Tuesday, 23 September 2014


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Has this ever happened to any of you guys? Mistakenly sending what's meant for the eyes of one person to another person?
Some time ago,i was chatting with a guy I liked and my sister simultaneously on bbm.
And meanwhile I was gisting with  my sister and also trying to scope some money from her cos she just got some money.
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At one point I lost track and sent all the " come and give me money" to the guy.
I was so mortified ehn! Shame catch me.
I sharply explained and munched all d previous chats and sent to him so he would know I was chatting with someone else and wouldn't think I was already hitting him up for money after just two days of meeting. lol.

He was like "Noooo! You don't have to".
Ehn! Let me Abeg.

Imagine if I had nude pics on my phone (I Don't) and I mistakenly sent those. Hehe. He would probably feel like Harper does when his "people" send them to him. That I sent it on purpose. Hehe.
Thank God it wasn't something as bad as that or mistakenly sending your nude pic to your dad.
I go just faint be that. And not return home forever. lol.

Another time, my Ex and I were still dating and his now sister in law (she was still dating his brother then) could do gbeborun for Africa. She took one kind of liking to me and always took it upon herself to tell me of any girl she saw with him,near him,heard about or hanging out him.
The thing was I already knew about them most times as we normally gisted about stuff like that,guys asking me out or women that liked him.
And If you had cause to ask him straight, he wouldn't lie.
One day she called me again with "info" and I texted "Ex" in the vein of 'madam aproko has come again with her www.com information. I dunno why she doesn't ever mind her business.She won't face her own business,she will be giving me stupid info that I never asked for '

Guess who my absent minded self sent the text to?
The girl herself. I dunno how I managed to explain that Eish ehn. There was a lot of em....erm.....actually......em.
She never sent me 'info' again.lol

Let's hear from you.
Have you ever had an Oops moment in any sort of way or manner?
Said something you shouldn't have or sent a text to the wrong person?
Let's Talk.

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  1. Ms. Reese, no nude pics even on ur phone? No be icloud o! R u a prude like that? Hehehe.... - Harper

    1. Ehm! No thanks. No nude pics oh. I can't even keep any kind of nude pic at all with the way people go thru my phone and go straight to my album.
      Prude!Hmmmm.No comment.
      Do you keep your own nude pics on your phone?

  2. I have the memory of an elephant with faces but that of a goldfish with names. So in order to avoid kasala, every babe is "baby". That policy has saved me so many times! :) - Harper

  3. I wouldnt wanna be you in that situation oh. lai-lai! Ehn, you expected her to stilll give you info after that?
    Just a week ago, my bff munched someone's PM on BBM to send to me for some amebo and guess what? She sent it to him! I quickly told you she was on her own oh! But she found a way to 'explain' and she got herself out of that.

    One time, I was chatting with same BFF (you see how she is a bad influence) about my ex and I sent it to him.....thank God we were together so I quickly asked for his phone to 'check' something and sharply deleted it to avoid stories that touch the heart.

    How are you Sisi mi?

    1. Lol at your bff and her bad influence. She seems like fun.
      What if ur ex had been the phone hoarding passwording type. Hmmmmm. Stories that touch the heart.
      I am great. About that test...............?

  4. One time my best friend and I were discussing someone, and I was chatting with the same someone at d same time I was in a group chat with the same someone, my best friend and some other people. The someone is a holier-than-thou b***h so she was talking about how I should stop having premarital sex when I knew what she did "last summer" so I muched d chat n was about to sent it to Bestie unfortunately it landed in d group chat... my Bestie just coded immediately and typed "oh girl, God bless u o! I've been trying to tell Esther to stay off d*** since o! Thank you for saying the same" Datz how I got off d hook
    Babes how far

    1. Lol.Thank God for best friends.
      Hmm! You watched "I know what You did last summer" too?
      I am great. You?

  5. Hehehe.....well I have.........Hiya mami.......**waves at Harper**...

  6. Oh meeehhhhnnnn! Talk about foot in mouth! Chai!

    1. Chai!Indeed. That was my exact reaction. How r u doing?

  7. Lol been there, I sent a text message to my friend that was meant for The Boo and one time I almost sent it to my Mom

    1. Hehe. That was a narrow escape oh.Your mum will just be thinking" what is my daughter up to?

  8. This happened to me when I was in law school. Slept over @ my boyfriend's place and he went to the gym early in the morning. My dad gave me an early morning call too (to load down happenings @home).

    M'dad's call was lasting too long and I already lied I was in my room in school. Quickly used m'small phone to text my boyfriend that d door was open he shouldn't press d door bell or baby* me when he's back that I was on d phone with my Dad. Do u know I stupidly sent d msg to my dad's no.

    I nearly ran mad. Quickly sent a follow up explanatory msg dt I was refering to my rm mate (which didn't evn make sense). Just relaxed my mind n waited for d worst. Surprisingly, m'dad said nothing abt it. He never spoke of it till date.

    I concluded it's either he wiped it with his plenty msgs or he fell for my follow up txt or he used maturity to ignore me n my yeye lie let guilty conscience finish me.

    1. Now this is what I call gobeeee...... if I were you ehn! Girl I go block his number.for like a month......i go almost die of guilt.

    2. www.eniwealth79.blogspot.com24 September 2014 at 17:55

      LMAO! Like serious gobe!
      Once, I intentionally screen grabbed a silly girls' convo on asking me if I had gotten married in a very silly way and captioned it with, ''Babe, imagine what this idiot is asking me, ode buruku!'' Someone I had not seen in over 10 years that got my pin less than five minutes ago, in the name of playing catch up foolishly asks me, ''hope say you don marry abi you neve see husband?'' Of course she got the message.

    3. Lol @ode buruku. People can do gbeborun for Africa. She didn't even do her own codedly. "Abi you never see husband"? Orishirishi.
      Thanks for coming by Eni.

  9. See Gobe!
    Those few hours after you sent him that message must have been nerve wracking ones.
    So you still don't know for sure if he saw it or not.
    I am guessing he did and he is just one of the cool ones. Something happened to me early this year and I was surprised at my how well my dad took it.

  10. Okaaayyyy......Am in a long distance relationship for like 5yrs now. my Sweetheart and I do phone/chat sex. there was this day God wanted to catch m..we were busy with our sex chat when I typed one naughty thing to my mum. I almost died that night. It was as if I should have witch to fly home and delete the stuff. I told my gf and she was like OYO lo wa. My mum called next day I didn't pick. I went to call her outside and lied to her that my phone was stolen and the idiot has been sending idiotic things to top numbers on my phone. Ya it worked. *Wink*

    1. Hehe.Phone stolen.
      That's a good one. Did she notice that you were still using the "stolen" phone?

  11. @Zoe, no b small gobee o. For 2months, I was minding my mouth around him. Trust that everything he complained over the phone, I had to let him win cos INFS abeg.

    @Funmi, cool where? He just may not have read too much meaning into it or God just decided to save me!

    1. You are right. Could be either of the two.

  12. He he. Kai this is really funny. That's why I don't believe in nude pics on your phone.
    @my opinion that kind gobe , he was just mature bout it.
    My own sef I didn't even send it oh, its more like oops I put that up. I put a dp up and my father just called me sharp sharp
    Divadiari.blogspot. com

    1. Hi Sogie.
      Thanks for coming by.
      Lol. Ever since I added my dad on Bbm ehn I have had to just respect myself. I am still trying to figure out how to delete him without his knowledge sef.

  13. looooooooooooooooooooool good for u funmi. serves u right.