Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Blog is a week old!

We are one week old.
And its been fun all the way.Amazing fun, and it's due to you my dear readers for making me feel welcome to the blogosphere.
As I mentioned in my first post here I have always wanted to blog but never really followed up on it.
I must however mention that blogging isn't as easy as it looks. I follow a lot of blogs and somehow I never really gave a thought to the work that goes into keeping a blog going.

My first introduction was the template, layout stuff, widget stuff.Not only did I have to chose colours, I had to also chose the width,font,font colour,font size, arrangement etc I must confess I gave up on the first try and chose the one which appeared simplest. Most of what you see are the default settings. Although I will gradually be changing it up gradually as I get the hang of it.

Another surprise was that you get readers from all over the World, countries I hardly expected blog visitors from. Different continents even. India,Canada,Netherlands, Germany etc.
Concerning the posts that seem to garner the most page views, blog visitors love to read about sex, relationships and anything concerning the opposite sex. Though to be fair the Bookhaolic post did get a lot of page views.

I have also learnt that patience is a virtue. No wait! I learnt that years ago.
What else have I learnt?
Oh yes! That y'all are amazing. Thanks for coming by and feel free to email me at
I would love to hear from you.
P.S big hug to all those who comment. I remember how excited I was at the very first comment. Keep letting me know what YOU think.


  1. Congrats, Funmi. Like I said in my first comment, it's ur writing style that keeps me coming back. I visit a number of Naija blogs too but yours just hit a spot. Keep it real and continue to do u. - Harper

  2. Thanks H.i will try my very best.