Monday, 6 October 2014

20 Random Facts About Me Tag

I was tagged by the ever fabulous Berry Dakara to do 20 random facts about me.

Soooooooooooooooo lets get started.

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  1.   My phone is always on silent. Lets just say i have a lot of missed calls and irate callers who are always like "where did you put your phone". The only time it rings is when i am expecting a call and i don't want to miss it then i remove it from silent.
  2.  My favorite food is pasta. Macaroni, Spagetthi anything pasta like. In short you can kidnap me with it.
  3.  I love the colour green a lot. This blog was almost green and white. But it looked so much like i was advertising Naija Lotto or Aso Rock, i had to change it.
  4. I loooove to sleep a lot. As in i look forward to,even dream of sleeping. This days i am not getting enough sleep. Dunno why.
  5. I am a night person. If i could get a job where i could work at night and sleep all day, i would be very happy. Please don't suggest ashawo work oh.hehe.
  6.  I stopped wearing lipstick about three years ago.
  7.  I hate soft food. Yam,rice,beans, In short anything at all cooked except bread.I can't eat hard bread oh, and i cant eat soft food.
  8. I have a sweet tooth.I don't take alcohol cos of its bitterness. Give me fizzy drinks, juice anyday. My favorite drink is Fanta. (That is a 2 in 1 fact oh)
  9. I used to be called Prof. as a kid. i was so serious.
  10. I have seen some very cute guys on this Big Brother Africa that premiered yesterday. Ehn that's also part of random facts now.
  11.  I am very claustrophobic. I have a fear of suffocating. Thinking about it sef makes me hyperventilate. Those few seconds when i wear a cloth from the head up are torture for me.
  12. I hate cobwebs and spiders. Its not unusual to find me at 2am killing a spider. Oh and i hate wall geckos too.
  13. I love snacking more than i love real food. And if its sweet, all the better. My colleagues are always asking me "how don't you have jedi jedi"?
  14. I don't like sharing anything i want to eat. I prefer to buy yours for you but please leave mine alone. But i am sure you have already kinda figured that i like food seeing as i have talked about it like 4 times. Tis not my fault.
  15. Emmmmm. I don dey run out of random facts oh.  we never reach 20 ni? Ok. I can be very odd.  The things that bother most people don't bother me. On the flip side the things that don't bother them bother me.
  16.  I love to be alone. I am very comfortable being by myself.
  17.   I love to laugh. I dunno why. Ok I know. Will tell you later.
  18.  I wish i were taller jare. I dunno why my brother took my mums height instead of me. And I don't like wearing heels.
  19.  I don't like watching new movies. I wait for years before watching them. However i can gist somebody about what happened there oh.
  20. I love water. Seriously, i love to drink water. I can't eat without seeing water oh. The downside is when i drink a bottle before bed and i have to wake to pee. Not 9pm bed oh, 12 am midnight kind of bed. I then start wondering who sent me message oh.
  21. I read super fast ehn,a weird talent I developed in boarding school when I wanted to read a book badly and 30 girls were on a line to read it. I usually stylishly read it in between and it had to be fast.
  22. Finally! I am a righty oh but I taught myself to write with my left hand. Tis just very slow ni oh and not as fine as my normal right handed one.
  23. Lai Lai. E don do. I don pass 20 sef.
                                                                                                 THE END
Hmmmmmmmmm. So I remember that Friday when i saw that tag. You can read  it here .
I noticed some mad traffic from Berry's Blog and i was baffled. And I thought 'What could have happened'? That was how i ran  to her blog oh. Only for me to see that she had tagged me. I was so surprised cos i wasn't expecting it.
I mean, this is someone whose blog i love a lot,who linked me to a lot of sites that i love a lot,Naija HusbandMatildas ChildAyo,  Sisi Yemmie and others.
When you see me replying comments, you can blame it on Berry.  Na where i learn am be that.
In short i love her. So thanks Berry. Muaaaahhhhhhh.

                                                             MY NOMINATIONS

Sooooooooooo,generally i am nominating these bloggers cos they are new like me and i am yet to read any 20 random facts about them . And i am very curious to read about their random facts.. Most of the other Bloggers i know have done one or the other. Yep!

Sooo  I am nominating VIRA. Because she writes very well and her blog is a bundle of surprises.Also she's got tons of common sense. Shes so practical ehn....i cant even describe.

 ESTHER because she is such a nice person and she writes about real issues. Always on point and without exaggeration.

  ZOE because she is such a humorous writer. Her descriptions always crack me up.Did anyone read her "marriage list" post?

For Blog Visitors,Thanks guys for all your support, for reading this and all the past posts, for being there,for your support,  for being awesome, for commenting (or just reading), THANK YOU.


  1. Funmi you like food sha!! FFO
    I already did my Random Facts!!! Sorry boooooo

    1. Lol @ FFO.
      Really?How did I miss it?
      Time to go read your older posts.

  2. I can totally relate to 21 oh! boarding house taught me too.tnk God i av a super fast mum dt loves to read too.we jst buy two or more novels, take one each and gve ourselves abt an hour to exchange.
    Btw, happy bday in arrears to ur bro and harper! sorry its coming late, been very busy.

    1. So we have boarding school in common too!Interesting!
      Your mum reads! Waoh! i wish my mum did but it's my dad instead.
      Thanks. Its ok. welcome back.

  3. Guess who is back?!
    Yup, that's me.
    Thank you... Thank you for the nomination *cleans tears*
    Time to go dig up 20 random facts about me....

    1. Am as excited that you are back oh.
      You are welcome.
      Take hankie abeg.
      Can't wait to read it. Knowing you,it will be something else.

  4. Number one describes me. My phone is always on silent or airplane mood. A bad habit I started when I used to be a serial debtor

    1. Lol @ serial debtor.
      Welcome naijasinglegirl. And thanks for saying yes.

  5. funmi.......I think we are on same.number 4 boat..... mehn, I can sleep for Africa.........heheheheheh........ in fact I do sleep inside my sleep is complicated........I can sleep for a whole day and when I wake up.....I won't be able to feel some part of my body coz they will still be asleep....... that is why I said it's complicated........

    Thanks for the tag......

    1. Hehe.My sleeping partner.
      Although all my parts always wake when I wake up

  6. Ms. Reese! U no dey wear lipstick? Why na? - Harper

    1. Hehe. You are not serious. Out of 22 facts na only the lipstick you see abi.
      Welldone! How did the partying go?

    2. Na the one wey concern me pass be dat....hehe. The grooving was not easy at all. Had a blast. Always do even when it's not my birthday anyway :) Thanks for all the wishes. So, back to this lipstick matter....hehe - Harper

    3. im with harper on that one...why don't you wear lipstick?

    4. Nothing! I just toned down my makeup to a few basics.
      What's with the lipstick love?Harper and Anonymous?

    5. Lipstick is sexy. And hair nets are the complete opposite, by the way. :) - Harper

    6. Na you sabi. Sexy is in the eyes of the beholder.
      Hair nets keeps hair in one place in bed.You think that hair stays in place by magic?

    7. I'm sure it doesn't. But it's still a libido killer sha. Along with granny pants. :)) - Harper

  7. www.eniwealth79.blogspot.com9 October 2014 at 16:14

    I'm so in on one, but I always have my phone in my hands or close by where I can see it. I found your blog through Berrys' tag.

    1. Yep mine is always close by too.
      Just yesterday my boss called and called before I arrived d office.when she saw me ehn she was like that I should increase my ringtone volume in case there was emergency.i was just smiling that she doesn't know that my phone is on silent.
      Thanks for coming by Eni.i appreciate it. Berry is great isn't she?

  8. Funmi you are a very interesting character. Like you , I love to sleep oooooooo

    1. All we sleeper club. Hehe. I hate it when someone wakes my up from sleep ehn! Cos It takes a while before I can get to sleep.

  9. Awww, this was a sweet post!