Friday, 12 September 2014


Yay! Another Friday. I can't wait for work to be officially over for this week. Not like i was busy oh but sitting down somewhere for hours is also a lot of work.
How has your week been?

Pic Source
Mine has been been very laidback. No major drama like that except if you call dodging some calls drama.

Speaking of drama, yesterdays post still no get title oh. I wanted to name it Erneista V. Kigbo. The Showdown! Part 1.
Hehehe. I sound like those home video advertisers.
However i didn't what to give Mr Kigbo a heart attack if he comes by and sees his name as a post title, and in the same sentence as showdown.
So, it will probably be Money no be love or something.

All your comments are always so amazing. I wonder how i got so lucky to get such  interesting, logical, reasonable, passionate (giving Tibsy the side eye) and debate worthy Blog visitors.
I like that you all can defend whatever stand or position you take.
I learn something from all of you guys all the time.
All the time.

The guy i talked about Here is finally warming up to me. And i am so happy mehn even though i probably shouldn't be.
As hard as i can be sometimes, I just don't like conflict or malice keeping.
Besides the silence and coldness was driving me crazy.
Now even though i took the advice of y'all Advisers International ,headed by Harper who said i should let him be. And  i did, but I didn't allow myself to get antagonistic.
We still said Hi and Hello to each other, give him a brief call if he is ill or out of town, and helped the wife out whenever she needed something. You know! Me basically playing nice even though he wasn't playing fair.

Also he normally drops me off after work cos we live in the same axis but i gave him space cos we were in the car together once and there was basically silence throughout till i got down.

Davido! I WANT THIS Ferrarri oh lol..It looks like one of Harpers beloved cars. Pic Source

Me! i didn't have liver for that type of thing so i never entered his car again. But i always let him know politely,that i was going somewhere else even though i was lying. But what would i have said? I can't stand the silence".
The day i knew it was a bad idea to lie was when i took a cab home and i looked back and his car followed the cab. I had to slide down in the seat down down down below window level so he wouldn't see me and realize i just didn't want to enter his car. The driver was giving me weird looks but what would i say? ' I am dodging somebody'? Nah!
Lying!Bad Idea. Especially if you are me. I always get caught or such scenarios happen.

I still think his wife is sort of responsible sha. I can bet on it that something went down and she was at the centre of it.
She sent a cake down to the office yesterday via a delivery man cos she doesn't stay in the same State.
A female Colleague took delivery of  it cos he wasn't around.

This isn't said cake oh. Source
 Only for her to call and ask that the lady transfer the cake to the male Chief Security Officer who isn't even a staff oh.
I was like Really! Does she think we were going to add love potion to the cake or poison it.
I am sha giving him space. Now that we have made peace, best to avoid such happening again.
We used to be very close but Drama tins, Me i don't like..

So Pastor Nosa has chosen to waylay my sister instead this week seeing as i wasn't in church on Sunday and also for the Mid Week Service..
He bought her recharge card and told her that God has told him that concerning my matter, there will be many adversaries. But that he should not relent, and he will win at the end. Hehehehe
That was news to me sha. I wonder if Mr Cute guy is one of the adversaries, or it's just my stubbornness that is the major adversary.
She came home and was like "I hope this recharge card isn't bewitched" hehehe. When you were collecting it you didn't know abi. why did she even collect it sef? "I don't want" no be sin now. Abi.
She eventually went to give it to my mum.

Yesterday was 9/11. And it skipped my mind. Imagine.No one should forget that day or any day like it.
I still remember where i was when i watched those planes hit the towers.
I can't forget watching the firemen, the panicked people, and hearing those last desperate phone calls. And the falling people! Awful and so sad.
I hope the people who had to witness it, or lost someone have somehow gotten over it.
But can they ever really get over something like that?

Have a great weekend guys. See you tomorrow.
All of una wey want weekend post! Ok oh. I go try to try for una.
What are your weekend plans? I think i might just head to the salon.
Pls post a comment below.


  1. I think that's a California! My brain was temporarily frozen at the sight of that picture! That car is on my bucket list for sure! I'll be sure to share the news with everyone here as soon as I buy it. :) I am happy u have agreed there is no "friendship" for u and that guy. How far with Mr. Too Many Phone Calls sef? Lol @ the saga of Pastor Nosa. Adversaries? Lol! He should count me amongst them! Yeye fellow. Enjoy weekend! Looks like it'll be Game of Thrones weekend for me. - Harper

    1. Lol @ frozen. See as you like car reach.
      Leave Mr Cute guy alone jare.Whats your own?
      Pls share the news oh when you buy it and have a biiiig party so what we can come and celebrate.
      Get ready to gist me about GOT on Monday.

  2. So Pastor Nosa never give up? He doesn't know I am a stakeholder in Cute Guy ventures?
    Pls tell Davido to get 2 of those. I want mine in silver. Thank you.
    Do have a lovely weekend Sisi Mi.
    Hey Harper!

    1. He never give up oh. He alternates between hope and despair.
      I will tell Davido don't worry!
      Have a great weekend dear. *big hug*

  3. Just send me the "bewitched" recharge card sha... My big sister is having her pre-wedding photo shoot tomorrow so I'm definitely hanging out with them

  4. Just send me the "bewitched" recharge card sha... My big sister is having her pre-wedding photo shoot tomorrow so I'm definitely hanging out with them

    1. Toh! Esther no even fear to start to dey dream of Pastor Nosa.
      Have fun at the photo shoot dear. Congrats to you guys in advance on the wedding.

  5. **drops my bazooka at the entrance** Hello my lovely darling Harper....(suck on that Duru!)...hehe.....OMG @adversaries?!?! that guy like for real?!......okay so my weekend huh?'s gonna be me, Pipi (our dog) and my husband at home watching a movie marathon.......mami...I gotta chill exams drained me....

    1. I agree mamacita. You need to have a nice long relaxed weekend after all the exams stress and sleeplessness.
      Hmmm! Duru must hear this turn of events. I am not a gossip oh.just a concerned citizen.

    2. Tibsy baby! - Harper

  6. As at now am having Brooklyn induced mood swing (you know what I mean?) so am just plotting different graphs in my head till I find a way out.

    1. Pele! There will be a way out by God's grace.