Thursday, 14 August 2014

Just chilling

Hi guys!
How did your day go?

I spent mine listening to lectures as per training stuff. And amazingly I wasn't bored. I have short attention span when it comes to sitting down for lectures but luckily this lectures weren't boring even though it was all about law. I usually prefer to zone out or day dream during the lectures and read up later.

So it's another "almost friday" day. If I were home I would have been screaming in excitement at the upcoming weekend but since I have been away from work all week,  Its kinda hard to get excited.
But I am still excited on y'all's behalf.

The fear of Boko Haram is the Beginning of wisdom in this Abuja. I am at a cafe in a mall waiting for my a friend to get his ass over here. Yet I am not really as comfortable as I used to be. I can't get The Westgate mall attack which happened last year in Kenya  out of my mind. At the back of my mind is the prayer that Boko Haram doesn't decide to visit this mall today, this minute. I know the chances are low but still.

The last time I was in Abuja was even worse. It was a few days after the Emab bombing. Fear was palpable in the air. I received calls every hour, "don't go to any mall,shopping complex oh".
Just stay where you are.
My phone charger got spoilt.
Guess where I could have gotten another one. Emab plaza!
Let's just say I didn't bother. I no fit shout.

On a good day,i love eating out alone. This particular mall used to be my chill out mall when I lived in Abuja for a while. I would go there when I had a hard day at work, just sit alone, with a bowl of ice cream, ignore the inquisitive stares( In Abuja women sitting alone seem like they are awaiting clients)  and just chill.

One thing I hate to do is wait. I am a notoriously impatient waiter. I have taken about five scoops of ice cream all in the name of waiting.

Ok! He is here. Gotta go people!
Catch ya later.


  1. Boko haram isnt your portion in Jesus name.

  2. careful eh....and grrrr...I hate waiting on people...I mean....Grrrr....I would be really mad.....

  3. hey! You were in my town!!
    hope your training went well? i dont even want to talk about this boko haram but i know it is well with us in iJn.

  4. yep! i was.
    Te training went well. Thanks.
    You know! For some reason i thought you lived in Lagos. Don't know

  5. For some reason I won't disclose this Vira's comment is funny. I am going to munch it and send to her.