Monday, 8 September 2014


 Hi Guys!
How was your weekend?
Mine started out splendid, then i went to church on Saturday and a sneezing and coughing woman sat behind me.
Ten hours later, i had a bad cold. I get cold so easily ehn. If someone as much as blows their nose beside me, wahala don start be that.
I couldn't even make church yesterday.
I am better sha. I have to be cos i can't afford  to take any more sick leave from work.

I really missed you guys oh.
Thanks to all those who kept checking in all through the weekend.
Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

So today being Monday,What better topic to talk about than pressure.
Yep! Pressure.
 I believe that as  human beings we are born into pressure, grow up with pressure, live with pressure and die with pressure.
Let's examine it.
As soon as a baby is born,it faces the pressure to crawl, to walk,grow teeth,smile,talk, jump.
Parents start freaking out if their baby doesn't walk on time, talk on time,doesn't grow teeth on time.

As soon as he/she starts getting older, they face pressure to be the best among his peers. He must be intelligent,he must grasp faster than them, he must have the best grades in school, he must not be bullied,he must not carry last.
He or she goes through secondary school battling peer pressure.
If he's the 1st born of his family,he faces the pressure of setting a good example for his siblings. Any rascality (in Nigeria) is followed with the admonition "Don't you know you are the first born".
If you are the first girl or any girl at all for that matter you are expected to be good at womanly stuff like cooking and cleaning. Young age is no excuse.

You finish secondary school with the pressure to pass your 'Wassce ' in flying colours. Once oh and gain admission into the University to read a so called prestigious course.
God forbid you write Wassce and Jamb five times. The kain History your parents go tell you ehn!
Then you gain admission to read Yoruba language when your mates are getting admission to read Law,Petro-Chemical Engineering,  Medicine, Computer Engineering,Economics and so on
 Your own don finish be that.

You enter the University and there's the pressure to be popular, to be disvirgined, to have sex, to be the best girlfriend/boyfriend,to get good grades,to graduate on time.
Then you graduate and serve your country. God forbid you have extra year.
Smh for you.

As a woman there is the pressure to be thin, to be perfect,to be good in bed, to look good at all times, to have straight hair, to be beautiful.

As a politician or high office holder, there is corruption pressure. Society pressures you to take a chunk of the national cake.

There is emotional pressure from those that tug at your emotions.
 Then there's the pressure to get a job on time, then to get a good job, to get a car, to be 'serious' with someone,to start providing for your parents and siblings, to get married, to have kids, to have MALE kids,to build your own house.

After all that there's the pressure from extended family, there's career pressure, there's financial pressure from your wife, from your kids,from your gateman,from long lost friends, from the indigent in the society.

Then if you manage to grow old, there's the pressure to die. If you don't believe me live till 100 and see if your grand kids won't say "when is grandma/pa going to die sef.
We wan chop rice".
There is the pressure of making sure your immediate and extended family are well provided for after death.
There's the pressure to make heaven and evade hell. And your family gets to deal with the hassle of burial.

What other pressure do we as humans face?
Which ones have you faced or facing right now.
Feel free to state it or to disagree. I love disagreements.

My blog love for today is
Duru is a young man with big dreams and an even bigger intellect.
The first time i was at his blog, i tried to mutitask : Read his blog, watch Telemundo and eat at the same time. Lets just say it was impossible cos you have to concentrate on his blog cos he makes a lot of sense.
He can be funny, he can be inspiring, he can ask questions die.
And now he's fallen in love so you get to go on that journey with him too.
My favorite post of his is this:
 Go on. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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  1. The pressure is too much... we hardly know what to do anymore... How's your cold, hope you're better now?

    1. I quite agree.
      I am better. Thank you.

  2. Awwwwww hope you well soon dear! Just up your intake of vitamins, get a well deserved rest and drink lots of fluids. I hate pressure because it makes me frustrated, however, pressure is necessary in some cases. It stimulates growth - How can you grow without pressure? First time on your blog, and i'm loving it!

    1. How can one grow without pressure indeed. Its the spur that pushes one further sometimes.
      Thank you. Lots and lots of fluid have been drank .i just dey pee.anyhow.

  3. My dear, the pressure is not here oh! I don't even want to get started on that.
    How are you feeling now Sisi mi? I missed you this weekend fa.

    1. I am better now babes.
      I miiiiiiiiiised you too.
      How was your Day?

  4. AH!!!! Mehn!!! My am i suprised. Damn!!! Thanks Funmi.. I am speechless aswear.. Ehmm I dont know what to say! Thank you for the mention, and for washing me eh! I mean you washed me, ironed me, and even put starch and gator and join :).. You rock Funmi.. See ehn, reading your Blog is like hearing you Speak Bubba, aswear its really warm and accommodating.. **I am smiling like a fish here because of Thee oh!!!* **Winks

    Mehn this pressure thing is something else.. I like that you even included Pressure to die sef.. Humans never accept us for what we are, they always keep pushing us to live by society standards, and we sub-consciously have accepted these DOGMA's as a rule of life. hehehehehe @ Pressure to have Sex.. hahahahahaha Kai Funmi for Lagos state Governor. You are funny aswear. :) Please visit She is just like you aswear. Thanks for the mention once again Bubba, I appreciate :) You rock Funmi... xx

  5. Thanks Duru.You rock even more.
    Will visit toinlicious asap ok.
    True na. There's pressure to have sex. Even a woman will pressure a man if he's not asking for sex,not to talk of pressure from men too.