Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Marriage Trap

I used to think marriage was a bed of roses.
Surely, that beautific smile the bride almost always wears is an indication of how happy she is.
When you add the countless "my better half, my best friend" posts on facebook, you start wishing you had one of your own.
So many people I know have fallen into this trap and can't get out.
Unfortunately society doesn't really encourage divorce. Once you are in it you are expected to stay in it.
Viv is a good friend of mine. We met on a road trip some many years ago. She was traveling to see her then
boyfriend who worked in one of the Big oil companies.  I think I was in year 2 or 3 in the University. I still had strength to be gallivanting the entire Country then.
Anyway, some people are quickly drawn to me for some reason and we have remained friends ever since that day.
Fastforward a few years later they got married and now have three  kids. They seemed to be living the life. Wealthy husband, beautiful kids, numerous trips abroad. I had to endure countless matchmaking
attempts with guys the husband worked with before they gave up on me ( why do married people feel the need and hurry for you to come join them). The subtext was "we are married and enjoying and you are single and not.
Imagine my surprise when a couple of months ago I received a mysterious urgent call from Viv.
She ignored my greetings and went straight to the point.
Please Funmi, who gets the kids in a divorce? She asked?
Divorce ke?My mind spun in a thousand directions. Not that I specialize in Family law or anything but it was a simple enough question that needed no great expertise.
I answered as simply as I could instead of asking what I really wanted to ask.
WHO was getting divorced?
But I no like (obvious) amebo so I didn't ask.

Watch out for part 2 abeg.
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  1. Marriage is the toughest partnership in the world! Two people living together for most of their adult lives cannot be an easy proposition. Compromise and communication by both parties are critical to making it work. That and God's wisdom. Problem is most people get into it for all the wrong reasons. Can't wait for the sequel to ur story! - Harper

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  3. Sorry about that but I can see this comment. I hope u can too.
    If for any reason it still happens pls email me at funmireese@gmail.com

  4. Funny Enough! I just saw the first comment in my email yet it's not showing here.
    Part 2 coming right up.

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  6. Why you wan see "picshur" Mr Vicshow. Take your time oh.lol
    Seriously, i am trying to protect my identity and the identity of the people i sometimes write about

    1. Hmmmmm,something is telling me that i know u ni