Friday, 1 May 2015

Happy New Month

Hi guys!
 Yes I am still alive.
No! I did not abandon you ( seeing as I love you too much to do so).
Yes! I have missed you.
Yes! I went MIA but I missed you.
Have I said that I missed you? I have abi.

Happy New Month my Dearies.
May this MAY be great, wonderful and happy for us all. Amen.
This new quarter will usher in new testimonies in Jesus Name.

Ehn ehn! What have I been up to?
My Birthday was fun. All of you that forgot well done.
It was on a Sunday.And my office crew showed up even though they had barely a days notice. I wasn't really in a partying mood but it turned into a party with Cake and all. Although my colleagues will disagree sha cos there was no alcohol. They had to make do with Power horse and
All their threats no move me at all.
My boss showed up and people were quite surprised cos he rarely goes to people's events.
At work the next day a lot of guys were like "Oga came to your party!It is a lie! And you didn't invite us?"
Leaving me to explain that the man basically invited himself and no it wasn't a big party.

Oh and I got lots of presents. Including a weight scale. Yeah my friend said he got confused at the store and thought  It was good idea. If we weren't close I would have been all 'what exactly are you trying to say' but he was genuinely clueless so I let it slide.

Oh! And an Ipad from my ex. Every year he always gives me anything I want for my birthday (we broke up after my law school years ago and rarely even see) but this year I was forming big girl and didn't ask for anything.
It was kinda a surprise cos last year I said I wanted the money to buy an Ipad( you get my ijebu sense) which I spent.
So this year he must have decided to just get it for me. I was surprised sha and that's hard to do.

What else? I have been busy with court appearances. I don't know why they (High Court) called off their strike sef. Lol.
I was enjoying myself with just the Court of Appeal appearances only.
That Court of Appeal is so fine compared to that High Court. If running stomach mistakenly catch you for that High Court you are on your own niyen.

Today that is public Holiday now. No light. I dare not on the Gen with the less than ten litres petrol we have left.
And those wayo Nepa are bring light after 12am midnight and Taking it before dawn.
Wetin I wan use light do for midnight jare when I no be witch.
Even witches sef no need light for their meeting.
Thank God for power banks and my laptop.
As soon as I am done posting this, I am showering and then watching Game of Thrones.
Hey Harper! Have you seen Empire?

How was the election for you guys?
Did you vote? I didn't oh but me sef don defect go Apc now. Hehe.

It's like Mr Abuja has accepted his fate oh.
Imagine! He called me last week and  I told him that I have only been attending to him because I want to be polite and not cause friction cos we work together and we have to see each other whether we like it or not. And that if it were a normal guy I would have stopped picking his calls siiiiiiiiiiiiiiince.

It was like Magic. He started sulking and he stopped calling.
I couldn't believe my luck. This was someone that would call and call and send texts and just be annoying.
One day he got fed up and asked me "Do you want to marry at all"?
I almost gave him E-slap via the phone.
So lack of interest in him equals lack of interest in Marriage abi.
See how short lived the undying love he claimed was?

There are other gists but for the life of me I can't remember any now.
Shout out to all who missed me and asked after me one way or the other. Love you guys.
Obiamaka! Bia! How is the wedding planning going?
Favour sweetie! Hugs.
My main crew! You know yourselves now. I am heading to your blogs over the weekend.
For those who did not allow me rest a.k.a Duru.Well done!  Side eyes to Duru ( I am sure that guy cannot swim yet he was threatening me).
Don't think that your threat worked oh. You hia? Lol.

Toin! Toin!Toin! Shey I no go come collect fuel from your house like this? Hehe.
Ok bye guys.
See you soon.

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