Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Smile, Laugh or Cry

So lets play another game.
Its called Smile, Laugh or Cry.
If any of these six instances below happened to you, what would be your first reaction?
Note that you can have all three reactions at the same

1)You bury a million dollars (Efcc things) under the garage in your house and you discover your wayward son has sold the house.

2) You wear your shiny white suit to church, decide to give a testimony and your period comes during the testimony..

3)You hungrily open the pot of rice you have been cooking for the past hour and discover that its only water inside. You forgot to pour in the rice.

4)You wake up in the morning and discover two big mosquitoes were under the mosquito net with you, all through the night.

5) You mistakenly send the nude picture meant for your boo to your father.

6)You forgot your passport at home, Your plane leaves in an hour, and you live four hours away.

Post a comment below! Let me know what you would do.

Lmao at 3. I think i will first of all drink the hot water  BEFORE CRYING.

P.S. I dunno whether it's this cold Abuja weather but I feel so sleepy and its just 8pm. Imagine! If I am home I don't sleep until midnight or 1am. The weather is freaking cold. I just wanna hide under the duvet and sleeeeeeep.

Photo Credit. Stuart Miles


  1. All this instances aren't funny walahi.

  2. Loool! No. 1 deserves a special button - KILL! All the others have me laughing. So this ur office trip was to Abuja? Hmm. *evil grin* :) - Harper

    1. Kill ke? You wicked gan. I will probably almost strangle the "son". Yep I am disowning him gradually.
      What's with the evil grin Mr Harper?Nothing dey happen.

  3. Hiya mamacita.....Good to have you back...okay....

    #1 - Smile (cuz I just realised that I am bout to be tried for murder...cuz I am definitely gonna kill that boy)
    #2 - Laugh (cuz obviously...the devil doesn't want me to share)
    #3 - Cry (cuz realizing how hungry and how stupid I was will just lock up my belly)
    #4 - Smile (cuz I am bout to evict 2 unwanted tenants)
    #5 - Cry (cuz I have just officially given my father something to remember forever - I mean...mami, there are somethings that you can't un-see)
    #6 - Smile (cuz that is God's plan - Coincidence to man takes alot of planning on God's side)

    Nice post mami

    1. Hey! Wonderful person.
      #2, I will just sit on the floor in the church and pretend I am hearing from God. Until someone brings a coat or something.
      As per #5 Unfortunately my dad will add to the embarrassment by lecturing me on having a nude pic in the first place,and then try and find out who it was really meant for.
      But Hmmm! As u said he can't unsee it. Thats d worst of all 6 in my opinion.
      As per #6,i wont smile oh. God help the person who made me forget. I will at first rake,then accept my fate and head back home.