Wednesday, 6 August 2014


In this world that we are in ehn, it's hard to find someone who has never cheated or being cheated on. I tell you, most people have stories to tell.
Me sef get plenty story to tell.


Guys have done it to me, and make I no tell lie, me sef don do am once before.* covers face*. (dat was a  long long time ago oh).

Its something i cant ever do again or tolerate now either. So don't Judge oh.

So as i was saying, if you say you have never been cheated on then you are on your own oh. How exactly can you be absolutely certain of that fact? I can still believe you small if you say you haven't cheated on anyone. Bear in mind though that even if you don't have sex, having feelings for someone else and texting, pinging, chatting, meeting up with them secretly still qualifies as cheating.

Some people make me laugh when they think they can single handedly prevent their other half from cheating. Newsflash! Even if you follow your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/fiancé/fiancée about twenty four/seven, If he/she is determined to cheat there's nothing you can do oh. Na where your wisdom end, their own just dey start.*just saying*.

A friend of mine who worked with an oil company told me a story a long time ago when i told him of the lengths my friends used to go to to determine if a guy was cheating on them.

A colleague of his was a very jealous man and used to monitor his babe/girlfriend twenty four/seven. Then he had to go offshore and didn't want to leave his babe alone while he went on the sea,so even though it wasn't permitted to bring girlfriends on the ship he somehow managed to bring his girlfriend on board.
On the ship, he discovered too late why it was a bad idea to bring a pretty lady on board a ship filled with sex starved men. He then followed her about the ship,escorting her to the kitchen, toilet,bathroom,standing guard outside while she went in to bathe.
He told me most of the guys (excluding him but am sure he was lying)  slept with the lady before those two weeks were up.
Here's what happened, anytime Mr Jealous guy escorted his babe to the bathroom, he will wait outside as the bodyguard to ensure no guy trespassed, however the babe would have signaled to whoever caught her interest to be in the bathroom ahead of her and mr jealous guy's arrival.
So she will just enter the female bathroom,pretend she was the only one there,have a steamy sex session with whoever caught her fancy and Mr (Foolish) jealous guy will escort her back to his room, feeling very cool with himself.

My point is there's (almost) nothing one can do to stop someone who is bent on cheating.
 Absolutely nothing! (except pray for their souls). God forbid you hook up with a sex addict. If you like have sex with him/her in all the kama sutra positions all day, they will still be out sniffing for something else like.

Cheating can have very devastating consequences, on a person, on a relationship, on a marriage, on the kids and even extended family who have to pick up the pieces.


It can also be pretty devastating. A loyal girlfriend,an adoring fiancée or a wife who loves her husband with all her heart, satisfies him sexually, assists him financially, emotionally, prays and fasts for him,gets offers from other men and doesn't accept only to discover that said boyfriend/fiancé/husband is cheating on her can be be devastated. I know of women who have not forgiven their husbands for cheating on them.
The hurt was too deep, too unforgivable.

And even though most of them didn't leave said husband, they never really forgave. Some even cheated as a form of revenge also.
How about when a man does everything to satisfy the woman he loves, puts all his hopes and dreams on her, and she still cheats on him. Cos even though we like to say than men invented cheating, the truth is women too cheat.

I often wonder what the lure is to cheat.
Is it cos people think the other person won't get to know? Would people still cheat if they knew they will get caught?
Unfortunately! Yes. Some people still will.
For some it's the thrill of the chase, some it's unashamed randiness, for some it's a mistake and they never repeat it, for some it's boredom, in some cases it's unhappiness or dissatisfaction with current partner.
 Whatever it is, it's still unacceptable oh.

What else have I missed? Why else do people cheat?
Have you ever cheated? Talk true abeg. More importantly have you been cheated on?
Abeg spill ojare! We want to hear.
Post a comment below. I love to read your opinions/ experiences
P.S. Harper! You know you have something to say about this topic.....hehehe. just kidding. *runs away*


  1. Funmi Reese!!! Why do u like trouble? Loool! So many things went through my mind as I read this. Hmmm. Oro p'esi je. - Harper

  2. Lol. Don't let it p'esi je. Spill it out.

  3. I don't think people were born wanting to cheat. Most people develop the idea as a result of experience. And the idea can very quickly become a habit and then it becomes instinct. I am guilty on all counts! Some young girl broke my young heart. I recovered and decided to exert revenge on every girl I came across. By the time I was really over the heartbreak (took me like 6yrs o!), it had become instinctive for me. I hurt so many innocent people in the process. Now that I'm retired (yes I am) I think back sometimes and feel bad. I am sure that in all my "vengeance", I ended up hurting some girls who would have gone on to hurt some guys who would in turn have gone...u get the cycle. Phew! Thanks for the session, shrink. - Harper :)

  4. Lol @shrink. Expect my bill in the mail.
    I knew you would have something to say about it and I was right.
    The 'Young girl' really did a number on you. Did you ever get closure?ask her why and stuff like that?

  5. Haven't seen her in my entire adult life! Remember this was in secondary school. I remember telling her never to call my house again and to cross the road if she saw me walking. Lol! No idea what became of her. Distant memory though. - Harper

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  7. hmmmmmmmmmmm Funmi you and this Harper sef...yall should hook up...looool.

  8. Lol! She's afraid of me o! Wetin man go do, now? :))

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