Friday, 31 October 2014

Name something(s)

Let's get naming.
The men should feel free to name something that they think women need to stop doing too.
And when we say "need", it means they absolutely need to stop. As in very essential. Lol
Happy weekend guys.
Mine is gonna be soooooo busy.
Shout out to @ Toinlicious Sup!
Kini soo?My town person of life. Hope you are doing great.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Monday Blues

So let me start by saying Hi to all you lovely people who seem to like/love this blog.
How has your weekend been?
 For a while now I have just not been feeling like doing anything.As in anything. Except eating sha.
I wish I could hide under the covers all day and watch tv shows. I don't feel like talking to anyone.
I snap at anyone that calls me and rambles on and on. Abeg!i am not in the mood for long talk jare.
Thank God for work. Then I am forced to go somewhere.

Is anybody watching Blacklist? I watched the first episode of season 2 and heard one of the soldiers speaking my language. As in yoruba,  I was so thrilled ehn, Did anyone else catch that scene or am I just 'jobless'.

I got my voters card today.i look so different. Imagine! I did the registration in 2011 oh.That one they paid Corpers to do temporary work for them.
I didn't even know that I could still get it. See my face looking all babyish . Is it weird that I was fine then and I didn't even know it. lol.  I think I need to lose some weight. When I add weight the first place it shows is my face instead of it to show in some other places.
On the flip side if I lose weight people start asking if I am sick or recovering.

So I got a mention/ review/ story/appearance  on T.Notes's Blog. (you will understand why it's either of all four when you read it  ).
Read the post and understand why I have been getting mad stats today.
 Anyway I admire his writing style and prose. He is one of those few people who would make a good poet and novelist, and be critically acclaimed. Yep! (Me sef I am doing review).
You guys should go check it out and tell me what you think.

Ehehn!  Seeing as we are on the topic or not.
How do I get Mr Abuja to amicably back off?
 We didn't date and I have only seen him like 3 times  but I am finding it so difficult to get him to understand that it ain't happening .
Imagine!he had the gall to go give my name to another colleague to pray about me.
If I saw him,i would probably have strangled him. Are you crazy? Of all the pastors in that Abuja it's our colleague he gave my name to. Unfortunately (for him) or fortunately( for me) it was someone I knew. That one too "prayed" and told me love doesn't have to come first.
Really! "Like" nko! Abi that one too doesn't have to feature.

Smh. I have given him enough hint to get him to back off but it's as if he is deaf.
And I am only playing nice cos we work in the same office albeit in different states.
"Stop calling me" he won't listen. "Give me space". No. Kilode?

This post sef is long. It was supposed to be short.

Ehm. What else? Lemme go think of what to post next o jare.

Inspector Duru! I hail una. Just chill ok. On all counts. And I did tell you I was gonna be reading it.Did you think I was lying?
Vira! I hope the town is now blue after it was painted red. Lol.
Harper! No comment. Wait! Have you seen Blacklist S2?Is it better than S1?
Esther! Enjoyment galore abi!
Shout out to Eniwealth, Abike(our latest BV),NaijaSingleGirl,Berry,Amaka, Niyi,Beautiful(another newbie BV),Zoe, Toinlicious,Lola Oseni,Jane and everybody else.
I haven't heard from Tee in a while. Sup! Tee.
My Opinion! I no forget you jare. It been a while. Is it you or me?
How those Court appearances?
Kai! I can't forget Obiamaka and Temidayo. 2 ladies I appreciate a lot.
I didn't forget anyone else that I didn't mention oh. I will add them up as soon as I remember.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Pic Source
I am still pondering this oh. 
Does falling for another person automatically mean you didn't love the first person enough?
What do you guys think?

Monday, 20 October 2014

"NO" NO! NO?

Hi guys.
How has your weekend been? Or should i say how was last week?
Chai! Its been almost a week oh.
In short It's exactly a week you saw me last. Make una no vex jare.
I know some people have missed and missed me. But i won't mention their names sha.
Oya!If you are happy to read this post and you know it clap your hands. hehe.

Today we are talking about "NO".
 Basically when "NO" is ignored and sex in that situation amounts to rape because of lack of consent.
LOL.She's taken it personal Pic Source

Monday, 13 October 2014

Busy Monday

Hey guys! Another Monday don waka come oh.
Thank God it's almost over.
 Didn't i just love last week monday and tuesday as per public holiday tins? This Monday is so different from last week. So stressful and busy. And I have another busy day tomorrow.
Anyway let me shake off the moroseness.
How was your weekend and the previous sallah break for those of us in Naija.
I had mega fun ehn and ate so much meat. I don't think there was any part of the ram that I did not taste. I don't want to think about the calories.

 I got a surprise visit from Mr Abuja. Imagine!
I hadn't been picking his calls for a while cos I just needed space.
I was more pissed than happy to be surprised.
With my already overpacked weekend that I was still wondering how to handle somebody thought that it was a great idea to come surprise me.As in not tell me until he arrived my town and just called me and expected me to drop everything.

I guess he didn't get the memo that i didn't like surprise visits.
Tell me you are coming biko so i can plan my day.
I almost didn't see him out of annoyance and to teach him not to travel miles without checking with the person you are going to see. What if i had traveled or had my own parole sef?
But my sister aka defender of the Universe was all "How can someone come all that way and you won't see him,try and be nice".
So I tried to be nice. Lol. And he came bearing gifts anyway.
But seriously I haven't even said yes yet but he hasn't let that deter him.
Now he is all "talk to my mum" "I have given her your number".
Lol.I just tire.

Did anybody watch the Big Brother Africa opening show last Sunday? I watched oh and promptly lost interest .
I dunno whether its work or that weird talent contest they did. That was how somebody said she is not watching but that i should help her scope out the fine boys there. Some people like fine boys.I wont mention names sha. But they know themselves.
Someone on my BBM  made it mad fun sha with our BBA ping-galore. Some of those voices trying to sing were atrocious mehn and it was fun dissing them and talking about height things. *cough*.
I didn't watch yesterday's eviction show oh. Who went home biko?

Did anyone miss the lindaikeji drama last week? If you did you missed ehn.Nigerwife is of the opinion that Mr Ayedee is in love with Linda.She sees love in the air. Read her post here
What do you guys think?
I don't know if Linda can forgive him oh. She already said its an obsession.

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Waoh! Is it just 3 months? Seems like i have known y'all for ages.
And its all due to you guys, for your love,comments, page views and for just coming by.
For everyone who has ever visited this Blog for any reason whatsoever, and for you guys the constant ones, who keep refreshing even when i am MIA, who say your opinions on whatever i write about, You are the backbone of this blog and i have got to say thank you from the bottom of our heart and i love you guys a lot.


Sunday, 12 October 2014

Cut thy cloth according to thy size

Todays post was written by Naijasinglegirl who has so nicely given me permission to repost.
I read her posts a lot cos I love the way she writes and she is so humorous.
So here is the post.
In her words oh, not mine.

So yeah! I was looking forward to a nice relaxing Saturday! Away from everything… a place where they could pamper me…release some stress, make my feet soft, give me new set of nails and make my face more beautiful. YES! The beauty salon.
When it comes to switching hairdressers, I am fickle to a fault. I’ve never had a regular one because each of them usually leave me dissatisfied. Either Missy Eliot’s image is staring back at me on the mirror when I paid them to make me look like Rihanna’s twin or they are giving me a Bance’s haircut when I asked for Miley Cyrus’s haircut. That’s how incompetent they are.

Thursday, 9 October 2014



Don't wanna be a playa no more,
I think I found some one I can live my life for,
This girl. I'm yours, your mine for sure.
I've had enough of running wild.
I'm switchin up my whole life style.
I don't wanna live the way I used to.
I'm givin up the booty calls,
spendin C's at the Tata files.
No leavin with two or three girls to get me off.
All I need is one who's really down.
Someone to turn this playa's life around.
Girl,I feel like you could be the one,to make a difference in my life.
Cause I'm tired of livin tryed.
I don't wanna be a playa no more.
I think I found someone I can live my life for.
Don't wanna be a playa no more.
I think I found someone I can live my life for.

 This song by Joe. That's what today's post is all about.Hehehe.What did you think when you saw the song?
So I think most women have met a player or two in their life time.

Monday, 6 October 2014

20 Random Facts About Me Tag

I was tagged by the ever fabulous Berry Dakara to do 20 random facts about me.

Soooooooooooooooo lets get started.

Pic Source
  1.   My phone is always on silent. Lets just say i have a lot of missed calls and irate callers who are always like "where did you put your phone". The only time it rings is when i am expecting a call and i don't want to miss it then i remove it from silent.
  2.  My favorite food is pasta. Macaroni, Spagetthi anything pasta like. In short you can kidnap me with it.
  3.  I love the colour green a lot. This blog was almost green and white. But it looked so much like i was advertising Naija Lotto or Aso Rock, i had to change it.
  4. I loooove to sleep a lot. As in i look forward to,even dream of sleeping. This days i am not getting enough sleep. Dunno why.
  5. I am a night person. If i could get a job where i could work at night and sleep all day, i would be very happy. Please don't suggest ashawo work oh.hehe.
  6.  I stopped wearing lipstick about three years ago.
  7.  I hate soft food. Yam,rice,beans, In short anything at all cooked except bread.I can't eat hard bread oh, and i cant eat soft food.
  8. I have a sweet tooth.I don't take alcohol cos of its bitterness. Give me fizzy drinks, juice anyday. My favorite drink is Fanta. (That is a 2 in 1 fact oh)
  9. I used to be called Prof. as a kid. i was so serious.
  10. I have seen some very cute guys on this Big Brother Africa that premiered yesterday. Ehn that's also part of random facts now.
  11.  I am very claustrophobic. I have a fear of suffocating. Thinking about it sef makes me hyperventilate. Those few seconds when i wear a cloth from the head up are torture for me.
  12. I hate cobwebs and spiders. Its not unusual to find me at 2am killing a spider. Oh and i hate wall geckos too.
  13. I love snacking more than i love real food. And if its sweet, all the better. My colleagues are always asking me "how don't you have jedi jedi"?
  14. I don't like sharing anything i want to eat. I prefer to buy yours for you but please leave mine alone. But i am sure you have already kinda figured that i like food seeing as i have talked about it like 4 times. Tis not my fault.
  15. Emmmmm. I don dey run out of random facts oh.  we never reach 20 ni? Ok. I can be very odd.  The things that bother most people don't bother me. On the flip side the things that don't bother them bother me.
  16.  I love to be alone. I am very comfortable being by myself.
  17.   I love to laugh. I dunno why. Ok I know. Will tell you later.
  18.  I wish i were taller jare. I dunno why my brother took my mums height instead of me. And I don't like wearing heels.
  19.  I don't like watching new movies. I wait for years before watching them. However i can gist somebody about what happened there oh.
  20. I love water. Seriously, i love to drink water. I can't eat without seeing water oh. The downside is when i drink a bottle before bed and i have to wake to pee. Not 9pm bed oh, 12 am midnight kind of bed. I then start wondering who sent me message oh.
  21. I read super fast ehn,a weird talent I developed in boarding school when I wanted to read a book badly and 30 girls were on a line to read it. I usually stylishly read it in between and it had to be fast.
  22. Finally! I am a righty oh but I taught myself to write with my left hand. Tis just very slow ni oh and not as fine as my normal right handed one.
  23. Lai Lai. E don do. I don pass 20 sef.
                                                                                                 THE END
Hmmmmmmmmm. So I remember that Friday when i saw that tag. You can read  it here .
I noticed some mad traffic from Berry's Blog and i was baffled. And I thought 'What could have happened'? That was how i ran  to her blog oh. Only for me to see that she had tagged me. I was so surprised cos i wasn't expecting it.
I mean, this is someone whose blog i love a lot,who linked me to a lot of sites that i love a lot,Naija HusbandMatildas ChildAyo,  Sisi Yemmie and others.
When you see me replying comments, you can blame it on Berry.  Na where i learn am be that.
In short i love her. So thanks Berry. Muaaaahhhhhhh.

                                                             MY NOMINATIONS

Sooooooooooo,generally i am nominating these bloggers cos they are new like me and i am yet to read any 20 random facts about them . And i am very curious to read about their random facts.. Most of the other Bloggers i know have done one or the other. Yep!

Sooo  I am nominating VIRA. Because she writes very well and her blog is a bundle of surprises.Also she's got tons of common sense. Shes so practical ehn....i cant even describe.

 ESTHER because she is such a nice person and she writes about real issues. Always on point and without exaggeration.

  ZOE because she is such a humorous writer. Her descriptions always crack me up.Did anyone read her "marriage list" post?

For Blog Visitors,Thanks guys for all your support, for reading this and all the past posts, for being there,for your support,  for being awesome, for commenting (or just reading), THANK YOU.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Permit me to Gush

I am sure by now you all know i can't keep things from you guys.
And that when i like somebody or something, then i am gonna go on and on about it till we all get tired of hearing it. hehe.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Loooong Weekend

This Friday mehn!
In short this weekend ehn! E go shele. I have got parties on my mind oh.
I only hope I can leave that office before five cos the mad traffic that is going to happen today ehn! In fact from the sample I saw yesterday , today's own won't have part 2.

Pls who will help me beg Mtn to come and carry their ringtone oh.
To dash somebody credit they will not.
Imagine now giving me free caller tunes. Na by force? Did I tell them say I need caller tunes.
If it were better song now I won't mind.
Of all the songs in all the albums in this world ( who has watched cassablanca) guess what they dashed me?
777 is a number by Shina Peters.
Imagine oh. 777 ko 111 ni.

I called to complain they told me to cancel only for me to cancel and barely five minutes later I got a text that they have dashed me another one. I cancelled that one and same thing happened again.
I don tire. That is how they dashed a lot of people cos that was a lot of people's caller tunes.

Has anyone seen "Extant"?
The new Halle Berry tv show. That was how I went to a supermarket oh and one guy was like "can I see those dvds. I had like 3. And he said I should borrow him one.
Imagine. I sha gave him the "Extant" cos that "Ray Donovan"  wasn't going anywhere and he was like "So I need your contact to return it".
See scope oh. I was just like "Keep it". But the thing pain me sha. Now I have to get another one.

Speaking of TV shows, I am currently watching  "Hit the Floor". I was watching an episode on Sunday and I saw someone that looked like Omotola Jalade Ekeinde. I thought I was seeing double and had to back track before I remembered that I read somewhere that she had a cameo role with Akon.
She looked great and I felt happy.
Since I don dey watch all this TV series, na the first time I go see a Nollywood star be that oh.
Has anyone else seen that scene. Or am I watching too much tv?

Yay! Big Brother Africa is starting soon. I hope the people on my bbm love it sha cos I plan to do a lot of gbeborun and some" Did you see what she did" and " Did you hear that"?

So my cousin's wedding is fixed for November ending. That wedding was not gonna pass me by oh. I must go and do gbeborun and look at drama. But my colleague just picked a date for her wedding and it's the same date.
Now I am torn.
Drama vs Fun.
Family vs Friendship.
Like I said earlier, he (cousin)  is having a big wedding. But my colleague is having a small one.But it will be mad fun cos it would have been nice hanging out and traveling with my crew as in my padis in the office. Those guys can have fun ehn. It's always epic.
The good thing is that it's the same town. So maybe I can shuttle venues.

So tomorrow is a big day.
In short the weekend is a big one in my house. Lots of cooking. What with Sallah and all.
Also two awesome people I know, (in fact three if you count my boss) have their birthdays on the 4th of October. My brother and our one and only BV Harper.

So guys! What's your weekend going to be like?
Let's talk.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Equally or unequally yoked?

*singing in Wande Coal's voice*
October Hello! Sweetie ...... Hehe.

Every new month I just get so excited that a new month has arrived and I am alive to witness it.
How about you guys? Are you glad it's October or its all the same to you?
Well! I am happy for you and for me, Nothing do me,Nothing do una, we dey kampe.
 Na God oh.Na God!