Monday, 14 July 2014


I am in bed with a cold this Monday Morning.Unable to go to work.
My boss will have a fit but he will calm down. I can't even manage to go. My head is pounding,eyes are bloodshot,nose is blocked etc. Only a wicked man would want me in the office with such symptoms. However my boss is far from wicked, very generous and kind man. Just a workaholic who would live in the office all day if he could.He Hates going home.And I wouldn't care about that if he didn't expect all his staff to be the same way.Not that I don't love my job,i do. Its what I have always dreamt of doing but it's one thing to love a job it's another to be absolutely engrossed with it to the detriment of other things.

Anyway! Have I mentioned that I love reading? Yes I do. I am a voracious reader.i can read anything,and I mean anything just so far as it fulfills my criteria.
Be written!
Yep!Thats all I need.In so far as its written I am all for it.
Right now I have more than a thousand books in my wardrobe. I have sold some of it but there are some books I am attached to that I don't think I can even borrow another person not to talk of selling.

Kai! The things this my eyes have read in this my life ehn!Particularly when I was a teenager. I read my first full length bestseller in primary school.It was "Remembrance" by Danielle steel, followed by one historical about Catherine De Medici. The Secondary School I went to didn't help as it was an all girls school and so we regularly exchanged books. From Enid Blyton's Famous Five to Sweet Valley Highs, to the less innocent Jackie Collins books to porn. Yep Porn!

As I have grown older I am more discerning. I discovered I get more aroused reading about sex than watching it so in order to avoid getting turned on I now screen what I read meticulously. Unfortunately it's greatly limited what I now read as most of my favorite writers fell into that category.
I have discovered a love for British writers as their books are tamer than their American counterparts. Yes the characters do have sex but it's not discussed in as much detail as the Americans do.

What do you love to do?
Pls make a comment below.


  1. Interesting writing style. Very natural. Almost like u r sitting in front of me and we r just chatting over a bottle of Merlot. I'll certainly drop by again. - Harper (not real name, following ur cue :))

  2. Lol! Thanks. My very first comment. Maybe we should break out that Merlot in celebration now.

    1. Wish I can go anon too. But Nope! My kinda people are here! Hope I get to enjoy ds blog more! *thanks to sdk's advert post*

    2. Thanks. I hope we get to see more of you too. Sdk rocks.

  3. I am passionate about reading and I daydream a lot. I have been inspired to strew together some stories, I give disjointed versions of the write-ups to friends to read and comment on and they practically would hold a gun to my head for the full and complete versions if they could-but what you may find interesting is my reluctance to sell or publish.

    1. Thats interesting. I wonder why you have the reluctance to publish? I thought all writers wanted their big break.
      Anyway pls do what suits you.maybe for you the joy of writing is enough.Not everyone wants to sell their stories.