Thursday, 21 August 2014

25 signs it's serious.

If you are in a relationship, you have probably wondered if its serious, going somewhere or heading to the altar.
And even if you haven't ever wondered (which i don't believe), then you have probably been asked by someone, "is it serious"?
And if you are married or engaged,(Vira and Ernie,i see you guys) some of these signs are probably familiar.
Harper,Godwin sorry, i don't know your category oh. 
But for all you (we) single folks, PRINT A COPY AND

The top 25 signs it's serious

 1. Meeting the parents. (for a naija guy that's a pretty big step)
2. Exchanging house keys
3. Planning a holiday together.
4. Discussing plans for the future (I agree)
5. Being invited to family gatherings ( Dat one no be guarantee,some people just need who to help serve food lol. Just kidding.)
6. Saying 'I love you' (not for a naija guy oh, I have met a guy for the first time and he told me he  loved me)
7. Staying overnight at each other's houses. (for a naija guy, sleeping overnight is nothing oh)
8. Signing Christmas / Birthday cards together
9. Seeing each other at least every other night
10. Leaving a toothbrush at each other's house
11. You tell each other absolutely everything
12. Letting them take care of you when sick
13. Being introduced to wider friendships circles
14. Discussing how many children you might want in the future
15. Buying a dog or cat together
16. Driving each other's cars
17. Inviting them to a wedding as a date
18. Divulging salary details
19. Letting them know your pin number (ehn! You are on your own
20. Discussing holidays
21. Having a drawer at each other's house
22. When you HYPOTHETICALLY talk about IF you lived together
23. Inviting people round as a couple
24. Having clothes and other belongings at each other's houses
25. First name terms with their mum and dad (never gonna happen in naija)

Culled from dailymail.
So what do you think? Do you agree with the signs on the list? What else can you add to the list.
Are you engaged or married?
How did you know It was serious?
Let's hear from you. Holla below.


  1. Hahaha......mehn mami...this list......phew!!!!....I am just gonna wait to read the comments...hahaha.....#18 and #19 mami...the first time my husband and I opened a joint account...he was sooooooo scared.....he said this, 'Honey, I just want you to know that if you spend all our money on shoes and get us broke, you will be drinking water and bread'...hehe...

  2. Oh mami....**whispering** I see you...Wow!........You must have been on the frontline when God was blessing women with beauty.....**sigh**....I dunno know where I was.......maybe on Duru's blog.... hehe

    1. Hey Tibsy. I am in search of that picture! Combed through Duru's blog without luck. Please help a brother out. Where did u see it?Funmi Reese is hiding and I am seeking. Hehehe - Harper

    2. See what Tibs has caused now? Making Harper as over excited as a puppy with a new toy.
      Smh for you Harper. What on earth made you think it would be at Duru's blog that you had to go searching for pic. Hope you sha dropped a comment and didn't run away when u no see pic.hehehe.
      Anyway I plead the fifth. Tibs will come and explain herself, and tell you she was dreaming or something.
      Me! I dunno anything.
      Hide and seek ko, close and open ni.

    3. Lmao! U see why I am looking for u with a torch? U make me lol! And if u r half as good looking as Tibs says, plus the burger project..... hehe - Harper

    4. **faints** Harper...You have not seen this mami's picture????.....**clears throat**....The bible says 'Ask and it shall be given'......**pointing at Funmi** Objection!!!.....This court approves this hearing...This court orders you to put up a lovely sexy picture for Harper. Court Adjourned!....mami...unless you want Duru and I to start a campaign then Picture Post time!!!!!........**grabs mic** Erhmmmm Harper papi.......This anticipation of yours is soo worth it.....**snapping my fingers** Believe me.....I mean a lovely attitude to go with a pretty face...Check that!

    5. This is a conspiracy. Conspiracy! I tell ya. I am appealing that judgement oh on various grounds.
      Harper! Seriously! Tibs is just looking for trouble. Listen to me! You trust me right? There are no pics on any blog anywhere oh.
      I still remain anonymous. Hehehehe.
      And Harper! Don't forget you are also anonymous. Judge Tibsy should start her campaign with you.

    6. Tibsy baby! I'm with u on this one! Let the campaign begin! As much as I trust you, Ms. Reese, I want to see ur pic even more! Hehehe.... U should just turn urself in to the bailiff without incident or else....we use tazers here! Lol! - Harper

  3. *i dunno what Ernie is talking about oh*
    Maybe she saw me in her dreams. hehehe.
    See pretty,kind woman trying to scope me oh.
    You are beautiful men. Inside and outside.
    Lol @bread and water. That shit tastes so nasty ehn. One taste and you would have being cured.

  4. Lol @ numbers 5,6 and 7.

    1. Lol. I still say I love you on its own doesn't mean shit coming from most guys jare. Most of them don't even know what it means.
      But if added to some of the signs, then it's a sign of seriousness.

  5. 1-6 r pretty serious in my books. I won't introduce a side chick to my Mum. Made that mistake once and my Mum liked her. I was in trouble! She kept asking me about the girl. Next thing I knew, the babe and my Mum were meeting up behind me! Imagine! They wanted to snooker me! No. 16 - Nobody touches my car. Nobody! No. 10 - I'll quickly do a once-over before u leave to ensure u didn't "forget" anything. One bad girl once "forgot" her g-string under my pillow. Yeye akata girl! :) - Harper

  6. I am just lmao. But I agree sha. 1 to 6 is serious. But 1 doesn't guarantee he will marry you sha.Just means he's taking it serious.
    Lol @ that snookered.
    Whatsup with your car? Na love affair or what?
    Lol again at "forgot".
    she was just marking her territory.hehehe.Like my dog does.
    Next thing would have being pictures and toothbrushes.
    #6. I thought u said cool guys didn't declare love?
    What's your take on #18 and #19.

    1. Lmao! No. 6? Never! Like I said, I take it seriously. 18 and 19? Money and love don't mix. I will always pay when we go out (I was raised like that) and will pay for trips and things but letting u know exactly how much I earn is a no-go area. Just like I won't ask what u earn. U could be making more than me and it won't matter. Give u my pin? Lol! U and what army? My car is my first wife. Loyal, dependable and mad fun! Don't mind that girl o! I resemble fire hydrant? Meanwhile, Tibs said she saw ur picture somewhere. I have been hunting for it since I saw that! One day.... hehehe - Harper

  7. I know your type. Washing one car which would eventually get dirty for hours and hours as if there's an award show.
    Na wa for you.
    Good for you taking #6 seriously. Nothing as annoying as guys who think "I love you" is the fastest way to get you into bed or something. Eish!
    Me I dey very curious so inevitably I eventually find out how much he is earning somehow somehow. Maybe he gets careless and I stumble on a statement or doesn't really matter anyway cos it's just dating. Marriage is another matter entirely.

    1. Even in marriage sef, I won't tell her. As long as I pay the bills, what does it matter? Another blog topic don land o! Hehehe.... - Harper

  8. Hehehe my own Funmi you done start ago o with all this oyibo rules. Harper my believe you, you dey represent correct guy

    1. Smh. Godwin! Be making Harpers head swell there.

    2. Godwin my bro, thank God say u don show! I don dey wait since! Funmi and her e-wahala. Na me and her. - Harper

    3. Godwin my bro, thank God say u don show! I don dey wait since! Funmi and her e-wahala. Na me and her. - Harper

  9. All of the above but 15 cz I don't like living with animals and bwahahahahaha @ 25. Bros go just collect ring put for pocket. But we do call my mom anty R..... my siblings and I all do and all my friends call her that also.

  10. I love dogs a lot.
    Lol@ collect ring put for pocket.
    After he gets a slap.