Saturday, 9 August 2014

Deal Breaker

A deal breaker is that 'something' that you can't just take.
Its an issue within a relationship that results in one partner breaking up with another.
That 'catch' that you cannot overlook and which ultimately outweighs any redeeming quality the other person might have.

In my opinion, Everybody has a deal breaker.
Some know it already, and some people don't  but when they do encounter that situation, then they know its a deal breaker.
 As in they cannot take it and they wont take it and nobody can convince them otherwise.

It could be a cheating spouse, cos for some men i know, you cheat once and they are OUT of that marriage/ relationship. If the woman likes she should cry blood. No show!
Same goes for some women, if a man cheats, No second chances oh.

 For some, its the man/woman having kids from a previous marriage or even single parents. I know men whose deal breaker is single mums. No matter how much they may be in love they can't ever date a woman who has given birth. And if they do get to discover she has a child or children they are out immediately. No looking back.

Deal breakers need not make "sense" by society's standards. They are specific to individuals and relationships.
A deal breaker could also be Divorce, a lying partner, keeping a secret , a frivolous shopper, snoring, bad breath, body odour, height, skin colour, physical attributes, occupation. Even tribe and race can be a deal breaker for some.

It could also be interests and hobbies of a prospective partner. A guy who collects Comics or action figures, still lives at home with his mum, likes wearing womens underwear can be a deal breaker for some, while others might not mind.

As for me what i used to think was my deal breaker when i was younger isn't so any longer.
My deal breaker is jealous guys, unintelligent guys and guys who try to lower their partners  self esteem.
THAT, i wont ever ever tolerate.
Any other thing i may or may not tolerate , but those three, forget it. Nothing pisses me off as much as an insecure guy , guys i cant have a conversation with, and those ones who intentionally or unintentionally hurt with their words. Mba! No be me.
I cannot come home and one husband will be sniffing my pants to know if I cheated. Isn't that just gross. Yet I know women whose partners do it.
P.S. You need to attend a divorce hearing. You will hear so many sordid details, you will kind of wish you hadn't.

Do you know your deal breaker? What is that thing you cant tolerate or compromise at all at all.
Whats your deal breaker? I really want to know.

Pls Share,Post a comment below! Let me know what YOU think.

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  1. I never thought of it this way but it's actually a deal breaker. I can't date anyone who doesn't love Jesus as much as I do.

    1. funny enough me too!!! I put it on my profile that I want someone who loves the Lord. But I can be flexible on it though. Atheist is a deal breaker for me. and also igbo and hausa offence.

    2. @ anonymous 1. Thats a good one.
      @anonymous 2, None taken, We all have different deal breakers.

  2. Hmmm..I think for me would be my happiness...the split second I stop being happy in my marriage due to anything at allllll.....I will be done....cuz mehn...My happiness means everything to can't be compromised....

  3. So nice of you to come over. *Big Hug*
    I feel you on happiness. Nothing as sad as an unhappy marriage where all the fun and laughter is gone.

  4. Hit me and i am out. Happened before, guess he thought i was kidding being the first time and all. i was not. i broke it off and ran (literally and figuratively).

    1. My could I have not replied your too! Hit me and I am off.....I can't tolerate domestic violence.