Monday, 1 September 2014

It's September

I can't believe it's already September.
Already! Waoh! Time flies fast doesn't it?
I can't believe another new year is just four months away.
I wish you guys lots of laughter,ease, joy ,good health and journey mercy, not only in this September but in all the remaining months of this year.

Today is another Monday, but I am just going to gloss over that fact since I am so excited it's the first of September.
So how did your weekend go? Mine was great.
Thanks to all the amazing people who commented on the Friday post. Your advice was all kinds of amazing and I am certainly taking it to heart.

If you hear the kain story I hear for my salon on Saturday ehn? I still cannot believe my ears.
I don't know how the subject of fixing false eyelashes came up oh.
Maybe a lady passed by with the false lashes or the TV showed a lady with it but suddenly the topic started.

Apparently, it was a true life story which they was even announced on the radio.
This lady was about getting married and on the wedding eve her make up artiste applied fake eye lashes to her eye lashes.
All in a bid to lool beautiful on her big day.
In Nigeria the make up artist sometimes comes to sleep at the brides house a day before the wedding.
So the make up artist applied the false lashes with glue and the bride slept.

Only for her to wake up and discover that she couldn't open her eyes.
Panic ensued,the wedding was in a few more hours.
In the course of trying to force the eye open,she got blind in one eye.
She had to be taken to the hospital for surgery.
Aaaaaaand the groom seeing that he had a bride with two eyes the day before, and with one eye on the wedding day, called off the wedding. (smh for that groom,whatever happened to true love).
But I can't say I blame him sha.

The women at the salon were middle aged so they were all like "she deserved what she got, what was she even thinking fixing eye lashes in the first place. Wasn't she beautiful as she was"?
Me,I was so amazed at the story. Which kain tin be that?
 That poor girl must have regretted ever thinking of fixing eye lashes not to talk of fixing it.
The groom too must have wanted her for her physical features alone. He couldn't even chill.
Aaaaaand the make up artiste. Just what kind of glue was she even using? Smh for all the parties concerned.
What will someone not hear in this country? Orishirishi.

So what's happening to y'all this week.
What weekend gist do you have for me?
And before I forget y'all should check out these posts/bloggers.
I have come across a lot of great blogs this way myself.
I was going to write a post about the blogs I visit but I have only managed to write about five websites since i started the post weeks ago.
I keep putting it off so I am just going to add them in some of the posts I write from now on,one at at time.

So check out Tibsy on in case you haven't already.
I am sure Harper has been there looking for the elusive pics.hahahahaha.
Shes so amazingly kind and interesting, with great stories and content. Her posts sometimes seem like they should be a movie or something cos its always full of drama and comedy, there is also loads to inspire.
My favorite posts of hers are  and one video post like that in which she was put on the spot and had to answer lots of questions.

So go check it out oh. i just might give y'all an exam. You Hear?
Post a comment below! Let me know what YOU think.


  1. Goddamnbullshit!!!!!.....that really happened???....okay first of, Happy New Month to everyone here...**eyeing Harper**....back to the eyelash scandal....REALLY???......see mami...I am not a hair or makeup person.....I try to go as natural as I can.....for my lashes, I use a serum to grow them...I am not ever gonna fix anything on them....I mean....why oh why for the love of me would I want my eyelids to be heavy???.......I can barely sit still for 3 hrs when I wanna make my hair....oh well....shit happens eh....thank you so much mami for the shout out....**whispering** do you know I didn't even remember I wrote that post??.....I just type and type and click post and Bam!...I am done.....hehe... thanks alot mami.....God bless you.....I wish you and all FRBers the great things September has to offer us. (Amen)......

  2. Happy new month to you too Tibs. The girl just had bad luck. So many women fix them and nothing happens. Me! No way. I have never tried it

  3. Ewo!!
    which kain thing be this? na wa oh!
    *note to self- no eye lashes on any day oh, no matter how special it is*
    sisi mi, how you dey?

  4. Lol! The story is enough to scare anyone out of eye lashes fixing.
    Am good. Enjoying the weather down here.

  5. Harper my guy you need to visit Tibs Tell Tales TTT family and Funmi bawo ni hope you're doing fine happy new month