Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My Friend, her Husband, and I

No! This is not about a threesome oh!
I haven't quite managed to get that far yet. The dynamics are puzzling.
Who does what and puts what where?
Abeg! I no fit.

This is about a friend of mine, the guy she married and the drama that happened shortly before they married.

So! This my friend, Her name is  Lola. I love her and all but she's very secretive which can be both good and bad. Good in the sense that I love staying with her when i travel cos she doesn't pry. She doesn't tell you Shit and doesn't wanna hear yours.
So when i am in town, we basically chat about old school friends, work and mundane stuff, I bring out my laptop, she brings hers out and we basically start the competition of Who-can-watch-movies-for the-longest-time. Sometimes it's Who-can-press-their-phone+the-longest. Lol. We basically ignore each other.
Then we say goodnight and sleep. The next morning,if i have a training, we leave the house together and that's it till evening.
So you get the picture.
It used to drive me crazy but now I don't really care.

Some few years back she met this awesome dude. He was really into her and was really loaded .And all i heard was "my boyfriend" and "the person I am dating". No names,no pictures, nothing.
All the info I got was secondhand from our third friend Tola who had met the guy and knew all his data.
Then one day I saw the pic of the guy.
I recognized him cos we were close as kids.We usually got into a lot of mischief running around the neighborhood together,playing pranks and being naughty. He was my age mate so we were very close.
In fact you can still find some pictures in my house till now.
Then they moved away and I never saw them again, although we chatted once on Yahoo messenger ( those good old days before bmm and whatsapp came calling).
My brother also kept in touch with the brother mostly through social media.
That was all oh.

Immediately I realized I knew him,I asked Tola for his surname to be sure I was correct. Naturally I was.
So I told her how I knew him but told her not to mention it to our friend just to avoid being quizzed about the guy or being asked to spill all  I knew about her intended.
Besides I was like, it's not as if she told me anything about him,why does she even deserve to know that we used to be family friends long time ago?

Unfortunately, Tola forgot and told Lola that I knew her fiancé. All hell broke loose.
She was very angry, called me to demand the exact nature of our relationship and why I didn't tell her I knew him immediately i discovered that fact if it was 'innocent'.
Apparently the 'fiancĂ©' too was facing fire. He called me a day later and also demanded to know why I didn't tell him that the Funmi, his wife's (you know for naija, when you don do introduction, you don become wife) "2nd best friend"  he had being hearing so much about was also someone he knew.
Imagine! See his mouth like 2nd best friend.*i have suffered*
I just lawyered it up and asked him if he was the only one bearing his name. How was I supposed to know it was him jare ? Telepathy?

It took a lot of explaining and re-explaining and a lot of time before she finally relented and we resumed our friendship. i suspect she's not entirely convinced I was innocent so she avoids talking about him.
I avoid asking about him so she doesn't think anything is up,and The husband too avoids talking about me.
Maybe he is pissed,i dunno and dunncare. He added me on Facebook immediately after the drama and deleted me before the wedding.

I wonder how i suddenly became the bad guy.
Imagine! Now all of us are cautiously treading around each other.
Very funny!
I wish I had just even told her that I knew him sef. The whole thing cast a shadow on our friendship. I almost didn't go to the wedding sef cos I didn't know what had been said about me.
You know how people can insinuate lots of nonsense.
*husbandstealingthings*relationshipbreakerthings*hahaha. On top guy wey i no dey follow talk again sef.
But I did go sha. When I realized she will also think I didn't come cos there was more to the story .

Do you have any  friend, friend's boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance/wife/husband drama story.
Lets hear your gist/opinion


  1. Ladies and their supernatural problems sha....personally i dislike ladies that behaves in her (ur friend ) manner! Btw no serious work for opis dis morning?

    1. Work dey. In fact I am just catching a break siiiiince morning.
      Lol @supernatural problems. Men too have their own palavas now.

    2. This is purely a ladies' problem, Ms. Reese. Men don't have such dramatic lives. Really supernatural. Lol! - Harper

    3. I disagree jo.i think men do.They just don't dwell on it or talk about it like we women do.

  2. Real orishirishi...
    i have a story oh. my then best friend and i believe i was her number one bestie sef unlike you 2nd bestie. lol
    she was dating my bro before she went to the uni and started dating someone else. Foolish as i was, i kept her secret from my brother. then i got into same school with her, she introduced me to new boyfriend and got mad that i was getting too close to him. She flared and told him to stop being friends with me. that was how years of friendship died and this was in my 100 level while she was in 200. we stop talking and today, i have no idea where she is.
    sad little story there right?


    1. Mehn!dat chick no fear God oh.so not only is she cheating on your brother but she had the guts to fight you over being close to him.
      Your Bros must have been mad that you kept it to yourself.

  3. "".....you know for naija, when you don do introduction, you don become wife..."" heheheh No be small thing oh #OnlyinNaija But Bubba, I think your friend and her Husband need to take a chill pill oh, I mean whats the Biggie if you knew them both. If you talked now, they would say you want to cause issues, as you kept quiet, they are insinuating that you wanted to cause issues.. Human beings ehnnn.. kai. ":) How you dey Funmi??

  4. No mind them both jare. Unserious people both of them.
    I don't even bother asking about him when I see her.

  5. I think I am secretive too but not to dis extend o. Lol. I just find it hard to tell people things about me even my best friend lol..what is bad in knowing someone your friend is dating from wayback...the way some people reason sha *sipsLipton*

    1. I don't tell my friends everything too.
      I used to in the past but I don't do so now.But it's not something like his name or pics that I will keep secret.
      Thats nothing na!
      I guess it was me not telling her I knew him on time that caused the whole wahala.