Tuesday, 15 July 2014

My crush hates me!

I can be a drama queen sometimes.
And it's not my fault oh. As clear headed and logical as (I think) I am,i can as my sister says,be full of drama.
Now, There's this guy. Not ordinarily my  type in anyway cos he's very tall and tall guys in my experience have long
d*cks which can be hell if you aren't tall like me. It feels like something is jamming into your womb when you have sex with them.

But I digress!
Meanwhile we've established that I have a job and a sister.lol!

Anyway he isn't dark,and y'all know I am a sucker for dark guys and not even that handsome,but he's very confident which makes me like him a lot. We are around the same age and if he wasn't married (yes! I said married) I would totally have dated him.
But then again if I could have him I probably wouldn't want him.

But I don't date married men  and certainly not sleep with them. The only married man I can say is close to me now is ex number three (aka love of my life) and even with our history,i am not sleeping with him. We r kinda just friends though thats due to me in large part.He still wants me but my take is if "you didn't marry me so you could get to sleep with me forever (or till we r old and wrinkly and he can't get it up any longer" then why would you marry someone else and expect me to continue sleeping with you.
I digress once again.Ex number 3 does that to me.i did date him for 7 years.

Anyway, my Crush isn't speaking to me. And I am so bewildered cos I got no warning. I came back from a trip and he's totally freezing me out. The whole works! Blank stares,cold glances, muttered (barely legible) greetings.
I am not one to shy away from a confrontation so immediately I noticed I cornered him and asked, Simon! (let's call him dat shall we) what's the matter?you are being so cold?
He said it was nothing.And continued the same pattern.
A couple of days later,i cornered him via phone chat and asked again what the issue was?he said nothing!
Its been a week now and yet I can't make head or tail of it.
Could his wife who works out of town have sensed with that weird rival radar that women have, that I like him or that he likes me?
Cos we used to be very close though nothing sexual just a mild attraction.

Should I keep asking what the issue is or should I let him be?
Or should I stop even caring about what his reasons are?
We see each other often and often hang out together as a group so this is very awkward. I don't like Malice or grudges but it's driving me crazy not knowing what the issue is.

Post a comment below! Let me know what YOU think.


  1. Let the guy be. He'll eventually get over it. So u don't like tall guys? :(. Lol@ something jamming against ur womb. That sounds oddly familiar. But if we all follow this ur theory, the world would be full of giants and dwarfs. Lol! - Harper

  2. On second thoughts You are right. What would a world full of giants and dwarves be like?lol.
    Extremely boring I say.
    Regarding my soon to be ex crush, I am gonna take your advice and let him be. I don't like to waste my crushes. Let it go round I say.

  3. girl theres this guy I like on match.com. He doesnt like me ooo. He is white and interested only in black and hispanic girls. He is tall and very handsome. I have done everything like wink, liked a photo of his and shown my interest but I havent messaged him. All he does is view my profile. do you think I should message him?

    1. Yeah you should message him.
      What can it hurt? The worst is he will say no or indicate disinterest.
      And then you can move on knowing you have made your move.

  4. Wow, you are brave@ the girl on match. com. Love being chased, don't want do the chasing for any man.

    1. Lol.i wonder what happened to her and the guy she liked so much.

  5. Abeg Funmi, free that guy. Maybe just like you said the wifey found out about her husband crushing on someone and worked on nicking it at the bud
    Smh for people that won't talk about issues they have with others and give them a chance to defend themselves.

    1. I don free am jare. We just greet each other and that's all.
      I just kinda wish I knew for sure what happened. The wife is acting all nice and always calling me but I still think it's her sha.

  6. His wife is obviously aware he's crushing on someone. So let them be my dear. I wanna know what caused ur breakup st ex no 3. After 7yrs?? He certainly will never get over u or else u get over him!

    1. I agree. She's so aware even though she's pretending not to.
      Abi oh. *sigh* Ex number three. Its a long story which I keep meaning to blog about. But it's kinda hard sha.And you are right.He isn't over me yet. Nor am I totally over him too.

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  8. Finally! I did find out what happened. and I was right,his wife was the root cause. We have made up and I watch him with side eyes now. We sort of have an unspoken boundary agreement.
    we r close but not as close as we used to be.