Sunday, 17 August 2014

Coconut oil drama.

So,while I was at the office, I got talking to a colleague with very gorgeous natural hair.
It was so beautiful,It even had curls.*sighs in jealousy*.
I was fascinated.I touched it and it was so soft.
I asked her what the secret was and she said Coconut oil and vitamin E.

 Toh! Coconut oil!
I was determined to get my hands on it.

When I told her all the supermarkets and malls in my town only stock vegetable oil and canola oil ,lol, I am sorta kidding.she asked me to go check Amigos ( a big Supermarket in Abuja) and I would be sure to get.
Now! My hair is hard abi should i say tough.. Even with relaxer, it still doesn't get soft.
I have being known to relax my hair one day, and then get asked the following  day if/when I wanted to retouch my hair.
Going natural looks enticing but i can barely manage it with relaxer, i didn't want to imagine what its gonna be like without relaxer.
Now you can see why I was determined to get my hands on the coconut oil.
So on Friday, i left the office armed with my atm card and ignored my colleagues begging me to stay with them and off I went to Amigos. I didn't really have cash on me but I figured it's a big mall right
 And Nigeria is going cashless,i can always use My atm card.
So I took a cab,and halfway there this heavy rain started.
I always carry an umbrella with me cos I hate rain on my body so I figured I was good.
 I was wrong again.
You know the type of rain that defies umbrella. And enters into your pants? Yeah! That kind. It beat me silly even with the umbrella.

So I enter the Supermarket,locate the coconut oil,buy four as a precaution,add olive oil (not like we didn't have olive oil back home but I sha added it) ,add lots of macaroni (I looove macaroni)  and some sweets. then I proceed to checkout.

"Aunty! Our POS no work oh!"
Kai! I looked at the heavy rain and then regretfully at the coconut oil. I had no choice.
 By fire, By force, me and this coconut oil must return home together.
So I dropped the basket filled with the stuff i picked out with the cashier and went to my bank 3 buildings away to get some cash.

The rain was brutal! I wore a long gown so I was soaked, the dress was wet, mud was all over my legs. My shoes didn't escape.
But I kept imagining my soft hair. So I bore it.
I got to the ATM machine and withdrew the money.
Then went back to pay with some of the cash I got from the ATM.
It was still raining. So I come out of the Supermarket loaded with bags.
At this point,i am carrying a traveling bag(cos I left my friends place and intended to lodge in an hotel the night before I left), two supermarket bags filled with stuff, and my normal sisi shakara bag.
I looked into  my wallet and discovered the Atm cardwas missing.
Shit!Maybe I forgot to remove it from the ATM machine,or it fell down.
I felt like crying!
I was already out of Amigos .I couldn't drop the bags there, walk down again in the rain,go check for the Atm card and come back for the bags.
So I carry all these bags and baggages, In the rain, and head back to the bank to check if it fell down.
The rain was worse. Plus me and the bags, underwear and hair, we were soaked.
Chai! The things one does for hair.
Of course the Atm wasn't still inside the machine,nor was it on the floor. I asked if anyone saw it and the answer was No.

I wasn't defeated sha.
At least I had the coconut oil.
My hair better become soft after I use it.

Photo Credits. Pixomar, Vlado.


  1. Aww you did all this to get a soft hair. I hope it works just fine

  2. My sister! It better work oh.
    Unfortunately I have a weave on my head now so I have to wait till it comes out. Now I have to get sulphate free shampoo ready to use to wash out the oil.
    Kai! This hair thing no easy.
    Thanks for coming by.*big hug*

  3. Oh dear God! Mami you gotta be careful mehn...... Actually coconut oil is amazing.... See I'm not really a hair person(my husband complains a lot......sucker)..... Hehe.... Buh I started using coconut oil for me and it works.... I even hear it makes your hair longer... Hehe....mami you gotta be careful ai..... **pulls hair and grinds teeth** it's only coconut oil!!!!!! Lol... Glad you okay tho.

    1. Don't mind me babe!
      i just couldn't resist that image of soft hair.

  4. After reading the whole story I can't stop laffing its actually funny. Going extra mile to get extra result. The coconut oil must work oo or else hmmm. But the ATM debit card still missing that keeps everybody in suspense.

    1. Lol Godwin. It better work oh. Unfortunately, I think dat atm don go be that.I will just apply for another one.

  5. ah! hair must soft. hope you had a hot cuppa tea after that rain beating sha...funny thing is i wish my hair was a bit harder as it is so soft i look like a rat dipped in oil when i retouch.

    1. I made do with a hot shower instead.
      I wish I had your soft hair issue.
      Lol@ rat dipped in oil. Am trying to imagine that image.

  6. All for coconut oil...Smh But sha i feel you o. I am a hair person so i understand. While my mates go to dubai to buy clothes, shoes and enjoy, me i went to buy oils for my hair forgetting that it is weighs a lot. I got to the airport and to carry my excess luggage (caused by the oils) cost me 55,000 naira. Thank God for my mother, i would have washed plenty plates because i was not dropping the oils. So i am pretty sure i can do what you did. I hope you are able to get a new card soon.

  7. Hahaha. By the time you spent like a week or two with them,you would have washed enough plates. Thank God for mums.
    I should get a new one soon. No time yet to go to the bank. Thanks for d concern.xoxo.

  8. chai! u waka no be small. i used coconut oil for a while and it was really great. infact, i made a leave in conditioner by just mixing coconut oil, water and aloe vera gel (4 tbspns of each). it'll take a while but it will work. me i just tire of the commitment jare, no my hair is back to the usual soulmate cream, e dey manage am like that. - Ada

    1. Babe no be only commitment. The money nko. This oil,that oil the thing tire me jare. I buy the oil finish I heard that I can't use sulphate shampoo with coconut oil,i have to start looking for sulphate free shampoo again. See wahala.