Sunday, 13 July 2014

Ex number one

Not surprisingly I have quite a number of exes. Some I dated long term and some for a very short time and dumped theirs asses when I realised it was going no where.
So let's talk about ex number one.
I met Ex 1 when I was in secondary!Yeah I know I started early!But it was just one of those secondary school stuff and totally innocent. He was my friend's brother and attended an all boys school. Ex 1 was dark and handsome! I love dark guys. Aaaaaaaaaand he had a car, so was like a big boy in the eyes of all of us SS3 students then. I had a crush on him and somehow somehow to my surprise my friend told me her brother liked me. I was pleasantly surprised though I didn't say anything to her about my feelings or otherwise.
My friend died some months after that and to find some closure I didnt stop going to her house cos I felt I couldn't abandon her family like all our friends did. I helped them cook,clean,sweep and wash plates and just hung out with them generally,gisting and watching films.
I felt my presence will help him and his mum find some closure too not knowing (he told me this years later) seeing me reminded them of my friend and was like rubbing salt on a fresh wound.
Anyway in that limbo between finishing WAEC and getting into the university we started dating. I thought I loved him sha.
However I dumped  him when I entered Uni. Yeah!i was cruel, I know. But I was young and thoughtless! I must have been about 16 then.I somehow felt I was a big girl now and unlucky him didn't get admission early into the uni.
So I left him for ex number 2.
Yep!Ex.That didn't end well too. Lol!
And that's another story.

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