Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Lol! This spelling of "committed" get as e be
This na serious matter oh! Does looking and wanting someone else when you are in a relationship mean that you aren't committed?
Some women gaze at Idris Elba and appreciate God's work and fantasize. Yeah! I am calling my padi out and she knows who she is. I am not calling anybody's name oh.lol
 Does that mean they don't love their guys?

How about all those Beyonce Bootilicious admiring guys?
Or is that ok just because they are celebrities and unattainable?
What if it's someone who passes by and your partner turns to look. Is that enough to flip out.
What do you guys think?
 Me! i appreciate a good looking guy anytime anyday oh. And they appreciate me. lol
However i wont turn my head in an obvious manner to stare at a guy if i am out with another guy.
That's just disrespectful. If i have to look,i do so codedly.lol.
Once you are committed, Do you chewing gum your eyes?
Does desire automatically stop or it comes and it's something you can force away?

Shouldn't acting on such desire be the reason to flip out rather than the desire itself? hehehe.

Can desire be likened to coveting?
Lets talk.

So tomorrow is our Nigerian Independence day!
And a public holiday.
Isn't that just great. No work tomorrow.

Yesterday was rather quiet. Lol. I wanted it quiet abeg. I was too busy.

Merlot!  Last week would have been a good time to talk to you but I couldn't get your email.

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  1. Hey! Hey! Hey! That relationship is happening oh. Ehen!
    When I'm with the lover and I see a fine somebody, I draw his attention to her oh. Feed your eyes baby cz I drop whatever I am doing to ogle at Idris.

    1. Em! I don't know if I should be the one to tell you that it is'nt happ.....
      ok lemme keep quiet.
      Hmm, isn't that like ojoro. Trying to make him look so that you too can do your own.

  2. Nice topic! Looking and wanting someone else when you are in a relationship does not necessarily mean that you are not committed. Let me give you an example: Men are very visual beings which means that they are moved by what they see (women need to understand men). Looking and desiring another woman does not mean that you are not committed, but acting upon your 'lust' means that you are not

    1. Thank you.YR and I agree.
      Looking and acting are quite different things.
      I am a looker anyday oh.

  3. Ms. Reese! U too dey code! Merlot? My favorite wine? Hmm... Back to the post. I think it's somewhat disrespectful to stare with an open mouth at anyone, whether or not u r alone. The only exception to that rule is Nicki Minaj!!! :) If I'm with a babe and see a nice looking babe, I stare and look away as if disinterested. Unless it's Nicki sha...hehehe

    So Naija has a holiday tomorrow and another two days next week?! That's the only thing I miss about Naija - we love public holidays!


    1. Harper lol.Na you sabi.
      You are right sha. Even if the mouth is closed sef, men who give me intense stares creep me out.
      So you have a crush on Nicki Minaj. Hmmm.
      Yep. Public holidays all the way. I am so happy ehn. I v got plans for those days.

    2. Major crush! Especially since she got rid of the multicolored wigs. Ass for days! :) - Harper

    3. Oh! Now I get it. That ass ehn!

    4. oh u mean her FAKE ass abi?

    5. Fake or real, I'll hit that all day, drink a Gatorade and continue hitting that! :)) - Harper

    6. Lol. I decided to leave the replying to you.
      So fake or real, you don't mind.
      U r a loyal crushee.

  4. look for where....he won die?........if you are in a relationship with me.......ya, i said me........oga you got to glue the eyes......commitment is commitment o.........no staring, no coding like mami....... if you look........ you got to follow your eyes....


    1. Toh! Zoe has spoken. Oga better behave.
      No looky looky permitted.

  5. Hiya Funmi... so i got talking with Peaceitimi.blogspot.com and she made me realise i said some really hurtful things to you. I know i was wrong to have said those things, so i havd come out here, in the open to say I am sorry. You know why you do what you do, and I am sorry for coming at you on things i dont understand. Truth is I kinda miss you on the family, i only wish one day we would all heal, and say our sorries and stick together. So i apologise Funmi, and even if we might never be thebest of Blog friends again, i just want you to know this, you are good human being, and no one is perfect. Cheers.

    1. Thanks Duru. Its ok.
      I wish you knew how mellow I am.
      And even though I haven't read your comment, I will still say it's ok and that I understand,And I also apologize to you. Whatever you said, you were hurt and angry so I can't blame you for that.
      I am also sorry ok. Big Hug.What do we call ourselves friends for if not to forgive.
      And you are wrong, we are going to be the best of blog friends. Its official now.

  6. Omo looking is permitted either ways o... sometimes I'm even the one to point out the fine girl walking towards us or the ass rolling past us... Wetin concern me? sth that he'll look at if I'm not there, why discourage him na? The but in the matter is that he must not drool like a black goat or ask me, "Bae! Why your ynash no big like that na?" cos God knows I will wipe him slap without thinking

  7. Lol! would you be able to tell him to look at a fine boy you admired?
    The "But" indeed.
    Abeg no wipe him slap oh.
    I trust he can't even say that. But make I no lie some guys can't help their drooling.

  8. Lol... funny post*

    Bk in the days when my jealousy was on the high side, let me not catch u cos God knows u are in hot soup*

    Buh now i'm more mature and open minded to the happenings of life, I won't freak cos even if I am not there, u'll still look. Buh when it bcmes lustful, will keep u calm n wait for d Nxt hot dude so u'll cry** #notimefornonsense#

    1. Lol @ jealousy on the high side.
      Maturity has a lot to do with how one reacts to issues.
      The things I can ignore now, I would have been unable to do so years back.
      If it's looking, no wahala. Anything asides that isn't ok.