Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Just saying!

Its raining here and all I feel like doing is sleeping.
Is it weird that I don't feel like going to work? All I want to do is just hide under the covers and sleep, sleep and sleep.
Unfortunately,i do have to get up and go to work. At least I can go late. Lol.On the other hand I hope some of my colleagues are feeling the same way oh.
Imagine me having a ready made excuse and it turns out all the others arrived on time.

My boss will just be like "Seems like it's only your area that rain was falling".
Na dem sabi! Nobody can kill anybody abeg.

One governor who shall remain nameless sent truckload of bags of rice to my office.
Imagine! What this second term will cause? This was a governor that sent ONE bag of rice and oil during Christmas oh. How did we now graduate to truckload?
Anyway being the law abiding Organization that we were, we had a meeting.
To collect or not to collect?
You guessed the outcome. Naija tins/free tins.
To collect.
Though, me I stylishly avoided saying anything during the meeting.
If yawa gasses, nobody go fit mention my name say na me talk say may we collect rice oh.
Ehn ehn!

Why do my siblings prefer asking me for money rather than their parents? And I am talking major money like School fees oh. And no not university. Phd and Masters. No be small money.
I dunno oh. There are days I just want to say 'No be me born una'.
Especially that my brother. Exchange rate is always burned into my brain. The phd is free oh, but he's got to eat,pay rent,transport and write some outrageously expensive doctor exams online, and also in the US and in the Uk.
But seeing as i was the one who encouraged him to do his Phd after his masters in the UK ,Maybe I can't complain.
Now I am his Egbon. Before before he always reminded me I was "just 2 years older" than him. Lol.

End of rant.
I gotta go.

Ok bye.

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  1. Lol @ truck load of rice! Abeg, don't behave like Ekiti State people o! As per ur brother, egbon must try her best, now. She's a big Lawyer in Nigeria. :) - Harper

  2. Don't abuse my state people oh. Whatdya mean? Seriously! We didn't vote rice oh. They just got tired of too much grammer,and d civil servants were very bitter at d incumbent.
    Lol@big lawyer. Its d writing part of law I like.Not d talking part.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yea, I totally prefer the 'writing part of law' and not the 'talking' aspect..lol.. (first time 'commenter'..yaayy!!) Please create a 'like' button so I can just like your articles or other comments..
      Between, were you called in 2010 because I remember going to camp just before call to bar? #just curious
      P.S- You and Harper definitely need to 'hook up'.. :p

    3. Funny enough some lawyers can talk for days and write nonsense. I dunno which is better sef.
      I will look into it. I must confess to having no tech skills whatsoever.
      I was called in 08.
      Lol. Abeg just leave Harper where he is jare.lemme be yabbing him.

  3. It was raining at my end too.Very very cold. But I daren't be late.
    Hmmm! This governors are on a mission.

  4. The Governor must have know there was an Ekiti babe in that office....we know Ekiti pple like rice. lol
    I am good today, thanks for checking up on me.

  5. The Governor knows there is an Ekiti lady in that office. and we know how Ekiti people love rice ba?
    I am good, thatks for checking up on me.
    This is my 3rd attempt to post a comment, forgive me if you see multiple comments from me, dont know wthat is wrong but it wont post!

    1. Abi oh. i am sure that is why he decided to send the rice,Lol. He knew i wont be able to resist rice. Ekiti people,we do like our rice (and pounded yam).
      Its ok. blogger can be like that. Thank God you are better.