Friday, 18 July 2014

Grown Up

There are times i think i grew up too fast. I was in a hurry to know about a lot of things. I wanted to grow up so quickly and be able to do what grown ups do.
It seemed like grown ups were having all the fun. They could eat all they wanted or so it seemed to me then. It never occurred to me that a lot of hard work had to be done before money to buy the food can be gotten.Nor did it occur to me the responsibility that comes with growing up.
It also seemed like only grown ups knew about sex.

Though now that i think of it no one actually told me about anything, most of what i learnt i learnt on my own either through listening to adult conversation or films or reading about it.
And the more i learnt, the more curious i became and the more eager i became to grow up.
When i grew up, i could buy a walkman, listen to music all day long, order a whole cake and a trailer of sweets and eat it all, buy a mercedes benz, an aeroplane, travel over the world. I would be a millonaire.
You grow up and realise growing up comes with heartbreak and responsibility. It comes with tears and dissapointments. You realise sex isn't as much fun when you have to manage to avoid getting pregnant, getting diseases and losing your self respect all at the same time.
You realise a million isnt quite what it used to be when you were a kid.
You reaise you are an adult now and people depend on you.
You realise your parents are older and you are now the provider.

 I sound glum i know.
But if i could have spoken to the "kid" me, i would have told her.
Enjoy your childhood girl! Thats the only time you have no worries about money, about relationships, the future etc
Its  a magical time and should be savoured.
That said, i do enjoy being a grown up.
I get to have sex, make my own decisions, provide for my folks who arent too old but are getting older by the day, do what i really want to do instead of what my parents think is best.
I get to lecture my mum and dad now unlike my teens when i was always at the receiving end. lol

 Whats your favorite or least favorite part about growing up?
Post a comment below! Let me know what YOU think.


  1. Independence! Freedom to buy whatever I can afford, go wherever I want, do whatever I want when I want (at least to an extent), think plan and execute to my satisfaction. Oh, and sex of course! Adulthood can be a lot of fun. It's also hard work and responsibility. U have to live with the consequences of ur decisions, good or bad. No Daddy to help fix ur mistakes. Sometimes I miss chidhood. All that mattered was doing well in school so I could go for Summer. Simple task. And I miss my cartoons - Gigantor, Bird Man, Space Ghost, Scooby Doo, Schmoo. Then Littlest Hobo, Skippy, Sesame Street. Kids these days r missing o! - Harper

  2. No daddy to make it all better sucks when you are a grown up.
    However the freedom was exhilarating in my uni years. I kinda wish I had taken it slow when I look back now but in the same vein I am thankful I got it out of the way.
    Waoh!you really love your cartoons. Even then I loved the beauty and the beast/pokahontas love cartoons.

  3. I don't like paying taxes.
    The freedom is great, though I'm not keen on going out and 'living' and 'experiencing' life.
    I'll rather sleep, read or eat.

    1. Hate tax? You and everybody I am yet to meet somebody who does.
      I did all that living and experiencing in uni. Now I am just chilling.