Tuesday, 15 July 2014

TV shows I am crazy about.

Hi guys!

I wanna talk about tv shows I love.
I have never being a movie person though of course when I was younger I watched the requisite family films in the living room. God forbid the characters kissed or have sex with our parents watching.
However as I have grown older I rarely watch movies though I did manage to watch 12 years a slave some days back. I feel Movies are so short and usually don't have the patience to sit through what will soon be over.
TV shows are my new loves. I can usually binge watch all episodes in a season at a go. Though no horror/alien/missing person/cop/detective tv shows for me,Thank you very much.
I prefer drama and some comedy. My all time favorite is Game of thrones.Something about the intrigue and unpredictability just gets me.You never know who is going to die.
 Shameless (the US version) is another great show. Though I dare not watch in a public place cos of the random sex and nudity  that always seems to happen.
Downtown Abbey. I love the old woman.
Once upon a time. Who doesn't love prince Charming?
Mad Men.
Parks and Recreation.
Hot in Cleveland.
Am also loving 2 broke girls.
Breaking bad. Though for some reason I am still on Season 3.
The Haves and the Have nots. Awesome Tyler Perry show.
Scandal! Who doesn't love a presidential romance?
Never mind that said president has a wife and kids.
The Originals! I totally love Klaus. I hope he isn't gay like the Prison Break guy that broke my heart.
The Blacklist! I totally knew the husband was a fraud.
Devious Maids!
Single Ladies. Though I sort of lost interest after Val left.
How I met your Mother!
The Good Wife!
Modern Family!
House of Lies!
House of Cards is especially my favorite as you get to download all the episodes in one sweep.
Vampire Diaries though i sort of lost interest after Klaus and co got their own show.
Revenge!though I can't say I understand it anymore.

I haven't gotten around to watching Boss,Orange is the New Black, New Girl . Are they any good?i wonder.

So there you have it. What are your favorite shows and why?

Post a comment below! Let me know what YOU think.


  1. Hello Ms. Reese! Hope u r feeling better and went to work today. Don't get to watch tv as much as I'd like to (work, work, work). Thank Heavens for PVR. Prison Break was must rank in my top 5 of all time. Lately, I've been feeling Scandal (of course) and The Blacklist - never met a more likable criminal! If u r in North America (don't remember u saying where u lived) there's a new show called The Tyrant. Looking like it'll be a good one. - Harper. P.S - Name the place, I'll bring the bottle :)

    1. Yep I am feeling better.Though not yet able to go to work but I am sure I will be there tomorrow.
      I don't have time to follow or watch tv shows on a daily basis except at night or weekends or on my laptop at work when I am bored. Thats why pvr and dvd versions are so important.
      No I don't stay in North America but I will be sure to check out The Tyrant.sounds promising.
      Sure thing dear!
      Thanks for checking in.

  2. I love my series just as much as i love my movies. But my all time favorite is Friends! i still have all 10 seasons on my laptop, backed up on my hard drive and on my fiance's hard drive. i don't want to risk losing them all.
    i just finished Orange is the new black, i think it is cool.
    2 broke girls
    As much as i do not support or in any way subscribe to adultery, i cant wait for Scandal to continue
    Greys Anatomy
    Modern family
    devious maids!
    I got tired of how i met your mother and revenge and stopped.
    Switched at birth
    Girl friends, i love!

    1. Finally!Someone after my own heart.
      *smacks head*
      How could I have forgotten to mention friends? I still watch reruns.Its amazing how young they all looked.
      Yeah!i feel you on the adultery thingy.You find yourself loving shows with themes you don't neccesarily condone but what can one do?
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Awww.Vira my love...who knew that we would become friends later later. So glad to have met you.