Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Hey Guys!
What have you all been up to?As for me,I have been very very busy. Working and other stuff like rapping with ehmmmm. Mr Cute guy from the Office.

So he asked me out during the weekend and i was blindsided like Chillllll mehn! Its too early. Lets enjoy the moment (spoken like the NFA that i am ). 

He's being all nice and cute, he already has a pet name for me ,*tongue out* turns out he's had a sort of crush on me for a while, (had my phone number with him all this while and the pic on my whatsapp ),calls me all the time,(shit!i just realized i dropped the last call, told him i was gonna call him back and i haven't, five hours later), and is a dog lover like i am.

Also he's always ready to answer any question of which i didn't really have any seeing as i had done my investigation by literally forcing his friend in my office to give me all his data.
The guy didn't cooperate at all sha despite all the blackmail i did , i wonder if its some guy code nonsense but i sha managed to know his surname,  state of origin and ......... Kai !That's about the only thing  i learnt.
Useless Stuff that i could have learnt myself oh. Oh wait.... i also learnt he didn't date anyone while we were in training. *sighs* still useless stuff right.
I mean of what use is it to learn that he wasn't dating anyone in camp.

Anyway hes being all serious,  he wants to tell his mum about me and he wants me to also pray about it and i am like ok. But he should start first and tell me whatever God says.  lol

That was how my ex's mum went to "pray" and managed to use her 'prayer' to scatter the union.She should just have said she hated me and wanted her son to marry her friend's daughter. Nonsense things.
 And FYI, i cant marry a guy whose mother does not like me me mehn.
* i am just saying oh*One evil look from her and i am out mehn. I wont even wait to see what it is about.

So, on Bobo Cute, He is a good Christian, and that kinda governs a lot of the things he says and does. I am a good christian oh but i dunno,i do not think i am at his level.
On Sunday, i couldn't say i didn't go to church Cos i knew he would find it odd. But i just wasn't feeling like it, and i notice that i don't concentrate when i force myself to go. So i just stayed at home. Smh for myself.
So now, the good Christian thing might turn out to be a plus or a minus. i dunno yet. At this stage i am still being a looker. He is the type that joined a lot of groups in church, and on the phone he was like so what group are you in? I was like none. Lol.
Meanwhile i am the one always saying my ideal guy would have to love God like i do.
So maybe Duru is right and women dunno what they want. *sighs*

There's also another issue which he is all like "don't worry about it" and i am like Are you kidding me? Seriously?  But i am gonna talk about that on Friday. So watch this space lol.

Did anybody watch the Emmys? It was so much fun mehn, Seeing most of my favorite actors and actresses under one roof.
If you didn't, you missed oh. Like really really missed.If you aren't into TV shows then I understand (kinda) but if you watch at least one TV show then you missed (I have to repeat it oh so that you will know you miiiiiised).
I am so happy Breaking Bad won. If you haven't watched it please do. That show was the bomb,broke twitter records,the finale was the most talked about finale ever and it totally swept all the major Emmy awards. Best Drama, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress.

It was the bomb mehn.
 Its about a family man who is diagnosed with terminal cancer and decides to leave some money to his wife and kids.Problem is he is a teacher and has no money. So he starts making meth with his crazy partner in crime. Sounds Simple right! But somehow he metamorphosed from Mr Good guy into into this bad ass meth kingpin.and everything just goes wrong.

 Mad men didn't win, Kerry Washington didn't,neither did the Game of Thrones Cast.
Modern Family won the best comedy again. I guess they deserved it sha.
The awards were like a fashion Show. The clothes were awesome.
And there are some awesome shows i am gonna try to watch like True Detective, Ray Donovan, and Veep.See you again at the next years telecast.

Harper i feel like you should watch Game of thrones or Breaking Bad while i watch Tyrant, Deal?


  1. Deal, Ms. Reese. I think I'll start with Breaking Bad. Tyrant's season finale was earlier tonight. Simply brilliant! Sooo this ur bobo is all churchy? Ibadan guys sha! - Harper

    1. Bad belle or simply forgetfulness. I met him during the training so how is he an Ibadan guy. Mind yourself?
      He works in the Abuja office.
      And what is wrong with Ibadan guys?mr Unilag?
      Or Churchy guys in general.
      You dey find my trouble dis wednesday morning and I have your time.
      What state are you from sef?Lets start with that.
      The only reprieve you have is that we have a deal. So I get to watch one season of tyrant and you get to watch five seasons of BB.
      Is that even fair?

    2. Hehe... Ibadan guys can be slow! Remember I said I dated an Ibadan babe? Guys had been buzzing around her for a while but were either shy or just slow. I step in and clear the deck. Then I start hearing stories of how Lagos guys r dangerous! Lmao! Next, it was "is he even a christian?" The babe didn't even ja them face. She was in love with her Lagos bobo. Hehe... I do remember he worked in ur Abuja office. - Harper

    3. Chai! Dos boys have killed me.
      Which one is Lagos Boys are dangerous. lmao.
      What now happened to the babe oh Mr Harper! Seeing as you are volunteering all this information on all tins Ib,

    4. Lmao! Ib boys r so weak. Remember that post where I commented about the cycle of victims from being bad? Well, she's one of the victims I regret hurting. We dated for a couple of years. Nice relationship. Then she decided we had to get married asap. Say what?! I took off! Poor girl. Now that I think back, there was nothing wrong with her. My head was just in the wrong place. Luckily for u, Ms. Reese, I have retired. :) - Harper

    5. Lol @took off.
      I am still amazed you could date someone for years. You sound like long term rlshps weren't exactly your thing.
      Hian! Luckily for women everywhere oh.
      And I don't trust this retirement thing. At All! But I guess you know that already.

    6. Like 3yrs o! She was special. I know u have doubts but I have truly retired *wink* hehe.... - Harper

  2. Hahahahaha Harper leave Funmi abeg Rotfl churchy type hehehe and ibandan bros. Funmi with all this post and still you're hiding your face there's god oo

    1. No mind Mr bad boy. He doesn't appreciate dem Churchy types.
      Wetin una wan use my face to do? Godwin!no join d campaign oh.

    2. Godwin, my bro! Me sef dey go church. Only say for babe matter, I no like guys wey dey slow or dey form shy! I no know why Funmi dey hide o! Abeg help me harass am small. - Harper

  3. **runs in** I have missed this blog...I mean I know its been only 24 hours buh I had this she-misses-you feeling....hehe....Heya Harper and Professor Godwin.....hmmm....I cant wait until friday...........erhmmm...Ms Funmi Reese.....Give them people what they want......#picturepost loading.....hehe.....

    1. Heya, Tibsy baby. Missed u too! Please post that pic! I already love Funmi's mind. The only missing piece is the face, body and booty hehehe.... Campaign in full swing! - Harper

  4. Yep! You were right swerrrie.
    Missed you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much.
    Lemme tell you a secret.
    Harper confessed to me secretly that he doesn't need pics. That he's good as he is and content to imagine what I look like. And thaaaat he doesn't want to be that curious man again. He is all bout the mind now. Not the body or the face or the booty.
    So maybe y'all should take that as a hint? Campaign committee people?

    1. Carrying placard #picture display, Ranting Funmi display your picture

    2. Lemme get you a seat and some cold water. You are gonna be there a while so u might as well be comfortable.
      #i am nice that way.

    3. Singing: "All we r saying, Show us Picture" Lol! - Harper

    4. Hahaha I just saw this.... Mehn Godwin and Harper....... Hehe ...

  5. Hallo! first of, @Godwin, Harper and Tibs, You guys are funny aswear. lwkmdoo. This Picture campaign thingy ehnnn.. diarisgodooo... Everyone really wants to see what Funmi looks like in Real life, so I am signing my name right on to Campaign sheet.

    **sips Coffee.. Funmi, You know why I am liking this Series, i want to see exactly what happens at the end. **sips coffee. You see I am at the exact same spot your Abuja Oga Boss is in, and this post is like hearing what the Babe i met on a BRT is thinking. I have been calling ehn (Infact i am beginning to vex at the rate i have been downing Airtel airtime. Se me that used to use like 200 in a week, has loaded 1500 this week :( ) and she be forming ""I miss you too already"", so in my mind, I be like ""Duru don hammeeeeerrrr"" I think she like s me oH!! But I just feel that Just like you, at a time she will get all I am not into you kinda feeling, so i am watching. Plus when you DONT decide to date Oga Abuja, i wanna know why.. So i will just stay in the loop. I get to see the Babe over the weekend, so I am so looking forward to your Friday post. Plus hey kindly put up some Tips of ""what he did or didnt do that you like or didnt like"", so I WILL TRY NOT TO MAKE HIS MISTAKES. Come on, help a 22 year old out! :)

    P.S: On behalf of Oga abuja, hehehehehhhehe I ask you, No! I beg you Funmi of life, to please let your Guard down a bit. :( The guy seems kinda naive and serious, cause just like me, he be LOVING you too quickly. But hey bubba, if he makes you smile, then give him a 4 months chance( warranty) to test and see :). Cheers Funmi, and kindly be informed that we be waiting for Friday oh! I hail oga Boss Harper, i so wanna have game like you when I grow up eh. @Godwin and Tibs, you know how we do nah, much love... :) Funmi, thanks for the mention, i am so humbled by it... #what dowomenwantoooooooo

  6. Awwww! Duru. You are so sweet and any girl would be lucky to have you. I feel you are too young to have women trouble jare. Why not just take it slow and see how it goes.
    I don't know if my situation would actually teach you anything. Cos when I was 22 I definitely wasn't thinking like I am thinking now.
    Let's see sha.I know you are gonna be just fine my writer brother.
    On Oga Abuja.Honestly! i am letting down my guard. Thats why I am still picking his calls. He does make me smile but it's not all about smiling jare.