Monday, 28 July 2014

Five things nobody knows.

Its time to share some secrets. Did you think we were done getting to know each other? Not at all.
We are still in the getting to know each other stage. And since I am so nice (bats eyelashes) I want to share some things with you. Shhhhhhhhhh! Don't tell anybody oh.

Here are five things nobody knows about me.

1) I have been celibate for more than 3 years now. Yes!  I am not a virgin. Yes! it's possible to be celibate after doing the deed. Yes! I miss sex and  Yes! e no easy at all. More on that later

2)I am obsessed with death and what comes after.

3) I have been propositioned by a woman. No! It was unexpected and nothing else happened. All I can say is be careful of how you undress in fromt of your friends. Some might just be scoping you

4) I struggle with forgiveness. I eventually do but it doesn't come as easy as It should.

5) I still have feelings for one of my exes. I am not still in love with him but there are still unresolved feelings there sha. Doesn't help that he is so freaking nice. And he's the one that got

So there you have it. Y'all now know something more about me than you used to.
How about you? Feel free to share.

I love to hear from my readers.  it makes me feel special. lol! Seriously I want to know what you think.
Post a comment below.


  1. Replies
    1. Mr vicshowplanet oliver twist lol!
      Don't worry more coming your way soon.However you can also share something secret with me (us)

    2. Something secret?? Ok, will look for my pen and paper..
      Will send u something... keep it real!!

  2. oh my!!! me too I'm obsessed with death...I actually googled what happens when we die on my laptop. Anyway, i think im in love with a guy i met online but have not talked to. im afraid of ela oju kan....looooooooooooooooool. Im a leo and my pride will be severely hurt if i'm ignored. Some stupid guy ignored me when i messaged him on facebook and skype so that left a really bitter taste in my mouth with guys in general.

    1. Its something I think about every freaking day.
      Loool @ela.its being a while I got one of those. Thank goodness it doesn't stick.You should start up random conversation with him.It can't hurt and if he doesn't respond it's his loss jare.

    2. Me too i think about death everyday and how my final moments on earth will be like...only thing i cant stand s how my sweet and beautiful self will be rotting in the ground but i guess i wont be aware of it and by God's grace I would be old when it happens. Anyway as for that guy I am so tempted to mail him before my subscription ends loooool I will let you know how it goes.

      P.S I am already dreaming of having babies for him loooooooooooool.

    3. Waoh! This one you are already dreaming about his babies,i think you are too far gone for me to help.
      Just kidding!
      Mail the guy. He either likes you or he doesn't. You can use the "I just want to be friends line" at first so he doesn't get spooked and he can get to know you better.

  3. 3 yrs?!!!! Kilode?!!! That thing can grow teeth o! Lol! I was very curious about death till I found God. Now I'm cool with it. - Harper

  4. Teeth ko teeth ni. Abeg let it remain like that. Lol!
    I think knowing God made me more obsessed. Dying itself isn't the issue but its sudden nature, the impact on those left behind, dying unprepared, not settling with God and man and heaven/hell.

  5. heheheheh @ #1 lmao Now you are just 1 funny Lady Aswear.. **Sips my Sprite.. ngwanu, Lemme keep stalking. :)

  6. *sipping Fanta *pondering if I am funny. hehehe

  7. Oh duru ! Miss you and Harper. Fun times we had .