.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Marriage List of Life

I came across this post on the very funny Zoe's blog last week and i decided to share with y'all cos i am so nice.hehe.
Actually lemme not lie,its not because i am nice, (but i am nice oh) i just want y'all to read it cos i still cant believe my eyes.
So here is the post.

hmmmmmm……so one of my handsome uncles just arrived Nigeria last 4 weeks from the U.S where he studied engineering and now works with a big company that has a branch right here in the big city of Lagos…….*eyebrow raised*…..ya…..am talking about my uncle from obodo oyinbo….hehehhe.

3 Saturdays ago I went to my family house to chill for the week end and also to eat enough good food since na only garri dey for my house. When I got home I meet my mum all dressed up for a party, I quickly asked her where she was going and she replied saying, “remember Seun that just got back from US nah”, I nodded like an agama lizard, she continued, “we are going to do his introduction and collect marriage list from that girl’s family he meet on facebook” anyways I decided to follow her because this kind thing can never pass me.
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Tuesday, 23 September 2014


This Son na FFO. For food only Source

Has this ever happened to any of you guys? Mistakenly sending what's meant for the eyes of one person to another person?
Some time ago,i was chatting with a guy I liked and my sister simultaneously on bbm.
And meanwhile I was gisting with  my sister and also trying to scope some money from her cos she just got some money.
Pic Source
At one point I lost track and sent all the " come and give me money" to the guy.
I was so mortified ehn! Shame catch me.
I sharply explained and munched all d previous chats and sent to him so he would know I was chatting with someone else and wouldn't think I was already hitting him up for money after just two days of meeting. lol.

He was like "Noooo! You don't have to".
Ehn! Let me Abeg.

Imagine if I had nude pics on my phone (I Don't) and I mistakenly sent those. Hehe. He would probably feel like Harper does when his "people" send them to him. That I sent it on purpose. Hehe.
Thank God it wasn't something as bad as that or mistakenly sending your nude pic to your dad.
I go just faint be that. And not return home forever. lol.

Another time, my Ex and I were still dating and his now sister in law (she was still dating his brother then) could do gbeborun for Africa. She took one kind of liking to me and always took it upon herself to tell me of any girl she saw with him,near him,heard about or hanging out him.
The thing was I already knew about them most times as we normally gisted about stuff like that,guys asking me out or women that liked him.
And If you had cause to ask him straight, he wouldn't lie.
One day she called me again with "info" and I texted "Ex" in the vein of 'madam aproko has come again with her www.com information. I dunno why she doesn't ever mind her business.She won't face her own business,she will be giving me stupid info that I never asked for '

Guess who my absent minded self sent the text to?
The girl herself. I dunno how I managed to explain that Eish ehn. There was a lot of em....erm.....actually......em.
She never sent me 'info' again.lol

Let's hear from you.
Have you ever had an Oops moment in any sort of way or manner?
Said something you shouldn't have or sent a text to the wrong person?
Let's Talk.

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Monday, 22 September 2014


Its really weird when I hear that someone " stole my man/husband "
Like really?
How is that even possible. A fully grown man! Stolen! Like a cow or sheep!
Even my dog sef will protest if it discovers that it is being stolen.
The only way it won't protest is if it knows the person "stealing" it or it wanted to be stolen in the first place then it wouldn't protest loudly by barking or biting the "stealer".
You get my drift?
You read some twitter/facebook/instagram feeds and the girl or woman is threatening acid or brimstone on the lady that "stole her man". In public oh! One would think they would at least do that in private or something.
Some women would even fight and tear each others clothes and  call each other unprintable names.
And you know what I usually wonder?
Was the man that devoid of free will that he could just be stolen like that. Afterall he knew he had a wife or girlfriend and he knowingly chose to go with the "stealer". And instead of some women to count their losses they feel that disgracing the 'stealer' is the way to go.

Saturday, 20 September 2014



Now! This isn't about me cos I don't have a step mum or step siblings (to my knowledge sha) hehe.My dad must not read that last part.

Friday, 19 September 2014


Boy! Am I tired?
We have an office party later today  and we had to go get gifts for our intern who is 18 years old.

You know how hard shopping can be when you are shopping for yourself, then imagine five of you delegated to shop for an 18 year old girl at an expensive mall, with no idea of what to buy and also on a budget.
We did so much wakabout ehn. I didn't get home until late yesterday.
One of us sees a cute thing, two people like it, another guy is like No! This isn't cute.
I dunno why we even brought the two guys along.
You see Transparent tops and they are like "You want her mum to think we want to spoil her daughter?" never mind that all her tops seem to be made of chiffon.
You see an appliance and the guys are like "NO! she isn't an old woman oh".
You see Watches and they are like "NO! It has to be expensive and we can't buy just one thing".
You see perfumes and they say "NO!"

You get the picture? We didn't leave there until 7pm.And at that point i didn't care what we bought again or whether she already had it or whether it sized her or what her mother thought?

The only good thing about all of it is that there is a party.lol

What have you been up to all week?
What are your weekend plans?

Tibsy sweetie! Get better dear. I miss you a lot. The lord is your strength ok.

Vira! Whatever happened to the karaoke plans? I wanna hear what happens oh.
Esther! I have sent u a mail.
 Harper! Mr Race Car driver! What season are you now on GOT? R u still planning to resume this weekend? Season 3 is where the s**t gets real.
I still have a few episodes left of Tyrant.

Amaka! Wish you Safe Trip dear.
Zoe! Have a wonderful weekend.
 Godwin! Professor! Always on point (but since you joined Harper it's now sometimes on point hehe).
I kid. When are you guest posting?same goes for Harper? Or you guys think I have forgotten? No way!

Obiamaka! Have a great weekend. I am sending a shout out to your sister whom you have all those discussions with.
Temidayo!I am gonna be by your blog all thru tomorrow. Do you know I was there yesterday and got distracted with the writer's love story and from there went to read more on Bella Naija and then got further distracted.

Duru! How many weeks anniversary are we now? When it gets to a month we must celebrate oh.
Tee! No melancholy for you this weekend oh. Have a great one.
Tosyne! How were your exams? Are you thru now?

All Blog Visitors i forgot to mention and All ye ghost readers! I salute una. You are equally as important. Have a great weekend. Don't be a stranger ok.Feel free to comment.

 Thanks for dropping your well wishes for Tibsy. Let's all keep her in all our prayers ok.

 Wish you all an amazing weekend.
I plan to catch up on my blog surfing this weekend, and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

P.S. I  didn't know i could type all these as tired as i was when I started writing.
Its almost as long as a post sef. But its all good.
Lets hear from you guys.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Letting it out

As human beings, we are all prone to a wide variety of emotions: Anger, Rage, Hurt, Disgust, Frustration, Grief etc.

No matter how stoic you may be, you still get to feel at least one of these emotions occasionally.
So my question is this. How do you let these emotions out?
Some people scream,shout,fight, resort to violence, box, go for a run or some other physically exerting activity, write, cry , have sex or  withdraw into themselves for a while.

There are some cab drivers or bank attendants that ehn! It is so easy to know that they are frustrated because of the way they lash out.
You start wondering why they didn't sort out their issues before resuming work that day.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


All of una should confess oh.
Who has ever done these, or anything resembling it before?
Copy Copy/ Girrafing/Expo tins?lol
No tell lie oh.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

True Talk

“But what I can do is paint you a picture of what you’ll never see when you’re with a guy who’s really into you: You’ll never see you staring maniacally at your phone, willing it to ring. 

Monday, 15 September 2014

He's Just Not That Into You!

Have you ever met a guy,(or a babe,but lets go with guys as per the topic) and liked him so much the minute you met him?
He's just what you have always wanted, all you have ever fantasized and dreamed about.
He could be dark, tall, short, lean, bulky,muscular, and gorgeous,mysterious, may be rich or just ok, kind, treats women well, loves God etc.
Photo Source
 Basically, he ticks all your boxes.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

The Oscar Verdict

So! The Oscar Pistorius Verdict was out two days ago and finalised yesterday.
I assume all or most of us have heard about Oscar Pistorius,the double amputee who used to be a symbol of residence and determination who shot his then girlfriend (he has a new one now can you imagine?) Reeva Steenkamp on Valentines day last year.
The murder made headlines round the world.

Pic Source
 It was the OJ Simpson of this decade. Shocking and talacious at the same time.
Oscar's excuse that it was a burglar made for even bigger headlines and discussions. Like Really! But as any lawyer knows when it comes to criminal law, it isn't about whether the excuse is tangible or not,it's if it creates reasonable doubt.

Friday, 12 September 2014


Yay! Another Friday. I can't wait for work to be officially over for this week. Not like i was busy oh but sitting down somewhere for hours is also a lot of work.
How has your week been?

Pic Source
Mine has been been very laidback. No major drama like that except if you call dodging some calls drama.

Speaking of drama, yesterdays post still no get title oh. I wanted to name it Erneista V. Kigbo. The Showdown! Part 1.
Hehehe. I sound like those home video advertisers.
However i didn't what to give Mr Kigbo a heart attack if he comes by and sees his name as a post title, and in the same sentence as showdown.
So, it will probably be Money no be love or something.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Money no be love oh!

Yes oh!
I hate it when guys think all a woman is after is money?
Why will I chose money above honesty and effort?When I no craze.
When I was in Uni sef I didn't date for money. I dated my ex for years cos he is awesome.
He basically remains my padi of life till today (although the guy did have the "baddest" ride on campus then sha).
But I fell in love with him for reasons apart from his big boy status.
Eventually he had a bad car accident and the car was a write off, graduated and didn't get a job on time and we still dated till I graduated 5 years later.

In fact ehn, that he is in money now after all my "suffering" still dey do me one kain.
Imagine! We were talking yesterday and he mentioned that he just bought another car for Six million and just spent another  2m on a trip abroad for summer.

Enough history jare before I remember that his evil mother and her manipulations this early morning.
The story no be for today.

So basically there are so many other factors involved in dating a guy apart from money.

Till date the guys in my office believe all women love the good things of life to the exclusion of every other thing. Till date they all do is yimu when the ladies in my office protest vehemently and tell them that money isn't everything.
They are like "Na lie jare. If a guy in a G Wagon or a Rolls Royce parks beside you and tells you to enter, or Peter/ Paul Psquare, or Femi Otedola asks you to date him, you wont ever say no".
The ladies are always horrified and we protest vehemently oh, but they refuse to believe till tomorrow.
I cant blame them much, Cos i dont know the type of money loving women they too have been meeting.
But some women look at something else besides money,gift and cars.
Yes oh! Money is good. Attractive even. But it's not the end and be all of why some women date.
Money can be a turn off at times sef.

What do you think?

Do you agree?
Post a comment below! Let me know what YOU think.

P.S This post had to be fished out of drafts when my phone deleted some parts of the post I originally planned oh so if there are any typos or corrections or new pics,make una no complain.
Somebody should give us a title abeg. Its past midnight and I wan sleep.

Yay! Tibsy has finished her exams. She is coming with R-E-I-N-F-O-R-C-E-M-E-N-T-S.
Hear that G &H club.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

That Awkward Moment

That awkward moment when you are in church and suddenly,and for no apparent reason your chest starts itching you.
It needs one of those scratches of life where you feel so darn good after as if you have gotten the cure to ebola. Hehehehe.
You look left and right but there's no way to stylishly scratch it.
You try to do so codedly from outside the top you are wearing but Nope! That bra is dulling you.Its not giving you good access.
You try to ignore it but you have never been the one to withstand pain/discomfort/itching.
You can't concentrate again. Your mind is on 'scratching' that itch.

Finally! The pastor asks everyone to close their eyes and pray.
The happiness! The joy!
Finally you get to scratch.
You bend down stylishly,  dip your hands inside and scratch and feel so much better.
Oh! The relief!
Then you look left and notice the fine boy on your left giving you a wtf look.
You feel embarrassed at first.

Kai! Disgrace! I hope this guy doesn't memorise my face oh.
But then you wonder.
Simple instruction. "Close your eyes".
That is how people fail exams. Why he open eye in the first place?
The embarrassment fades jare and you bone face.
Na him sabi.
That na the kain thing you go see when you no close your eyes in church.
#ok bye.
                                        The End.

P.S. What have we learnt from this story?
Let's talk about your awkward moment?

Photo Credit.www.jtanddale.com

Monday, 8 September 2014


 Hi Guys!
How was your weekend?
Mine started out splendid, then i went to church on Saturday and a sneezing and coughing woman sat behind me.
Ten hours later, i had a bad cold. I get cold so easily ehn. If someone as much as blows their nose beside me, wahala don start be that.
I couldn't even make church yesterday.
I am better sha. I have to be cos i can't afford  to take any more sick leave from work.

I really missed you guys oh.
Thanks to all those who kept checking in all through the weekend.
Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

So today being Monday,What better topic to talk about than pressure.
Yep! Pressure.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Welcome! Weekend

My people! (I sound like a politician hehehe),
How has your week been?
And more importantly what are your weekend plans?
I have had a pretty good week. My boss was out of town so I was very free. And best of all I am going to be able to leave work very early tomorrow.
Talk about starting the weekend early. Yep. That's me.
My weekend don start be that be that oh.
Closing late cripples my social plans. But na me want job. Abi? So I can't complain. But I am using style to complain jare. Who can i complain to if not for you guys?

Thursday, 4 September 2014

True or Not?

I dunno! At first glance I nodded and said Sure! Very True.
A man that stands by his wife all through a stroke, accident,disability,poverty or infertility must love her a lot. Abi?
But after more thought (and some juice) I kind of feel the statement has some fallacies.
In an instance where the man and woman have the  AS genotype, and the man let's go. Does that mean he doesn't love her? 

I am even more confused cos I have a cousin who is SS and her husband is AA. I have often been awestruck at that kind of love cos his family gave him a lot of pressure. Many years later, she's still alive contrary to their fears and their kids aren't SS.

Does it mean that those that now break up weren't in love?
It also hits close to home cos I know what it took for my ex and I to break up after dating for a looong time. It was hard but it had to be done,this wasn't AS stuff but some other drama that none of just wanted to deal with in the future.

It's years since we split but he loves me still,and he's still the only person I know that can do anything for me even till now .Years after breaking up. 
He now regrets not being more stronger and having more faith then cos he's not happy now, and it's too late mehn.

And as per the second one. Really! So if I am angry that he's cheating,leaving means I don't truly love him? 
I don't get oh.

Someone help me out here.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Nude Pics and Scandals

Some days ago,  my 'favoritest' actress in the world: Jennifer Lawrence,three time Oscar nominee and one time Oscar winner (Have you watched Silver Linings Playbook ? She was awesome in that movie) had her own major scandal.
Apparently, someone hacked and gained access to the nude pics of a lot of celebrities and movie stars including Rihanna, Avril Lavigne and actors Kirsten Dunst ,Aubrey Plaza and Winona Ryder.
Jennifer was among them and somehow made more headlines because she has being majorly scandal free since she became famous, and she is also a much beloved actress.

Jennifer Lawrence

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Long Distance Relationships

Hi guys, Are you still enjoying the euphoria of the new month or are you over it already?
Me! I am still very happy that it's September oh.

Today, We are going to talk about long distance relationships.
Pic Source
Y'know! That unfavourable situation where you and le Boo/le Babe are in different Continents at worst and different States at best. hehehehehehehe.

Monday, 1 September 2014

It's September

I can't believe it's already September.
Already! Waoh! Time flies fast doesn't it?
I can't believe another new year is just four months away.
I wish you guys lots of laughter,ease, joy ,good health and journey mercy, not only in this September but in all the remaining months of this year.

Today is another Monday, but I am just going to gloss over that fact since I am so excited it's the first of September.
So how did your weekend go? Mine was great.
Thanks to all the amazing people who commented on the Friday post. Your advice was all kinds of amazing and I am certainly taking it to heart.

If you hear the kain story I hear for my salon on Saturday ehn? I still cannot believe my ears.
I don't know how the subject of fixing false eyelashes came up oh.
Maybe a lady passed by with the false lashes or the TV showed a lady with it but suddenly the topic started.

Apparently, it was a true life story which they was even announced on the radio.
This lady was about getting married and on the wedding eve her make up artiste applied fake eye lashes to her eye lashes.
All in a bid to lool beautiful on her big day.
In Nigeria the make up artist sometimes comes to sleep at the brides house a day before the wedding.
So the make up artist applied the false lashes with glue and the bride slept.

Only for her to wake up and discover that she couldn't open her eyes.
Panic ensued,the wedding was in a few more hours.
In the course of trying to force the eye open,she got blind in one eye.
She had to be taken to the hospital for surgery.
Aaaaaaand the groom seeing that he had a bride with two eyes the day before, and with one eye on the wedding day, called off the wedding. (smh for that groom,whatever happened to true love).
But I can't say I blame him sha.

The women at the salon were middle aged so they were all like "she deserved what she got, what was she even thinking fixing eye lashes in the first place. Wasn't she beautiful as she was"?
Me,I was so amazed at the story. Which kain tin be that?
 That poor girl must have regretted ever thinking of fixing eye lashes not to talk of fixing it.
The groom too must have wanted her for her physical features alone. He couldn't even chill.
Aaaaaand the make up artiste. Just what kind of glue was she even using? Smh for all the parties concerned.
What will someone not hear in this country? Orishirishi.

So what's happening to y'all this week.
What weekend gist do you have for me?
And before I forget y'all should check out these posts/bloggers.
I have come across a lot of great blogs this way myself.
I was going to write a post about the blogs I visit but I have only managed to write about five websites since i started the post weeks ago.
I keep putting it off so I am just going to add them in some of the posts I write from now on,one at at time.

So check out Tibsy on www.everydaytibs.blogspot.com in case you haven't already.
I am sure Harper has been there looking for the elusive pics.hahahahaha.
Shes so amazingly kind and interesting, with great stories and content. Her posts sometimes seem like they should be a movie or something cos its always full of drama and comedy, there is also loads to inspire.
My favorite posts of hers are http://everydaytibs.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/all-generations-are-same.html  and one video post like that in which she was put on the spot and had to answer lots of questions.

So go check it out oh. i just might give y'all an exam. You Hear?
Post a comment below! Let me know what YOU think.