Sunday, 13 July 2014

Introduction! Ten things about FR.

Hi new readers and friends!
This blog has being a long time coming.
I have always wanted to blog but I kept putting it off.I didn't even know what name I wanted to call it.Not my real name though.
I was also like ' is anybody even going to  read it? What special thing is going to make people want to read my posts and come back for more' .
 I guess i was wrong since You ( yes you) are reading this now. lol
Cos this blog is going to be anonymous to avoid causing wahala for myself and those close to me.
I can imagine my friends killing me if they figure out that they were the ones i was referring to in a particular post. Hahahaha.

Now lemme see oh!what can I tell you for you to get to know me a little bit better?
Let's see!Ten important info about Funmi ( note again,not real name).
1. Am female.(yep that's totally important) lol.
2.Am Single.
3.About to be Thirty (And yep still single)
4.Am a christian.
5.I like sleep.
6.I love Tv shows. As in I am an addict. My day int complete unless i have watched something. And i am pretty flexible. i watch pretty much anything, even Disney shows except horror films or shows. I can barely stomach vampire films.
7.I am very family oriented. I can do anything for my family.
8.I love food.Although i love water more sha.
9.I love to listen.
10.I am a loner.I like my company a lot.

These info about me will form the crux of my posts on this blog so I just wanted you to know from the onset.
There are others I left out on purpose like my taste in men and sex.
Nah!i am not saying a word!Yet! You will have to read to know about that.


  1. OMG! you are so me, i just read all your posts, and i can totally relate to everything . im so glad i found you now. you just made me happy!

  2. Thanks a lot for your comment. Nice to know someone somewhere is happy.

  3. So this was where it all started

    1. Yes dearest me self I am going down memory lane.