Tuesday, 22 July 2014


I have lived life. Played hard and fast.
 And I don't regret (most of) it.
 As I have mentioned earlier, maybe I could have slowed down a bit when I was younger but no one tells you to slow down when it's time. You kinda do that on your own.

It however amuses me when the guys in my office have one of their numerous sex talks which varies from
whether a d*k can touch the womb during sex to the type of sex that lands a woman in the hospital and numerous crazy talks like that and I (try to) chip in my two cents and they go
 "sit your ass down jare" what do you know.
Chai! See me see trouble!
I usually sit down after I have protested and they still don't allow me talk.
Even when I do say something they usually scream "you read it from a book".
It all just makes me smile inwardly like kai! The stories I could tell this guys ehn about some things I have seen and done.
Their ears will probably turn red and they will never believe it.
I don't know how on earth they got such an opinion about me. I am hardly a talker though a firm believer in keeping office stuff strictly official. My motto is talk generally about everything and  nothing about something. I run my mouth like any other person but nobody actually knows anything about my private life.
Nor did I tell them I was a virgin or something.
Or maybe it's how I look. I really dunno.
Although some have been said to say I look gentle. Hmmm! Thats until I show them some pepper lol.
I know there are some people that can never mistakenly call me gentle based on some of my displays.
My mum and sister for one.
Some people see me looking like butter won't melt in my mouth and think I no sabi anything.
I don't argue with such people oh. Argue ke!
Its all good. Afterall it could be worse. And if you say I don't know anything, then I don't know naa niyen.
Did you say sex? Wait a second let me check this Oxford dictionary what it means.
Bats lashes.** I truly don't know. Hehehe.

It makes me wonder at how easily people misconceive things and people generally.
You look at a woman and think she's a slut based on her dressing or what she says, never thinking that it could all be a brazen display. She could actually be a virgin.
You see a man dressed expensively not knowing he could have zero account balance.
You see me and you think I am an innocenti!

What's your take?
Have you ever been mistaken for what you werent?
Post a comment below! Let me know what YOU think.


  1. You are obviously not a virgin!!

  2. I like you a lot...no homo. I'm a retired not so bad girl