Saturday, 19 July 2014

Hopeless Romantic!

I still remain an eternal optimist about love.
Never mind my single status or numerous heartbreaks heartshatters. The truth is I have had my heart broken just twice in my life.But if you love like I do, twice is too much.
But like I said, I remain optimistic that there is something called true love, that it never dies and that it's possible for a man to love a woman with all his heart and not cheat on her.
I don't regret any of the men I loved even if I begrudge them the time wasted.
But I appreciate the experience, I appreciate the lessons learnt and most of all I appreciate the chance to still find love again.
Imagine if we all had one chance at love!
Imagine if we could only love one person!And if that fails, the gates are closed forever?
Wouldn't that be the worst thing?
I have seen widows and widowers who claimed they could never love again open their hearts and find love again.
I have seem girls who were jilted and who thought their hearts could never mend again get married and are now blissfully happy.
I believe everyone should fall in love at least once in a lifetime.
However the truth is so many people mistake so many emotions with love. And some do get married knowing quite well that they aren't in love  but go ahead thinking love isn't everything.
They are right!love isn't everything. But it's the most of everything. Its what makes any other thing bearable.
I still believe in Love. And I won't settle for anything less.

Have you ever been in love?
Did it hurt?
Or you got the fairy tale ending?
Post a comment below and let me know what about your experience.


  1. Ms. Reese! U dey find trouble o! First time I fell in love, I was like 13. Innocent, true and deep love! We didn't do much more than hold hands and dance "blues" on Lit day. But it felt like heaven. But she was wiser than I was and did the same thing with a couple of other guys who were in my school. Heartshatter? More like "Heartquake"! Lol. She killed something in me - forever. Never loved like that again in the over 2 decades since then. I've learnt to like a lot and even "love". But it'll never be like that first time. I guess it's some kind of safety mechanism. Like a surge protector. As for the cheating part, that is another epistle. Men don't cheat cos they don't love u. We have the ability to separate sex from emotions, something most women find impossible to understand. So when u find "the guy", don't dwell on whether or not he might cheat on u someday. If he loves u, he'll keep it out of ur face. - Harper

    1. you seem like a jerk!

    2. @ Harper. Waoh that must have been an epic kind of love to have hurt that badly.and at that age too.
      I doubt I knew what love was talkless of getting hurt at that age,
      I know what it feels like to think closing your heart is the way to go. But then I feel "he would have won".i owe it to myself to experience something even better.
      As for the cheating part! Sigh! Why is that the go to reply for men?All men cheat!
      I know some men personally who dont. Some of them flirt outrageously but will never cross the line while others like my ex crush love their wives but he admitted he does cheat on her.
      Then there are the hopeless cheats who can't keep it in their pants.
      I hope I marry one of those few who don't cheat sha. The women who did don't have 2 heads. Lol!

    3. @ anonymous I guess he is just being real and saying it as he sees it.

  2. On the contrary, Anonymous. I am the realest, nicest guy. Just saying it as it is. As e dey do me different from as e dey do u. Lol. - Harper