Monday, 21 July 2014

Monday blues.

Monday has never been my favorite day. Even as a student post and pre university, till law school and now that I am working, Nothing has changed.
I hate Mondays jare. I don't care if anyone lectures me about the word hate.
Monday represents chaos, rush, upheaval and a disruption of the relaxation and rest of the previous weekend.
I wish there were no Mondays but then I would probably hate Tuesday too if it followed Sunday lol.
However to be truthful there was a jobless period I had when I didn't hate Mondays.
Cos I didn't have anywhere to go so the days were sort of all the same.
Waoh! To go back to those good old days.
I am just kidding. I was so bored then I had to start a Masters programme.
Thank God that spell is over.
This Monday was one of the worst ones. It seemed to take forever for it to be closing time. So slow! It didn't help that I was on the Computer all day. And no I wasn't watching a tv show or browsing.
(although technically I still browsed on my phone). Does that count?
I was working all thru. Doing what they pay me to do.
Anyway How did your Monday go? (or whatever the day is wherever you are).
Will love to know.

Post a comment below! Let's hear how your day went.


  1. Monday is my day for reevaluating everything about my life. The day I tend to conclude that I need a new life/ career/ anything. I'm always in a bad mood on Mondays. These days, it even starts from Sunday night! The thought of the next Friday is what gets me through Monday. Was even worse when I lived in Lagos. Everyone is generally mad in Lagos but even more so on Mondays. Lol. - Harper

  2. Wow! evaluating everything about life on Mondays. I wouldn't dare do that on a Monday though. Whatever I decide or conclude on a Monday is most likely wrong. Monday is my grumpy day and Friday can't come fast enough. Lol @ Lagos Madness.You couldn't pay me to live there. Though I love the pace.

  3. Funny thing about Lagos is that I was born and lived almost all my life there. I was sure I couldn't live anywhere else till I had to move for work. Went back after a couple of months away and just couldn't deal. Traffic, chaos, stress. Having said that, nowhere else on earth rocks like Lagos on a Friday. Not New York, LA or anywhere else!