Saturday, 13 September 2014

The Oscar Verdict

So! The Oscar Pistorius Verdict was out two days ago and finalised yesterday.
I assume all or most of us have heard about Oscar Pistorius,the double amputee who used to be a symbol of residence and determination who shot his then girlfriend (he has a new one now can you imagine?) Reeva Steenkamp on Valentines day last year.
The murder made headlines round the world.

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 It was the OJ Simpson of this decade. Shocking and talacious at the same time.
Oscar's excuse that it was a burglar made for even bigger headlines and discussions. Like Really! But as any lawyer knows when it comes to criminal law, it isn't about whether the excuse is tangible or not,it's if it creates reasonable doubt.

Now! A partial verdict came in yesterday for the charge of murder, and the Judge ruled that there wasn't enough evidence to prove that he killed her intentionally.
Now you see why they say the law is an ass?

He killed her. True! With his gun but despite all the dem say dem say, he did this and that evidence, The prosecution could not prove conclusively that he intended to kill her.
Never mind that the girl is dead oh.

The law says "beyond reasonable doubt" which means that for a criminal case the prosecution must prove it's case beyond reasonable doubt. That is one iota of reasonable doubt must not remain.
Note how the word "reasonable" is couched before doubt.
Basically this means that not just any doubt, it must be reasonable.

What this basically means (especially in advanced Countries) is that in Criminal cases the kind of evidence determines the Verdict.
This can be frustrating for prosecutors, victims families and even we the public because we usually know (or think we know) that the accused person is guilty.
Only for the judge or Jury to discharge and acquit him (let's go with the male folk here hehehe).
Now we will all scream "Wayo""Bribery and Corruption" "Incompetent Judge" "Wicked Judge" etc.

But the thing is see, there is a law,usually written which the Judge has to adhere to.
And if the evidence on ground is only circumstantial, like for instance someone. not me oh says;
"I saw Tibsy near Kigbos's house running away with a knife " and later Kigbo reports that a woman who looked like Tibs tried to stab him, Tibsy might still be discharged because I ( ok na me) only saw her running away. I didn't see her stabbing him, and Kigbo is only sure that it is a woman,not 100% sure it was Tibsy.
(sorry Tibs,payback is a b***h).

So I hope you guys now understand a little better how the law works.
Conversely, if another lady is found with that same knife or a murder weapon (meanwhile she just picked it up),her DNA is found at Kigbos house (probably she cleans for him or is his girlfriend), and her computer shows that she googled how to stab a man in his heart (meanwhile she just watched a pyscho film and was curious) she might just be found guilty meanwhile she knows nothing about it.

I find it all fascinating sha. That legal manipulation and subtle machinations is why I love being a lawyer, and love being a criminal lawyer even more.
Oscar's defense team are also very brilliant to have managed to convince the judge that he wasn't guilty of murder despite the tide of public opinion against him.
A lot of people wonder how some lawyers live with themselves.
The truth is its just a job for them.
Don't be surprised that they didn't even ask Oscar if he killed her.
What they want to know is how bad the evidence implicates him and how they can get him off.
Whether he killed her or not isn't material to them.
Pls don't shake head for us lawyers biko.

I feel sorry for Reeva's family. They must be so disappointed and angry.
Her Family after he was found guilty
But the truth is even if the Judge convicted him,  Oscar and his team of lawyers will appeal and if he has a point,the Appeal Court will acquit him.
To think that Oscar will get away with Murder is mind boggling.
At least he was found guilty of Culpable homicide, which in Nigeria is manslaughter.
After the guilty verdict for culpable Homicide
That is: He killed her but he didn't intend to.This is a lesser charge and with less punishment than if he had been found guilty of murder. This is the kind of defense usually made for instance if a gun is mistakenly fired, in an unintentional hit and run where the victim dies, or a doctor makes a fatal mistake which results in death.

As for that his new girlfriend. She get liver oh. How does she even sleep with him in the same bed?
Me I will be scared he will shoot me and say he thought it was a cat.

So guess who just decided that she wants to have kids.
Our very own Tibsy. Can somebody join me in shouting HALLELUYAH. If you like gbeborun, and even if you don't like, go and read her post Here.

So guys! What do you think?
Law: Ass or assistance?
Lawyers: Good or evil?
Oscar: Guilty or not Guilty?
Tibsy: Stabbed or did not stab Kigbo.  Hehehe.

Ok bye.
Have a great weekend guys.
Photo Credits. Peter Hugo, New York Times Syndicate


  1. Okay its official....Team G&H needs a new addition.....erhmmm you guys have room on your team...**whispering** we need to change the name tho'...I mean Team G&H....?? like really??..whatever happened to Team Grrrr.......Team Goddamnbullshit.....Team Bazooka...Team shotgun...Team Achmed.....hehe.....sooooooooooo Harper lemme let you in on a secret cuz Godwin already knows (since we are spilling the beans eh)....Funmi's nickname is "Ma'am"......**talking to self** Suck on that mami!......and I am just gonna let Godwin tell you how she came bout the name.........and trust me you reallyyyyyyyyy need to know....I mean...with all them sexiness she has got going, the beautiful face and her full and curvy feature (y'all know I got her photos right).....we just had to settle for Ma' really need this gist...........hehe......sooooo yesterday when I saw this news mami.....I mean......I felt really bad tho....I mean for some reason, I don't wanna believe that cuz of his disability...he is living in fear.....Yes!..he truly did kill his girl and it doesn't matter why.....**shrugs** I still think he is not guilty tho'......I mean if he is the monster everyone portrays him to be.......he won't have this new girl eh?...........and mami you know how much drama I could cause dad-in-law had to be very helpful at a I guess we got some good for me stabbing King....**Whispering** Dunno why I prefer calling him King......I actually think I am cool with him.....I mean.....**carries my bazooka**.....we are on a cool bazooka level...hehe......Oh Harper darling....**batting my lashes** Today I am free....let's talk bout the private Jet you promised me last night in my dreams...

  2. Hahaha.Pls don't go. I have repented ok.
    Now we r good.
    Some people r very sociopathic oh Tibs. Able to maintain two faces,nasty and charming.the new girlfriend probably hasn't seen that side yet.
    I feel sorry for him sha. He can never regain the goodwill he once used to have.
    You need to be my rep. Where did you see curvy and sexy figure Tibsy? From my face? All of u should not mind her oh.
    I think you should get Harper to give you one of his cars first,which you can pass to me, then you aim for the jet.
    Am I not a genius? Hehe.
    Have a great weekend ok.

  3. Lol. Tibs is a suspect.
    Your explanation was on point,
    I think Oscar reacted out of anger and not fear. But since I was not there only him.Reeva and God knows what happened.

    1. **driving my armored tank around and sees this comment** **gets out of tank with my bazooka** **removes your bulletproof** you were saying?!....hehe.......hiya mami/papi....

    2. too much war film watching !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    3. Lol @ vicshow. She did say she was gonna be spending the weekend watching films.

  4. Tibs!! No more war films till the end of this year! Is that clear?

    1. Abeg let her watch it. She will soon be promoted to General.

  5. Lool. Y'all hilarious. Nice comfy blog. Loveet. Yay to #TeamIbadan
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Been enjoying yours too

    1. You are welcome.Very hilarious is their name..
      Harper and co. Take heed. There is a new team in town.

  6. Can I be honest with you, Funmi? I do not know to be honest. This morning, little sister and I were analysing the evidence for and against Pistorius, and we came to the conclusion that it's only Pistorius that knows what happened. Come to think of It, unless there's an intruder in the house, you never know how you are going to act. Something is telling me that this guy is innocent (maybe, i'm wrong).

    There's a lot of evidence against him though. Perhaps, he would have been sentenced to prison by now if he was not so popular and did not have a good lawyer. At the end of the day, it depends on how good your lawyer is.

    Btw, I admire lawyers, but, I could never be one. I do not know how some lawyers sleep well at night

  7. That's what i concluded within me sha. That only God and two people know what actually went on that night. And one is dead.
    You would be surprised, some not only sleep but snore loudly, cushioned with money and power. As i said, its just a job to some lawyers irrespective of who gets hurt or jailed or even killed.
    Thanks for coming by.
    Have a great week

    1. Lol @ but snore loudly cushioned with money and power - funny, but true