Friday, 29 August 2014


Thank God it's Friday mehn.
Some people are usually all excited cos they get to hit the town or have a date night.
I am not gonna mention names. They know themselves. lol .
As for me I just love it cos there's no work for the next two days.

I get to just rest,chill out and recharge my batteries.
If you want to find my trouble just invite me somewhere on a weekend or pay me a visit. I can swear for that person ehn. Weekend is like my ME time, while Friday is my hanging out day.
But i close so late, i just go home sometimes.

So! lemme just spill it out. I know that's what you all want to read. Hehehehehe.

Bobo cute is younger than I am. *sighs*.
He says he doesn't mind and was quite surprised anyway when I told him my age. He thought I was years younger.
Now me! I love older men. As in I have never dated my age mate not to talk of my junior.
Last year, it was like I was cursed with younger guys asking me out.
At first they are like "what school are you in or what are you studying" and I am like really? I graduated when you were still in secondary school. Lmao.
 If I had done a four year course sef I would have finished earlier.
The guys  in my office used to go crazy with laughter anytime we hung out and i got looks from younger guys, you know those types that cant even lie about their age cos its so obvious.
I used to be like 'which kain disgrace be this one now'

There was one I met last year on a trip. He was all of 24yrs. As in even younger than my brother. I just couldn't wrap my mind around it though it was tempting sha cos he was so tall and fine........yeah i like tall guys in theory, not so much in reality.
Thank God for celibacy.
He was all "look at Dare and Deola Art Alade, Peter PSquare and Lola Okoye" (younger guys married to older women) and I am like 'Abegi jo 'i resemble celebrity?
Deola and Darey. Source
So one day I resisted temptation and just just cut him off totally. Deleted him from my bbm contacts/whatsapp etc. He just had to go mehn! He was tempting my

Now the age difference in this case isn't much. Just a year.
 Although I may have told him it's two years Just Because. (ok  I like trouble).
Now. to him it's no big deal, and maybe it isn't.
 But to me it is. I am just managing not to freak out yet cos we are still in the calling calling stage. There's no point stressing out if it might end up not working out.

He just seems like so much trouble.*sighs*Its bad enough we work in the same place. I haven't even managed to wrap my mind around that. Sure, we aren't in the same office or town or even department. But that wont stop the rumor mill from going overboard.
Now I am also older. And if it gets serious people are gonna know cos where i work, there always one form or  the other where you write your date of birth.

Now, as I have said earlier. I am into older men. As in I dig older guys.Even if it's just a year,just be older abeg.
When I was eighteen I was dating a twenty something year old.
My then flatmates in the University were always on my case. Like their motto was 'date someone in the same year so that you can be together till graduation'. 
And i am like really? The guys in my class are all nincompoops.
Me! The first guy I dated in Uni was in year four.And I was a jambito oh. My ex was in year five when I met him in my second year.
Those crazy girls were always like "he is gonna use you to write project then your eyes will clear".
We ended up dating for seven more years to their disappointment.

There's also this sort of ex of mine who was a bad boy.
 As in he can sell Harper and get change.hehehehe.
His university held on to his certificate when he graduated. He was that bad.
I was probably 17 or 18 then, and i met him online before the days of Facebook and twitter. He replied a stray email and we became friends.
 We exchanged emails for a about a year or two or three ( cant really remember, its been so long)  before i eventually met him. He didn't stay in Ib but his parents did so we saw very very occasionally.
I think he sent his pic first before i relented and sent him mine. Even then, donkey years ago, i wasn't the 'see you in real life type'. I can maintain an online friendship for years and not even know or care how the person looks like. I may be curious but i usually don't bother myself.
So, as i was saying, he was already working in an oil company when I met him but he was so fascinating.
I was quite young then and hadn't met anyone quite like him before. He had lived life hard and partied hard. Smoked weed and all sorts. And living in a crazy town like Warri cos of work only made him harder.

Pic Source

With the kind of money he made, He literally had his pick. It was fascinating to watch.  He had lots of stories to tell mehn.
He was like the black sheep of his family........ How he managed to get the job in Shell  is still beyond me.
But he was so brilliant mehn, and if there's anything that fascinates me,its a brilliant man.
He taught me a lot of things from a man's perspective. And so if I sound very unconcerned about some things, you can totally blame him.
He loved the way I thought, and we used to exchange some crazy emails. And talk some crazy shit.
He was about ten years older than I was then and  and I was totally fascinated by him. Very brilliant guy.
He taught me a commonsensical approach to guys and relationships and the way they think and also encouraged me to get a 2:1 and loved the way I thought.
*sighs*i wasn't in love with him though i loved him.
  As close as  we were, as much as our minds understood each other, i knew i was still too young to commit.
I miss him a lot sha. Even till now.
He married an amazingly beautiful Ethiopian and emigrated to Obodo Oyinbo.

And guess who reminds me of him. Y'all know him so don't let me say his name.

So now you get the picture.

Seeing as its only a year,is it a big deal?

Do you agree. Pic
Seeing as I have always had a thing for older (but not old) guys, should this be a deal breaker.
I am kinda stubborn so i feel like a being a little older guarantees the guy some leeway.
In this case  I just dunno though I have to say he's a very mature person. Grounded and reasonable.
What do you think?
I ma also curious,What did you guys think i was gonna talk about?
Someone mailed me and said Genotype AS,AS stuff? lol. Thats a no go area mehn.

Post a comment  below.


  1. Ms. Reese, u get more interesting by the day. Age is a thing of the mind, I think. Although I get that a younger guy may not be at the same point in his life as u r, and may thus not want the same things, relationship-wise. But if this guy is mature and u "click", then age should never be a barrier. Until a couple of years ago, I couldn't stand girls my age. When I was 16, my babe was 19 (I let her believe I was 18....ok I lied lol). The point is all u need is to be in sync. 1 year is nothing. But he should stop this shy boy ploy. As for ur bad boy sort-of-ex, Lmao! I feel like I have a twin in the world! Bad boys can be good for u. :)) - Harper

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Spoken like the pro that you are.
      Maybe I should open an advice section for you.
      I see it now.hmmmm I could name it " Talk to Harper". Hehehe.
      Dunno how my first comment got deleted oh.

    2. Hehehe...Talk to Harper. I hope the writers would be brave enough to try my outside-the-box methods. Comments don dey self-delete now? Simple solution - what is ur BlackBerry pin? Hehe.... - Harper

    3. Bright bravo Harper heheheh my correct guy, no dulling

    4. This Harper and 419 tins .How does BlackBerry pin concern deleted comment?
      Help me out here oh.

  3. See how I was waiting for this gist ehn, my dear age is nothing oh as long as you like Mr. Cute guy, go for it.

    1. Thanks my sista.i really appreciate you a lot.

  4. If you like older men then how do you know that you can cope with this guy being younger and it won't be a big issue later on.

    1. Thats the thing. I am still assessing him as a man and seeing if I like him enough.

  5. Age is a thing of the mind!! what matter most is love.........................................................................................................................................

    1. See Oga Vic! After using his recharge card alone and forgetting me.
      So age ain't nothing but a number.
      ok oh.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. Nah! I was just teasing you. Enjoy yourself.
      Its like this my phone is on a comment deleting mission today. All dis touch screen phones sef.
      And one can't undelete it.

  6. TGIF!! I love my weekends almost as much as you do lol
    Hmm.. Yeah, for me all things being equal, age is not priority.. But if it matters a lot to you, think about it before taking the plunge. xx

  7. Look who came by. The One and Only 1+ The One herself. Hehehehehehehehe.
    Thanks for your comment. I am going to think about it. A lot.

  8. Harper I think that young man they dull us heheheheh, I done they wait to hear say in done get you Funmi. Dull guys everywhere

    1. Lol. How is he dulling? He can't get me just like that jare.

    2. Godwin my guy, u sef see am? By now she suppose don dey spend weekend for that Abuja. The guy suppose don hypnotise her by now. Lol! - Harper

    3. Hypnotise ko, jazz ni. When did I even meet him that I go don dey spend weekend?
      Thats your modus operandi abi. Well done.

  9. Yo myyyyy Nigggaa... xx How are you Funmi?? Mehn my apologies for being AWOL oh **Covers face** Would have given excuses, but since none will suffice, i will just give None. Lemme start by saying that Sometimes yeah, its not just necessary to form Gangster for love. Okay see how. Me ehn, I can pass for a 25 year old, and NO BODY would know I am much younger. But if the guy can pass for much older, then Bubba, why hold back? On a long Run Funmi, its actually about your values, about what you want. I for one have had the opportunity to Date a couple of Older ladies, but mehn its not my thing. (**Whispers You see Playing Gangster is not Just my thing jo.) As these ladies were more interested in Getting married, and getting laid, than in companionship, love and care. so e no click oh Jari. My kind advice is that having that it doesn't bother him, and plus you look younger ( I decipher that from your post) i guess you should give it a shot. Plus hey, if you really want something from it, then Pray about it Funmi. Trust me, this works all time everytime.

    In Other news, I am still the biggest Fan of Oga Abuja oh, I dunno why, but i feel i can relate to him so easily. Plus hey! It appears that you have a kinda ghen ghen feeling for him, for you to sit and write about him **Winks, so Funmi let go of the sails, and have fun. Explore, and enjoy.. And if it ends up that you like him very well at the end, then Bubba get serious with him. Life is tooo short to deprive yourself of happiness cause of what some other person will say. You Only Live Once remember? So Baby mi, lets try it out. But be Careful oh! Good guys like me, who date older ladies either do it out of the MOST SINCERE OF AFFECTION ( TRUE LOVE), or the most DESPERATE TO SHAG of urges (CONJI). :) #Trustme

  10. Duru of life!
    Apologies accepted jare. Thanks for the advice. I agree that life is too short to think about what others might say.
    They will still talk regardless.
    Fingers crossed.

  11. With d detailed explanations, u love that guy and are just looking for someone to tell u to go on with it! Personally, in matters of d heart (though I hvnt dated sm1 younger b4), I do me! U knw y? I love taking responsibilities for my actions. Once I am satisfied with what I did, I either learn d hardway or ring my triumph bell! All d best!

    1. Hehehe. Love ke. Me I don't love like that oh.i like him but dats all.
      In all honesty,i am still sitting on the fence and haven't given him an answer yet.