Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Equally or unequally yoked?

*singing in Wande Coal's voice*
October Hello! Sweetie ...... Hehe.

Every new month I just get so excited that a new month has arrived and I am alive to witness it.
How about you guys? Are you glad it's October or its all the same to you?
Well! I am happy for you and for me, Nothing do me,Nothing do una, we dey kampe.
 Na God oh.Na God!

I am also excited cos October is the month of my brother's birthday. So basically my favorite Months are March,December,September,October,January and June.
Das like half of the 12 months abi. I think February sef is among it.
In short I like new months.

Anyway today is Nigeria's Independence day. I should say Yay! But ehm the only thing I have to say about it is that I no go work today.
I am gonna sleep late mehn.

So the forthcoming Muslim festival reminded me of our topic today.
Being unequally yoked can be in marriage, business,friendship etc.
My focus is however on relationships and marriage.
Yep! Thats my focus cos my mum is a christian and my dad is a muslim.
Have I never mentioned it?
Lol! Ok.
He is and my mum is a christian.
I still wonder how the two of them worked it out but I think My dad is pretty liberal to say the truth. Till date.
That probably had a great deal to do with it.
He basically allowed all of us to choose whatever religion we wanted sha.
Everyone of us kids had to find our path.
I think he was intelligent enough to realise that you can't force anybody into any religion.

We haven't killed a "Sallah ram" for years cos he's being abroad and his coming home never coincided with any Sallah festival. And if he wasn't around nobody was doing anything nah besides who would kill the ram?
Me I can't even kill a chicken.
Anyway I am not looking forward to all the stress of that ram thing jare.
And all kinds of "mogbo moya"

So where was i?

Muslim /Christian Unions abi.
There was a time when a man's faith or lack of didn't matter to me.
But now,it does.
I just feel more comfortable marrying someone that shares the same faith as I do.
Besides the Bible tells us not to be unequally yoked.

But that's just me sha. Some are making it work for them.

It takes a lot acceptance,tolerance and compromise.
I don't think any sort or prejudice or scorn can work in that kain scenario.
If you can't cope then don't go into it abeg.

During that fasting period my mum was out of the country on vacation.
See wahala! Waking up early momo to cook food. E no easy. But it had to be done.
The man go sha eat. Although I managed to dodge most of it sha.

How about you?
What do you think?
Have you had any experience with dating someone who has a different faith?
How did you work it out?
Do differences in religion matter in a relationship or marriage?


  1. Ms. Reese! I like October alright. Cos the 4th is my birthday! Yep, I actually have one. Hehehe

    As for this Muslim/ Christian marriage thing, I should tell u as a Baptist boy, that each should stick with his/ her own kind. But I look around the world today and see a lot of madness born of intolerance and ignorance. Therefore I strongly recommend marriage across faiths. It would be difficult for anyone to brainwash u into starting a bombing campaign against Christians and vice versa, if ur first victim has to be ur mother or father.

    My dear Deaconess mother may pass out at my utterances but it's the way I see it.


    1. Really!That's my brothers Birthday.
      I knew there was a reason I liked you.
      True!I am sorta kinda surprised you have one. Hehe.
      I think peharps that's why the Yoruba's have a lot of religious tolerance because a lot of people have Muslim and christian families, friends,in laws , And some are converts themselves.
      However, marriage across faiths or between people who are of the same faith but at different levels can be tasking.
      Shhh! I won't tell her if you don't.

    2. For real? Your brother? That explains the chemistry, then! :)

      I agree about the tasking part. But I think marriage in general is not easy. It takes two special people to get over the differences in ideology - like ur parents did. - Harper

    3. Yep! For reals. My one and only brother.
      Sure! Marriage isn't easy.
      Lol. They tried.

  2. Well, I stick to the Bible way of it all... there's no amount of acceptance or tolerance that will do it for me

    1. Better to know what one's capacity now.
      The worstest ones(in Vira's voice) are the ones who marry people while pretending to be of the same belief and faith.
      I heard of a Muslim brother who came to church looking for a sisterly wife and found one. He was a real 'broda'.
      He didn't tell her he was a Muslim oh. After the wedding, he told the lady that she must convert.
      Imagine! She was in shock. She had no clue.

      Sup babe! How r you?

  3. Hahahaaaaa! That brother sha. She didn't know?!
    Ehen, on the issue, I stand by and stick to the Bible about the yoking. But making that decision was ehn, hard. My 1st love is Muslim. And a proper hausa one sef.....

  4. See how my long comment disappeared. *holds breast in anguish * I'll be back.

  5. She didn't know oh.
    Better you realized that before you married him and it would have been late.
    If this is the comment then it didn't disappear oh.
    lol @ anguish,

  6. Marrying someone of different faith is quite tasking. Else one person isn't so serious with his own faith.

    Personally don't think I can marry a Muslim. Else, he's a waka pass Muslim dts just not committed to his faith*.

    Ur parents tried o! Mayb it's cos ur dad was far 4m home!

    1. Lol @ wakapass.
      I think Muslim men are allowed to marry women of other faiths but it's not encouraged for the women to do so so they don't get converted.
      He was still in Naija then.

  7. Ms. Reese, where is Tibsy? She seems to have vanished again. - Harper

  8. Hmmm it takes a real matured min to cope with that but personally i can't and do not plan on marrying someone outside my religion. I have dated a muslim before but that one na just dating now so nothing do me....the guy was all those swaggerlicious fresh guy. Didn't even knw he was a muslim until we spoke bout it one day.

    Happy new month Funni + happy birth month to your bro

    1. Aww. Thanks. I appreciate.
      I have also dated a Muslim before but had to run. He was always trying to get me to convert and that Shebi my dad is a muslim.
      Imagine oh.
      Happy New Month and thanks for my brothers shout out.