Monday, 15 August 2016


Nobody ask me who wrote this cos I don't know.  It was sent to my boss's whatsapp group, and we both had a good laugh about it. and I asked that she forward it to my phone.
Isn't it just too funny though? Women and our wahala. I don't agree of course, but can't you just feel the pain and frustration of whoever wrote this?

Or maybe not. Maybe the writer was just being could even be a man that wrote it sef. 
So I want to be cheeky too. Don't blame me. 
So here are my thoughts. The serious ones are in purple. 

1) Sis! What do you need his brain for. Just stare at his face when thoughts of his head bother you and
you are good.
Thinking of his physique and lips when he forgets that Obasanjo is no longer the president of And that Lagos is not the capital of Nigeria. And pray hard that your kids do not inherit his Brain oh. Looool.