Wednesday, 30 July 2014

What's the key?

Hi, here is a question i have often wondered.
What's the key to a mans heart? What is that thing that unlocks love from men?
What makes a playboy favor one woman to the exclusion of all. She might not even be as beautiful as the others in his harem.
The truth is men do not love as often or as deeply or even as truthfully as women.
But sometimes they do fall in love, sometime they do become unselfish and let another person in.
What is that defining factor that makes this happen?
A man may be dating five women all at the same time (make una no lie, its something you can do or have even done before lol)
and only have deep feelings for one of them. In this instance sex may not count as he is most likely may be sleeping with all of them.
Is it good food, sex, money, spirituality, intelligence, warmth, beauty, diction, family background? Was it the fact that she was responsible, had a good job, her gap toothed smile lol. Some other factor ? Someone should help me out.

Concerning food,i know a lot of people say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach.
Men like food no doubt, but in my experience their stomach is in one angle while their heart is in the opposite end. They do not meet. See ehn! What i think is if a guy doesnt love you, if you like, cook efo elemimeje, with pounded yam and goatmeat, then add fresh fish peppersoup, with coconut rice and  snail, you are on your own oh. He will eat it (who wouldn't) clean mouth and still dump you.

I still think that good food only forms part of the package. A man will not marry you solely because you can cook.i don talk my own. If you don't believe me ask the women, who specialized in cooking delicious meals for her ex, cleaning his house and washing his clothes for him. in short the perfect wifey material. Or we should ask the said ex who dumped said woman and married a slob who loves fast food and eating out and in whose kitchen maggots have been known to lurk in the unwashed pots and smelling plates.

But i could be wrong. Has a woman's cooking skill ever made you fall in love before?
Was the sex mind blowing enough that you forgot other bad characters she has?
What did you fall in love with.
Share please.
Post a comment below! Let me know what YOU think. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE to hear from you.

Efo riro.         Pic Source


  1. First of all, note that one man's meat is another's poison. So there is no single solution for all men. For me, it's a subtle combination of all u've listed. What proportion of each factor goes into the mix is not science. But when it's right, I know it. In 5mins. - Harper

    1. Hmmm! Expert Harper! You know about whether she can cook and is good in bed in five minutes. Maybe I should come take lessons.
      On a serious note you are right.its unlikely only one factor makes a man fall in love.
      No be me cook d efo riro Though I can cook it sha but d pic is from another blog.

  2. Delicious-looking efo riro in the pic, by the way. Did u make that? :) - Harper

  3. Help me ask this niggas oooo.... what makes a girl wifey material and not others?

    1. @ anonymous! I am also as curious as you oh.