Friday, 26 September 2014

One of those days.

You know some days when everything just goes awry?
Yesterday was one of those days.
First of all I slept late cos I have  insomnia and usually I can't get to sleep until late.
Then robbers came to my street and basically I woke up suddenly.
The dogs were going crazy barking and those my crazy dogs, when they start barking frenzily like that,no one can sleep.
First of all no one knew which house exactly the robbers were,how many they were or if they were armed.
Someone sent a text with an unknown number that they just left his house  so we were all basically on tenterhooks.
Eventually I slept,but I had court to go to so I was up again.

Thank God Court was uneventful. No cough cough. Or to quote Zoe, no abosi
Then someone bought 2k worth etisalat cards instead of glo and scratched it,which meant having to buy the glo cards all over  again.

Then there was an issue between someone I love a lot and i.
And yesterday, I knew I couldn't leave it any longer. I already left it too late.
I decided to plunge headlong and dig it all out.
Turns out I was right. Everything was not ok.
I wasn't surprised sha cos I know all my friends like the back of my hand.
And if there's the tiniest friction,i always know.
I am happy that there wasn't any denial.
I remember how my crush was all "nothing" "nothing".
That was  even worse. Cos in his case I didn't even do anything wrong but it still bothered me.
I tried and tried till he eventually relented and we are cool again.

I have tried to apologize sha as much as I can cos in this case I actually care.
Sometimes consciously or unconsciously I push the people that care about me  away.
I acted out cos I cared a little too much and it's people you love that can hurt you.
Anyway Pray with me that it all gets sorted out.

My sister is all "serves you right! I have told you to stop talking, writing,texting,emailing, phoning,when you are in one of your moods cos u do crazy stuff then."
That one! She is of no help whatsoever. lol.

Now it's midnight and I just remembered I didn't have  lunch or dinner.
Imagine! Make I just go sleep abeg.
This dogs are barking again. They should let somebody sleep jare.

So yep I had a shitty day. I hope I don't sound too morose. I had some gists but I have forgotten what I wanted to say sef.
The only good thing about the day was that despite the circumstances  I spoke to some  amazing people.
And guess who I just added on my bbm? You will never guess. Cold and hot at the same time. Lol.


  1. My fellow night crawler... how market?
    So sorry you had a shitty day and I'm happy our cough didn't show up..
    Try and sleep anyhow you can...

    1. Lol.
      Don't go and sleep oh. y'hear.
      Thanks jare.Shit happens.
      Will try to.sooner or later.

  2. Aww, pele. Come for hugs.

    Lool@fellow night crawler. En en, shebi they say nocturnal people are smarter. That's my own defence for sleeping late

    1. Thanks jare! My pesin.
      No mind Esther oh. I have warned her I must not see her behind today.
      Abi oh! Come to think of it. We are smarter.
      Now I have a defence. lol

  3. I know who! I know! I know!
    *jumping *

  4. I know who! I know! I know!
    *jumping *

    1. *brings out ruler*
      Calm down.
      I knew your type in primary school. Always jumping and shouting "I know,i know" when teacher asks questions. lol.

  5. I hate shitty will be as if the world is against ones existence...... Thank God you are Good.......just sleep weller abeg

    1. Abi.
      You get how it's like. Thanks dear.

  6. u added harper abi? im sure i guessed right.

    1. Lol! Nope! Why is he your guess?

    2. Wait o! U r adding people on bbm? Wetin be ur PIN? And why this person think say na me u add? :) - Harper

    3. I was just strolling through and saw it o! No yawa. Step by step.

      I see. Guessed as much. She ok though?


    4. Strolling inside a blog. Orishirishi.
      It was obvious something was up nah.
      I just decided to downplay it and chill out my head.
      Yep! I guess so.
      Step by step............

    5. Sorry you had to get dragged into it mehnnn.
      I didn't know cos I hadn't read the comments. But I had to go do so when I saw your reply.
      Like really.
      The weird part is I was gisting with you as usual not knowing that we had become one oh. Lmao.