Sunday, 13 July 2014


So I guess the first question y'all are gonna ask me is why I am still single.
As the yorubas will say,be ni wo sen biyon meaning that is how they ask somebody.
Its kuku not my fault oh that the men I like don't like me and the ones I don't are all over me.Isn't that just weird?
I have met some great men in this my short( long/getting long) life. However I have only met about two or three that I consider marriageable for me. Now, I am a bit of a picky person both in life and relationships. For example!
I like Strong men but not stubborn ones.
I like handsome men but not so handsome that all women are after him(i can't shout abeg)lol.
I love guys who are comfortable but not too rich.
I like guys who love God but aren't too!
I like guys who are into me but have other interests.I so hate it when I am all a guys thinks about!
At the same time,i want to mean the whole world to him.
I like non traditional guys.

I guess y'all can see why I am still single.i have only met few men I feel I can stand till death do us part. Unfortunately meddling mothers and skanky babe's did us part.
Lol!More on that Later.

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