Sunday, 13 July 2014

My First Time!

A lot of women remember their first time fondly!
I don't! Why? You ask.
Well for a lot of reasons not least because Ex number 2 who I lost it to was a jerk.Not only do I regret losing it to him but it wasn't fun at all.
I had always had opportunities to lose my virginity from my teen years.
But I was determined to wait for the person I thought was worth it.Also I thought it was disgusting to have sex in your teens so I wanted to become an adult at least.
So it was that I considered myself one when I gained admission into the University. The very first time I went to pay my school fees,i met him!Yep! Ex number 2.

Dark and rugged looking! Have I mentioned that I love daaaark men! I instantly fell in (lust) what I thought was love.
He's asked me out some months later and I agreed.
Yay!i was now a big girl! With my very own university boyfriend.Never mind the fact that I was a 'jambito' and he was a final year student. Yes oh! Final year. I have always had a thing for Older men.
Anyway after a while of enduring pestering for sex,i decided to give in. We fixed a time for me to some sleep over at his house and after a concoted lie to my Uncls wife whose house I was temporarily staying in,i set off,
Yes!i was going to have sex today,abi was it make love? Anyway I was eager to experience all the emotions I had read about in all the M &B's I had read.
The man would kiss me with passion,then I would be in heaven as he entered me delicately before taking me to unrivaled heights of love. Lol!
Nothing like that happened.
First his d*ck couldn't enter. He tried and tried and after a while we started sweating in the Nepaless lightless candelit room,after what seemed like hours his d*ck finally did enter.
Then after some thrusting during which it seemed like I was being torn apart and somthing foreign was in my was over. It felt like dying,
I tot my pain embarrassment was over but it wasnt.
Guess what my "boyfriend " said after?
You will never guess so I might as well tell you.
"You lied to me!why is there no blood"?
I was so mad!imagine!
We fought and argued!there was accusations back and forth and basically he didn't believe me.
We had to endure a sleepless anger filled night with our back turned to each other,and then we broke up soon after.
I was too angry to care.And I remember wishing I could get my hands on one of the mills and boon writers,i would happily have strangled them.
He came back to beg me some few years later.
The answer was a categorical No.
I had met and was dating Ex number 3,aka the love of my life then.And even if I wasn't dating,i never forgave ex number 2 for what he put me thru that night.

So there you have it.
What was your first time like?
Would love to hear it.


  1. Nice piece! I think the disappointment stemmed from the fact that it did not come naturally but was rather planned. Imagine if you decided you were ready and it just 'happened'...

  2. I guess.
    Though I think his reaction to not seeing any blood played a major part in making the experience such a downer. And in retrospect he was a bad lover. Totally selfish.