Thursday, 31 July 2014

Facebook and the fine boy

You know what! Lemme just tell you what a fine face got me into this time before you start imagining the worst.Ok! so like most people, I have a Facebook account.

 However I rarely visit it, post pictures or even comment nowadays cos it's somehow become boring to me.
I have stopped adding strange faces to my Facebook cos I just don't see the point of having more than ten social media friends. If I don't know you, I rarely accept your friend request.

For that reason people on my Facebook are close family and friends, and some of my uni classmates (who I won't miss if I never hear from them again but they just have to add you as their friend). They are the kind that you reject their request. Then they send another one and another one, then they send text and call you to ask if you didn't see their friend request as if you were blind and didn't see the first request. I have been known to add such people and delete them quietly. In fact I have been known to lie that I don't have a Facebook account sef if I can get away with it .*covers face and skulks away*.
In short sha, I rarely accept strange friend requests.

Until today!
It was about an hour ago. I was sitting down jejely contemplating deep things like what was for dinner when I noticed the red light on my phone blinking. I checked my hub and discovered that I had a new Facebook Friend request.
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Msheeeew! I hissed like a true naija girl. 'Who is this one again?They will just be disturbing somebody all the time. I thought to myself.
My hand was poised to press the reject friend request button. Then I saw the picture. It was a guy/man/guyman (he was sha male lol).
Waoh! This is a fine boy oh! I thought to myself. A fair skinned, (I like them in theory,not so much in real life), extremely photogenic handsome guy was looking back at me. I wish I could post the picture here for you guys to see. Hehehehe.

He looked extremely good and at that moment i wanted to be his Facebook friend very badly.
Abi it is photoshop ni? I asked myself? Surely it is impossible for one person to be this handsome. I looked at about three more pictures and my suspicions were confirmed.
This one no be photoshop. Its the real deal.

Ehn! I thought to myself (after like 30 seconds oh) of staring at looking at more online photographs,Is it not one day that friendship starts. Won't it be unfair for me to reject the friend request of such a nice and interesting (ask me how I know he is nice and interesting lol) chap.
'But! but! Funmi!' My conscience interjected. 'Why add this one when you didn't add your countless step aunties, uncles and second cousins once removed. Remember Uncle Peter who has sent you friend request since 2009'.
'Abeg leave Uncle Peter joo'. I shut down my conscience quickly. 'We are talking about fine boy you are talking about a sixty something year old relative who i haven't seen since forever. Why is he still on facebook sef '? Shouldn't there be like an age limit?I thought angrily.

'Ok! How about Francis your thirty year old co worker whom you see everyday and have refused to accept his friend request, lying saying that you haven't logged into your account since 2012'.
Egbami ke! See this Conscience oh. Na by force to accept friend request ni. After now, this same conscience will be the one saying i should go out more and meet new people. Isn't this a new person.
'New Person Ke!' My Conscience was not about to go down without a fight.' Cant you see that his location says Austria'?
'Austria Gini?
I quickly went back to check his profile again.I tried in vain to remember where Austria was on the Map? Surely near Australia, abi was it Germany? I remembered dimly about the holocaust affecting Austrian Jews.
'Ehm! Ehm! The world is a global village.There is nothing like distance again.' I replied.
'Funmi! I Thought you hated long distance relationships'.
'Meeeeeeeeeeee!NOOOOOOOOOO!  That was before... before.. before! '
I quickly lawyered it up.
'Besides, maybe this guy is the sensitive type who will be heartbroken if i don't accept his friend request.I better add him in the interest of justice and fair play, you know! just to be fair'.
I promptly did same and shut Mr Conscience up.
Now Mr Fine face and i are Facebook friends.

And that's what a fine face made me do oh.
It got me thinking how a beautiful/handsome face can challenge our will power. He isn't even my type oh yet I forgot that while "adding" him.
And while it's all very shallow, lemme reassure you that I might go on one or two  dates with "fine face" guys (just to fulfill all righteousness) , but I usually look out for more deeper stuff in guys I date.
In my opinion Fine boys= fine wahala! i cannot do competition abeg!
Still. Fine things are good to look at oh, no be so. Even if i no buy.

Reading your comments makes me sooooo happy.
Post yours below and let me know what you think.


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  2. "Fine boys=fine wahala."
    So true.