Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Hi guys!
Feels great to be chatting to you guys once again.
I have missed and missed you guys (covers face).
Some people have accused me of smelling Christmas since November.
Hmm! Na una sabi oh.
I smelt and smelt it but I decided that i must stop smelling and come and wish you guys a happy new year.
Abi!i no try ni? Lol.

Cos meeting you guys made 2014 a different one from the rest.You made it fantamazing.(Yep!i just made that up).

So here's to all you guys.Who kept checking and checking if naughty me had posted anything. You don't realise how humbling it is to check my blog stats and see people still visiting and reading posts and dropping the odd comment or two.

 For all your comments, for all your love, for your time, for your opinions,for your visits, for making me feel that I wasn't writing nonsense,(and for reading it even if i was), for the referrals,for all your compliments,for the surprise visits,for the visits from other bloggers (the new,old and established),for the reviews,for the mentions,for the compliments,
I thank all of you.

I must confess to being lazy this last few months.