Monday, 11 August 2014

Monday gist

Hi guys,
How did your weekend go?
What were you up to? Did you go visiting,attend an event, hit the night clubs, travel , meet up with an old friend, have a date night, pray, study for exams, clean up your house,go to the cinema?.........I am running out of options.
So fess up? What were you up to all weekend?
I kinda wish weekend was 3 days instead of 2. That's what they call a loooooooooooooooong weekend. lol.

So today is another Monday, which was tiring as usual.


I am fagged out trying to prepare for the trip tomorrow. I have been packing since last week.
You would think i would be done packing by now but i am not.
I hate forgetting stuff so i keep packing and repacking, then rechecking to be sure i packed a particular thing. then throwing everything on the bed and repacking again.* Sigh*

I must say i am looking forward to being out of town sha. Though the training isn't gonna leave me with much time to loaf around but i still plan on enjoying myself, catching up with a couple of old friends and some new ones too. I don't plan on getting into too much trouble. hehehehe. Just a litle bit.

One thing i am not looking forward to is the assessing looks and questions from my supposed colleagues.
Girls know the kinda assessing glances i mean.
The type that trys to measure your net worth from your hair down to your toes and your shoes.

Pic Source
Makeup, Jewellery and clothes aren't left out.
You can feel them thinking aloud. " Is that hair Peruvian,Bolivian or Brazillian. "?
"Is that Dubai gold or Saudi gold"
Smh .

Your whole appearance is immediately assessed and given judgement within the space of 30 seconds.
They immediately notice if you are lighter or darker in complexion, how much weight you have added, the kind of designer attire you are putting on, and the phone/ipad you are using.
Kai! The kind of smart phones that are on display at that head office you will think we were at a gadget convention. Some people don't even know what half of the functions on the phones do. Hehehe.

I guess i could be excused from not driving the latest car because i came for a training if not ,the kind of car i drive would also have formed part of the "assessment".

Marital status isn't left out.
"Is she engaged or married yet"? You see them squinting hard at your finger to look if there's a ring,

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Or at your tummy in case you want to do a Psquare and get pregnant before tying the knot.
If they don't find one, they start wondering why.

Some shameless ones will actually come close to you and ask when they were coming to eat rice at your wedding? Rice ko! Beans ni. if you are hungry for rice go to the closest restaurant.
Unfortunately i cant say  I usually tell them "Soon".
I dunno which kain question be that. If i do the wedding and don't serve rice nko.

I have to go back to my packing and rechecking. lol. I keep feeling i forgot to pack something.
Tomorrow is gonna be a long day. Wish me safe trip.

Do you also get the appraising glances and questions? Do you ignore it or does it drive you crazy?
Don't forget to post a comment.
Post a comment below! Let me know what YOU think.


  1. Lol @ girls that can appraise die.i don't no what's their business.

    1. Abi. I guess it's just something that comes naturally