Friday, 5 September 2014

Welcome! Weekend

My people! (I sound like a politician hehehe),
How has your week been?
And more importantly what are your weekend plans?
I have had a pretty good week. My boss was out of town so I was very free. And best of all I am going to be able to leave work very early tomorrow.
Talk about starting the weekend early. Yep. That's me.
My weekend don start be that be that oh.
Closing late cripples my social plans. But na me want job. Abi? So I can't complain. But I am using style to complain jare. Who can i complain to if not for you guys?

Your comments this week have been nothing short of amazing. Its being interesting reading your opinions on the diverse posts.
And for all the ghost readers. hmmmmmmmmm.

Bobo Cute is being as marvelous as ever.
The number of phone calls that have happened in this two weeks ehn! Its enough to make him a major share holder in a telecoms company.
No wonder long distance relationship and all the stress involved was on my mind. Hehehe.

I hate to say this though but em............the calls.
I feel like I need time to actually miss him. But he calls before I can actually do.
Last night I just didn't pick it cos I knew he was gonna want to talk for an hour, and I had to do some stuff.
Maybe it's just me feeling claustrophobic sha. Cos on a good day I can talk for hours on a phone.

I never get answer for him sha.
Some days it seems like its going to be a no.
And sometimes it seems like a yes.Oh well!

 I spent yesterday dodging pastor Nosa in church yesterday. The service finished and I was almost home free when  I noticed him loitering around the entrance, obviously stylishly waiting for me to turn up.
He asked if he could go drop me home in the loudest voice possible. And he isn't ordinarily the nicest person to other people so I could feel some curious stares and glances obviously wondering who it was that had him playing Mr Nice. Lol.
I had to say a quick No.
Since when did pastors start dropping single "sisters" at home after church anyway?
Isn't there a rule or something against that?
After now they will say they have fallen and it was the devil. Is that not how it begins?smh.

I am watching Lupita N'yonguo on 'Shuga' (a 2009 TV show) as I type this and mehn! The babe is black and beautiful.

This was before the whole Hollywood thingy. She hadn't lost as much weight as she has now. She was a little curvy and had hips.
Amazing how life can change so abruptly in a few years.
 I doubt any of the people working with her on 'Shuga' thought she would get an Oscar in just five years.
 Although she had that extra something even then sha. Great Actress.

Pls visit
My dear Oga Vic's blog filled with various news and articles.
This made an interesting read even if I don't agree totally.

This is also a funny post.
This Scenario wont be strange to some peeps who i shall not name. hehehe.

So if you are into Hollywood gossip about movie stars, celebrities, what they are wearing, what they are doing, what they are about to do, you should check out .
Its a blog by three women who relay the latest news and gossip in their own way and with their opinions.
Its always eye opening and hilarious.

My mum just told me Joan Rivers is dead. So sad. My mum knows her cos she watches her Fashion Police on E! Life is so fleeting.

Wish you guys an amazing weekend. Writing stuff for you guys and reading your comments is always such a joy.
Don't forget how we do the doody. Post a Comment. Lets all know what you think.


  1. Ms. Reese! I no tell u say all this fine boy ploy go soon tire u? Why must he call so often? How about calling enough so u know he cares and holding back enough so u wonder if he really cares? It's a fine line and an art all guys must master. Road trip for me this weekend. Summer is almost over so gotta enjoy the good weather as much as possible, while I can. As for ur Pastor Nosa, I have no words. Smh - Harper

    1. Expert on fine lines. E Pele sir.
      Safe Trip. Make una try drive a liitle slower this time ehn.

  2. Lol you guys are acting, keep entertaining me and harper jareh

    1. The two of you are not serious. Na me be your entertainer?

  3. **Singing** I was here by Beyonce.....Hows you mami.....I get to come on here today lah....**eyeing Harper**....I mean in my head...I thought we were running a campaign.....Professor Godwin...*I see you*....Okei...I am lost...Pastor Nosa??....**sigh** I need to get on more often...goddamnbullshit exams!!....Soooooooo Harper and both know I can read right??...I see all the comments you guys are dropping here....Men's Association Club of Africa......**in terminators voice** I will be back......**screaming** with reinforcement...

    1. Yaaaay! Tibsy was here. More reinforcements please. We need to disarm, disable and dismember Any club that is gaining ground.
      Wish you good luck in your remaining papers dearie. *Big hug*

  4. Yay to the weekend!
    Ehen, about this pastor Nosa, *side eye*
    Sisi mi, hmmm *filing my nails and unlooking*

    1. No mind him jare my sister.
      Have a great weekend. No tuwo for you oh. Send them down to me instead.

  5. FINALLY!...I done see blog when I go dey come dey laugh well well...funmi u dey try jare#

  6. Madam, was pastor Nosa in church today?
    Yes, I'm still giving the side eye.

    1. Hahahaha.He was there even though I didn't go.
      No mind him jare.
      Pls give him as much side eye as possible my sister. Wish u a great week ahead.