Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Blissful Ignorance!

Now, this is an off-shot of the previous post. I didn't want to drop this post as a comment and  it was an interesting debate so I thought I may as well continue the discussion as a topic itself.
We have Harper to thank for linking the phrase "ignorance is bliss"  to jealous women on the last post.

So the question I gotta ask is this.

Is ignorance bliss? I have already said it is not in my comments  in the last post.
Harper disagreed, and you are also free to do so. You can read it here.
But it still got me thinking.
Do we women go looking for trouble where there is none?

Sure! sometimes we do.
But that female sixth Fbi sense is nothing to be sneezed at oh. A woman usually knows when her man has being up to something. Even if she can't prove it. I think that it's in the course of proving that he cheated that she then starts prying, trying to convince herself that she isn't crazy.
Sometimes, she finds more than she bargains for.
And in a good case scenario the man apologizes.
In a bad one,he says "Thank God you now know sef! Oya do whatever you like"
In the latter case, especially if they are married, people will blame her for playing FBI.

Now there is the trouble maker/suspicious wife/ girlfriend/ partner who always suspects her man of being unfaithful. The man dares not smile too much at the corn seller down the street. He is in trouble that day.
No woman must call him, he must be accountable for all hours of the day, and God help him if he doesn't pick up his phone when she calls.
He is in hot soup.
The poor man isn't cheating but the woman doesn't believe that.

There is also the i-dont-have-any-evidence yet but I must catch him in the act These are the ones who check their partner's phones,email, shirt collars, boxers, call logs for any suspicious activity. In this case the guy may or may not be cheating. And if he is cheating he takes extra care not to be found it cos it's just a fling and he loves his woman.
The woman usually finds out by her own diligent research.

My mum used to do this a lot and it would cause huge fights with my dad.
Anytime she wanted to solicit my help to help her look into my dad's facebook so she could look at all his female "friends" I used to ignore her oh before kasala will burst and my dad will ask who escorted her on her "Gulder Ultimate search". I dunno what she was going to look for.
I didn't encourage her one bit cos the drama was always too epic.
Besides,will facebook write GIRLFRIEND on the pictures?
Me I used to just tell her "you people don old for this kain drama abeg. I no get una time".
I don't think I will get to that age and be bothered about what my husband in the U.K is up to especially if I am the one that refused to go join him.
Anyway my dad is back home now so her snooping zeal don

Then there's the i-know-he-is-cheating-and-i-need-facts-evidence- to-backup-what I know group.

As petitediva said, it all boils down to a lack of trust. If you trusted someone then you wouldn't have to pry. And if you pry and find something then that means your lack of trust was well founded in the first place.
Its true that knowing won't make him/her stop.But at least I know about it.

Is ignorance truly bliss? Did you get to know or find out something that you wished you hadn't?


  1. Ms. Reese! I now see why u like wahala. It's genetic! Lol! - Harper

    1. I will tell my mum for you. In short we both like wahala abi. Ok.

    2. I beg, no report me to Mummy o! I can only handle one "Reese" at a time. Hehe....Harper

    3. Lol. Are you sure you can handle even "one".

    4. Mam abeg help me ask harper my guy, me too fit just handle one, I no get strength for wahala abeg #ike okwu a dirom biko. I like this your blog na my second home be this after #Madam Tibs own

    5. The only "Reese" I know is Funmi and I am sure I can handle her. Well!!! *evil grin* Hehe...-Harper P.S Godwin my bro, I beg translate. My Igbo is limited. I only know "Ike ukwu" Hehehe...

    6. You wish! The small e-wahala I am giving you sef you just dey try.
      At least you know ike ukwu. Chukwu, bia, and igwe are all I know.

  2. Hehehehe I like this harper my Guy. Is better she walks around peacefully than questioning what happening. Cos the less you look the less you see. In a really basic sense "ignorance is bliss" means that if you don't know about something unpleasant, you can go about with a smile on your face. If you don't know about it, it can't dampen your spirits. It doesn't really have to mean that lack of knowledge makes you supremely happy in general.


    1. Hmmmmm!
      Abeg Godwin, no join Harpers club oh. I don talk my own.

  3. Okay I love this Harper guy....**whispering** Hiya Harper......Okay know I got so much love for you...buh on this?! Hell to the No!...I agree with Harper...Mami...truly, "sometimes" Ignorance is bliss...See...when it comes to FBI stuffs in relationships...I tell my friends this 'Don't go looking for something that you can't manage when you get it'....Some women love to fix what is not a relationship, when you keep looking for something that you 'think/hope' have automatically made a crack on that wall and you know what happens to a just keeps cracking and the line keeps getting mami sometimes...It is best to be ignorant....selective hearing usually does it for a lot of women.....

  4. HARPER! How many times did I call you?
    @Tibs no stress. I feel you babe.
    As I said,i ain't got time for Fbi stuff like that again anyway. I just love a good argument. And who can blame me.
    Congrats on the 100th post.

  5. Funmi Reese!!! Lmao! U see now? Everyone seems to agree with this principle. So, about those burgers....:) - Harper

    1. I see partially .Not yet completely oh.
      Lemme still see what Vira is gonna say when she comes by.
      Na wa for you. You never forget about the burgers issue abi.

    2. I no fit forget that burger matter o! The result is too tempting :)) - Harper