Friday, 6 March 2015

100th post

My long suffering BV'S who love me no matter what.
Abi I dey tell lie?
No abi!
Oya come and collect hugs and kisses.
Muah! Muah! Muah!
Love you guys a lot.
P.S! Those kisses were for una cheeks oh.
Anyone who raised his/her lips is on his/her own. Lol.

 Ehn/ehn! Before we get to the business of the day, how did you spend Valentines day?And where are my presents? I thought you guys liked me ehnn?
That Saturday,I went down my street oh and out of laziness i decided to take a cab home even though i could have just strolled down. Just N20 cab for you to know how short the distance was. That was how i entered one 419 cab oh or should i say cab with 419 guys inside.
You know those cabs where everyone inside is in on the scam?