Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Nude Pics and Scandals

Some days ago,  my 'favoritest' actress in the world: Jennifer Lawrence,three time Oscar nominee and one time Oscar winner (Have you watched Silver Linings Playbook ? She was awesome in that movie) had her own major scandal.
Apparently, someone hacked and gained access to the nude pics of a lot of celebrities and movie stars including Rihanna, Avril Lavigne and actors Kirsten Dunst ,Aubrey Plaza and Winona Ryder.
Jennifer was among them and somehow made more headlines because she has being majorly scandal free since she became famous, and she is also a much beloved actress.

Jennifer Lawrence

 That was the least expected thing to happen to her.
The hacker somehow hacked her iCloud and had gotten access to the pictures and videos there which he attempted to sell to news outlets before making them public.

Let me not lie,the pics were bad gan and really raunchy.But at the same time they weren't meant for public consumption. It was probably meant for a boyfriend or lover.
Unfortunately, it's all over the world now. *sigh*
Reactions ranged from "she deserved it" to "what was she thinking" to "poor girl!how could anyone do that to her". And that was the oyinbo people commenting oh. I can imagine if it had happened to an African actress or even a Nigerian one. The comments go be like "ashawo" "see her this and that","useless girl" and all that.
A lot of people especially were sympathetic. It was, and is a huge intrusion of privacy,but I dunno. As much as I love her I feel she should have understood the risks attached to having sexy pics on any phone or laptop or online storage device such as iCloud.

I feel really bad for her sha. I understand that you need to spice things up for your partner particularly if you can't be in the same location together, but at the same time,hmmm wisdom is needed oh.
Some years ago, it was Blake Lively and Scarlett Johannson's phones that were hacked and their nude piocs circulated.
The Culprit was however apprehended in that case and is currently serving a 10 years jail sentence.

As for me, I can't take that risk oh,totally nude and send it to someone? No way. If he needs to see it that badly he should get his ass down to wherever I am. If not,No show mehn.
Ko tie jo rara.
Its just too risky. What if you guys break up? And he choses to circulate the pics all over social media,your employers or even your church?
Scorned ex partners make very vindictive people sometimes.
That can get me disbarred ke. Owo ti jona niyen (Money has wasted). My dad will just kill me.
How will I ever show my face in any court again?
Or ever be a Judge? Hehehe.

Its something that is now very common now in Nigeria on social media. Nude pics seem to be everywhere.
While i was in the University nude pics and sex videos of dumb girls who allowed themselves be videoed while at it was always circulating.

If we even leave social media out of it,there's still the little matter of hackers.
I mean those techs who can get access to all the files on your phone,laptop,ipad,email accounts,online media file storage without your knowledge or consent.
Why take that risk?
And If you just have to, why not just blur your face or something so no one knows its you.
If you have to take a naked pic,then Delete it biko.
Your phone could even get stolen. Next thing you are being blackmailed.

What do you guys think?
Worth it for a partner or not?
What if someone you love  demands it?

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  1. The issue of sending nude pix ehn get as e be oh.maybe cz guys are moved by what they see sha cz sumtyms i dnt jst undastnd y they want it so bad.its in the best interest of the lady to be wise sha.know your man! bt as my pastor says, any form of sex outsyd marriage weda physical or over the phone is fornication oh.God hlp us all.

    1. Guys are moved by what they see so I guess that's why visuals are so important to them.
      Women aren't so crazy about seeing nude bits of men.

  2. Ms. Reese! Funny this should come after the post on LDRs. Cos I think that may be one of the reasons for this naked pic/ video thing. If I were able to see the real thing whenever I wanted, I wouldn't need a pic. But sometimes, I get these pics from babes who I'm not even doing anything with. A naked pic followed by "Oops! Sorry, that was sent to u in error" Yeah, right! - Harper

    1. Harper! Well done!
      So you read the LDR post and refused to comment abi.
      U go chop "pankere" soon.
      Yeah! This post followed d LDR cos the issues were related.
      Lol @sent in error. Babes have one kain 419 sense at times. Like really!You sent a naked pic of yours to a guy in error. Indeed. smh.
      Beth, Mr Harper!maybe they just want to show you what you are missing. hehehehehe

    2. ah! i thought about the error part myself. Who wouldn't double check before sending nudes?
      Mr. Harper should start responding accordingly to such "errors" please.

    3. Funmi, I decided my opinion on LDRs would be too obvious. Vira, as for ur suggestion.....No Comment....hehehe... - Harper

  3. I agree with Harper on this. LDR is a good reason to send out nudes but because of mischief makers, fear will be catching somebody now anyhow....

    1. My padi of life. Whassup?
      Don't mind Harper and his "erroring" babes.
      I agree that LDR should be a good reason for naked pics ordinarily cos that's a major reason for sexting,nude pics and so on,the partner isn't with you and you want to see him/her naked.
      But what also happens when he sees it,gets aroused and the woman isn't there. Isn't that a recipe for trouble?
      He might just grab the first woman he sees just to get some release.

    2. I am good Sisi mi.
      hmmm in that case, the nudes will have to go with warning be that. And danger signs around the corners....i am sure he will get the message.

  4. And yaaaay!!! Thanks for mentioning my blog. *sniff sniff*

  5. U no come mention my blog......I don vex real bad gan ni ooo

    1. How I go forget u. i am writing it one by one in the posts so it doesn't get boring.

  6. Wait oh!!!! You people that will be posting everyday, Nawa oH!!!! I want to be like you when i grow up oh.. Pheeeww... See catching up that i have to catch nah :( Anyway, about Nudes, ehmmm.. I always ask ladies for it. Some send, some dont, and INSULT my life afterwards hehehehe. But sincerely, except I am WITH you, sending it to me makes you look like a ""Naaaahhh... This one no be am"". but I think that Guys who go and share Nudes of lady Ex'es are just Goons and Nitwits.. I mean Deal with the Heart Break, and Quit the vendetta. And for those Oniranu's Hacking on the Net to become a Millionaire through Naked Pictures, may Ligtning strike them by Mistake.

    Funmi do you remember Anita Hogan??? her Goon of an Ex published her Nude pictures on the Web Years Back, and Trust Nigeria nah, Ashawoo, Shameless was All i heard.. When I saw the pictures, I was just Enjoying myself looking at them. It is well sha, may we not see Bad thing oh! lmao. Oya to thenext post. :) How are You Bubba?

  7. Thanks dear. I am doing great.
    Lol @ always ask for it. Duru you bad gaan.
    I agree jare. Guys who share nude pics of babes need to get a life. Really!
    Amen oh. May we never see bad thing.
    That na the koko