Sunday, 3 July 2016

Funmi : The Law

That's how some people hail lawyers down here.
Or should I saw "DE LAW" . Seeing as some people change "the" to 'de".

"DE LAW ".
"DE LAW Madam is calling you". Definitely office people. No madam in my house.
"DE LAW come and buy" . Looool. This mostly when you are dressed in black attire or from sellers who know you are a lawyer.
"DE LAW. This just randomly. Some times family, sometimes co workers, sometimes friends. And you are like 'what'?
Speaking of  the Law, and all that's attached to it i.e Justice and court appearances, I have noticed one bad thing oh.

I have gone soft. 
I used to now feel sorry for some Accused persons. I don't know how the change happened oh. 
Me! That used to be like "Off with their heads" Ok exaggeration. "Wicked people"  "Life Imprisonment is what they deserve" etc.  Smh.

Now, I can't help myself, when I see them looking very morose with puppy dog eyes, batting them at you like say na me go set them free, na then you go dey hear "SISTER FUNMI or Miss .............. Or Mrs (as if say an dem give me husband). Lol. You know there is trouble when your father's mate dey greet you and calling you "sister" .