Monday, 27 October 2014

Monday Blues

So let me start by saying Hi to all you lovely people who seem to like/love this blog.
How has your weekend been?
 For a while now I have just not been feeling like doing anything.As in anything. Except eating sha.
I wish I could hide under the covers all day and watch tv shows. I don't feel like talking to anyone.
I snap at anyone that calls me and rambles on and on. Abeg!i am not in the mood for long talk jare.
Thank God for work. Then I am forced to go somewhere.

Is anybody watching Blacklist? I watched the first episode of season 2 and heard one of the soldiers speaking my language. As in yoruba,  I was so thrilled ehn, Did anyone else catch that scene or am I just 'jobless'.

I got my voters card today.i look so different. Imagine! I did the registration in 2011 oh.That one they paid Corpers to do temporary work for them.
I didn't even know that I could still get it. See my face looking all babyish . Is it weird that I was fine then and I didn't even know it. lol.  I think I need to lose some weight. When I add weight the first place it shows is my face instead of it to show in some other places.
On the flip side if I lose weight people start asking if I am sick or recovering.

So I got a mention/ review/ story/appearance  on T.Notes's Blog. (you will understand why it's either of all four when you read it  ).
Read the post and understand why I have been getting mad stats today.
 Anyway I admire his writing style and prose. He is one of those few people who would make a good poet and novelist, and be critically acclaimed. Yep! (Me sef I am doing review).
You guys should go check it out and tell me what you think.

Ehehn!  Seeing as we are on the topic or not.
How do I get Mr Abuja to amicably back off?
 We didn't date and I have only seen him like 3 times  but I am finding it so difficult to get him to understand that it ain't happening .
Imagine!he had the gall to go give my name to another colleague to pray about me.
If I saw him,i would probably have strangled him. Are you crazy? Of all the pastors in that Abuja it's our colleague he gave my name to. Unfortunately (for him) or fortunately( for me) it was someone I knew. That one too "prayed" and told me love doesn't have to come first.
Really! "Like" nko! Abi that one too doesn't have to feature.

Smh. I have given him enough hint to get him to back off but it's as if he is deaf.
And I am only playing nice cos we work in the same office albeit in different states.
"Stop calling me" he won't listen. "Give me space". No. Kilode?

This post sef is long. It was supposed to be short.

Ehm. What else? Lemme go think of what to post next o jare.

Inspector Duru! I hail una. Just chill ok. On all counts. And I did tell you I was gonna be reading it.Did you think I was lying?
Vira! I hope the town is now blue after it was painted red. Lol.
Harper! No comment. Wait! Have you seen Blacklist S2?Is it better than S1?
Esther! Enjoyment galore abi!
Shout out to Eniwealth, Abike(our latest BV),NaijaSingleGirl,Berry,Amaka, Niyi,Beautiful(another newbie BV),Zoe, Toinlicious,Lola Oseni,Jane and everybody else.
I haven't heard from Tee in a while. Sup! Tee.
My Opinion! I no forget you jare. It been a while. Is it you or me?
How those Court appearances?
Kai! I can't forget Obiamaka and Temidayo. 2 ladies I appreciate a lot.
I didn't forget anyone else that I didn't mention oh. I will add them up as soon as I remember.


  1. Hey! I just got back from the blog oh! If there is something I need to know, better run and tell me.
    I am good, I would not say we painted red sha but some painting took place.
    How are you dear? What is causing you to stay covered up?
    Oya, reveal Mr. Abuja's ID, I need to tell him to back off! We no do again.

    1. Lol. Nothing to say jare. Just a great writer writing stuff.
      Hmmm! At least you go resume today.
      Just one kain mood like that.
      Lol. I am done playing nice sef. I am just pissed at the other guy threatening me with what "God" said. imagine!

  2. Ms. Reese! Hmmm. So I read T. Notes' writeup. As soon as he said something about his "Funmi" being in the Financial world, I figured it wasn't u. Still couldn't help imagining u in those boots though...hehe

    Blacklist Season 3 started about 3 weeks ago. Season 2 ke? Let's just say there is no bad season of Blacklist. Keep watching.

    So Abuja has fumbled and over-called his way to ur irritation? No surprises there. U need a bad guy! :)

    I've noticed ur listless mood lately. Weird, considering I don't even know u in person. U need a break/ change of environment for a few weeks. A US vacation, maybe? :))


    1. Lol. You and your imagination.
      Wait oh! Season 3 ke? Have they even finished shooting Season 2?
      *runs to google*.
      I am right jare. *whispers* I said Blacklist oh. As in Red and co.
      You totally called it.
      Lol. Nope. I don't jare.
      Yep! I think listless is the word.
      Lol at US Vacation. I think one out of town for a few days will do for now.

    2. Why did I think this was Blacklist's 3rd season? Weird.

      U should check out a show called "How to get away with murder". Good show with a Legal undertone. Right up your alley.

      Wait o! Would T. Notes have ur picture? Off to his blog to ask him. Hehe...


    3. Maybe you are concentrating on other things. Hehe.
      Yep.i have heard great things about the show and Viola Davis.
      Hehe.Go ahead. This should be interesting.

  3. I nominated you!

  4. Hmm my sister, lagos work haff refuse to gimme sufficient time to read and reply oh..i jst read, smile and run back to work..tnx for checking dt blacklist z one badass movie ke, its nw so twisted.

    1. Pele. Working in Lagos and stress. Hope you are good.
      I love me some Blacklist.

  5. Interesting blog, visited after reading T.Notes post...I must say he is a good writer.

  6. where is my comment nah funmi? and you will fight oo...**crying**'s only breast milk that will stop me from crying......FUNMI!!!!!!


    1. Toh. Pele swerrie. I no see any comment oh except this one.
      How we go do am na. I no get breast milk to give you
      Oya take Viju milk.

  7. Replies
    1. I would say who is there? But I see you
      Sup Corper!

  8. Yay! Thanks for the sharouts sweetie. See me rooting for Mr. Abuja o, kai and he has now spoilt it *sigh*

    Thanks for the shout out dear, feels good to be back.

    1. All ye rooters and cheerers